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"Daniel Boone" is a song that intermittently appears in the Slappy Squirrel segment "Frontier Slappy". It is a parody of the theme song of the 1964 TV show of the same name. It is performed by The Dover Boys of the Merrie Melodies short of the same name.


Daniel Boone initially has the Dover Boys sing this song to praise him, but the song grows increasingly resentful of him. Eventually, the boys leave him when he fires them and they go to sing the praises of Slappy Squirrel instead.


Daniel Boone was a great big guy
Yes, a really big guy
He knocks down trees and frightens off bees
So they'll cry
Daniel Boone saw a great big tree
An attractive tree
But he didn't know it was home to a squirrel
Named Slappy
Daniel Boone had a great big plan
Yes, a very large plan
He'd fix that squirrel by yankin' her tree house
From the land
Daniel Boone had another big plan
Yes, a crafty plan--
[Daniel Boone shushes them]
Daniel Boone was very, very sore
Yes, painfully sore
He picked up a log and charged
Slappy Squirrel's front door
Daniel Boone was a big dang bird
Yes, a really big bird
But he didn't know that his disguise
Was pretty absurd
Daniel Boone was a great big guy
Yes, a big sick guy
He lost his lunch all over
The trees and sky
Daniel Boone was a great big jerk
Yes, a stupid jerk
He had another dumb plan
That, more than likely, wouldn't work
[the Dover Boys are fired, and then rehired by Slappy]
Slappy Squirrel was a grand old dame
Yes, a very old dame
She whipped Daniel Boone, now she pays us
To sing of her fame


  • Almost the entirety of Daniel Boone's character article on this wiki is structured to the tune of this song.