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Daffy Duck is a Looney Tunes star who has made a handful of appearances in the Amblin/Warner Bros. cartoons. On Tiny Toon Adventures, he was part of the ACME Looniversity staff and was the hero of Plucky Duck.

In the original Animaniacs, Daffy was often seen on posters around the Warner Bros. studios. In the episode H.M.S. Yakko, he appears as one of the cartoon icons during the musical number "I Am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual". He is shown coming out of a picture to bop Cap'n Mel on the head with a mallet. Daffy is later seen arguing with Baby Plucky over who is the mightiest duck in Video Review.

Daffy is interviewed for The Warners' 65th Anniversary Special, where he talks about his overall outlook on the Warners and their first cartoon Flypaper Fannies. He is later seen in Back in Style in the 1960’s being laid-off by Warner Bros, where he is shoved by security on his way out. Bugs Bunny expresses hope to him that they will star in a flavored-drink commercial soon, but Daffy rushes off to find commercial work with an animator named Tex.

On Pinky and the Brain, Daffy appears in Star Warners during the Cantina scene wearing his Duck Dodgers getup. He is seen fighting with Zalgar the Brain-Eater.

In the Animaniacs reboot, he first appears in "Suspended Animation: Part Two" during the musical number "Reboot It!" on a Looney Tunes Zombies billboard. He also appears in "Suffragette City"where he gets hit on the head with a mallet by Sylvester and suggests a stunt double for cartoon violence, and "The Warners Are Present," where he is seen posing for an artist.

On the original Animaniacs, Daffy was voiced by the late Greg Burson. In the Animaniacs reboot, he is voiced by Eric Bauza.

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