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Daniel Boone was a very big guy,
Yes, a very big guy!
He debuted in "Frontier Slappy,"
Where the squirrel made him cry!
Jim Cummings, he gave his voice,
Yes, he gave his voice!
Old Daniel Boone, wanted Slappy's tree,
But she beat him, then rejoiced!


Daniel Boone wore a coonskin cap,
Yes, a coonskin cap!
With black hair and a brown hunting outfit,
Fit perfect for a sap!


Daniel Boone was a great big jerk.
Yes, a stupid jerk!
He terrorized the woodland,
Just to build a house with his hands!
Daniel Boone was very, very rude.
Yes, very rude!
He was mean to his own chorus,
And with animals, he'd feud.


Animaniacs (Original Series)

Daniel Boone's old quest you see,
All started with a tree!
He sought out a Bessemer Elm tree
Owned by a squirrel named Slappy.
Old Slappy Squirrel, she wouldn't have it,
Oh no! She wouldn't have it!
She used old tricks and schemes
To blast him from the planet!
The Dover Boys, they sang for him
But they resented him!
Eventually, he fired them,
Then Slappy Squirrel took them in! ("Frontier Slappy")


Animaniacs (Original Series)



  • Unique from other articles on the Animaniacs Wiki, almost the entirety of this article is structured to the tune of Daniel Boone's theme song.