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"And now here's your tip: DON'T MESS WITH AN ANCHORMAN!!"
— Dan threatening the Warner siblings.

Dan Anchorman (known as Slam Fondlesome in the initial versions of his debut) is an uptight anchorman who debuted in the original Animaniacs cartoon "Broadcast Nuisance." He is a caricature of news anchor Sam Donaldson, and his second name is a parody of the late actor Dan Ammerman.

He later appears in the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "The Pink Candidate."

On the original Animaniacs, he was voiced by the late Phil Hartman, while Maurice LaMarche voiced him in the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series.


Dan has long black eyebrows and a black toupee. He wears a blue blazer with a white dress shirt and a red tie.


Dan is a pompous, egotistical anchor who is constantly full of himself. He is rude to not only his co-workers, but also people he interviews and the food service industry. Anchorman is easily prone to angry outbursts as well.


Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

He was preparing to appear on the news by bossing crew members around when Yakko, Wakko, and Dot appeared bringing in his lunch (which he ordered hours ago). Slam was about to eat his sandwich, but Dot swiped it and took a big bite out of it. The Warners expected to be paid $18.15, but Dan refused to pay, since he didn't even get his sandwich.

After Anchorman kicked the Warners out, they began exacting their revenge by saying mean things about him, giving him makeup that makes him look like a clown (this scene was removed from reruns), playing with the special effects, and changing channels that make him appear on different shows and films (such as Gilligan's Island, Godzilla, and even a WWF match. In addition, there was a bit featuring a cameo by Slappy Squirrel blowing him up with a bomb that was also cut presumably due to the excessive violence in the episode.)

Because of this torment, Dan went completely insane, and as reported by the Warners, he was taken to a mental hospital for a nice, long rest. The Warners ended the news broadcast with this tip - "Be real nice to people who handle your food, or else it's sad news." ("Broadcast Nuisance")

Pinky and the Brain[]

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  • The reasoning for the change in Dan's name from "Slam Fondlesome" is unclear, but it is speculated to be a result of the "fondle" innuendo in his name being too obvious. Dan's name was just one of many things altered in his debut appearance.
  • A character resembling Anchorman can be seen on a video call in the Animaniacs reboot cartoon "Soda-pressed."