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"Is there a broom around here, or are you waiting for a hurricane to come through?"

Desiree[1] is a white field mouse and the mother of the Brain. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


As a regular field mouse, she has white fur, a red nose, reddish-pink skin on her paws and tail, and protruding teeth. She is shown with red eyes in "The Visit" and blue in "Leggo My Ego."

After being given Brain's pensamplivox, Desiree becomes taller and heavier, with a body type very similar to her son's, if not a bit bigger. She has red irises, two tufts of hair atop her head, and large ears.


Brain's mother is overbearing and critical, as well as stubborn. She often talks over her son and doesn't seem to have processed that Brain has grown since she and her husband saw him last, as they threaten him with time-outs and allowance cuts. While they express disappointment in Brain's "life choices," they busy themselves cleaning up his cage and fixing his wheel. They also very much like Pinky, and find him amusing. After they are sent away at the end of the episode, Brain mentions that his parents invited him and Pinky over for Thanksgiving, hinting that they care about their son, at least a bit.



Desiree and her partner lived with their son, Brain, in a discarded tin can in a field, decorated with an image of the planet. Unfortunately, Brain was chased and captured by scientists from Acme Labs, and his parents could only watch as he was taken away.[2]

Pinky and the Brain[]

The Brain accidentally captures his parents while attempting to grab field mice for one of his world domination plans, realizing who they are upon reading their genetic signature. He attempts to communicate with them, only to find that the lab experiments have made them unable to understand each other on any level.

He builds a pensamplivox backpack in order to give them the ability to speak, but after they were activated, his parents began scolding him and attempting to clean his cage. He isn't able to ask them any direct questions, and they seem to prefer Pinky to him. Tired of them, Brain sends them to the Everglades in Florida, though they invite him and Pinky to visit them for Thanksgiving.[3]



  • Desiree's name comes from the Animaniacs episode "Pavlov's Mice," in which, after Brain refers to the country as "Mother Russia," Pinky says in confusion, "I thought your mother's name was Desiree?" While this is presumed to be correct, as no alternate name is ever given for her, it is entirely possible that Pinky was mistaken, as he tends to be.