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Dear Mister Gingrich is a song written by Randy Rogel to be sung by Dot Warner. It was originally intended to be a segment from episode 77 of the original Animaniacs that ultimately got left on the cutting room floor (it was recorded to a piano arrangement, but never orchestrated, storyboarded, or animated).[1] The song was meant to be about Newt Gingrich, a conservative political figure and Dot's love for him.


Dear Mister Gingrich
Or may I call you Newt?
There's just one little thing which
I have to say: You're cute!
So before you start your session
To enact your 10-point plan
Please make this one concession,
And be my Congress-man.
Mister Gingrich, you're so cute
In that baggy Wal-Mart suit
And shoes you bought in 1963.
You're hip; you're cool; you make me smile
With that Howdy-Doody haircut style
Oh, Mister Gingrich, you're the guy for me.
‘Cause I think you're cute
And I love you, Newt
You great big brute -- you are.
You're in; you're hot
And you're all they've got
On the TV screens
And in the magazines
You political superstar.
Mister Newt, you're heaven-sent
And I know that I was meant
To be your constituent -- it's true.
And I love those cute Republican things
Like you order your chicken with two right wings
Oh, Mister Gingrich, what am I gonna do?
’Cause you're just so cute
You big galoot
You're so astute -- oh my.
There's no dispute
And they can't refute
That I love you, Newt
You're a true grass root
Professional and Congressional kind of guy.
Yakko, Wakko and Dot:
It's a great big universe
And we're all really puny
And "Boy's Town" was just a movie, Newt
That was starring Mickey Rooney...
Every girl might wish she had
Sir Lancelot or Galahad
But not me, Newt; I've got it bad -- for you.
You're the man on top; you're the golden boy
You're Mrs Gingrich's pride and joy
You're a hit; you're it; you're the real McCoy -- it's true.
My heart is all a-flutter
And the words I want to utter
Are you eating too much butter? -- yes, it's true.
But you're just so cute
You sly old coot
You gave those Democrats the boot
They say that nothing's absolute -- it's not true.
You're the man for me
You're the VIP
You're the CEO of the GOP
And it's to D.C. ASAP for you.
’Cause, Mister Gingrich
You're the thing which
Every girl will want a ring which
Says you're hers, but still you're mine, you see.
Here's to you, Mister Newt
A 21-gun salute
Cause there's no one else as cute
Except for me.