Dot's Quiet Time is a song from episode 55. The music was written by Richard Stone and Julie Bernstein and the lyrics by Nicholas Hollander. It is played when Dot is trying to find a quiet place to read her book but when she finds a quiet place,she realizes she likes it loud.


All I want is quiet,
No reason to deny it,
I can't take that riot,
Quiet! QUIET! QUIET!!!
Let me clarify it,
The noise, I can't defy it,
I simply will not buy it.
Give me quiet! QUIET! QUIET!!!
Not to nullify it,
I just won't stand by it.
It's time now to bye-bye it.
I want Quiet! QUIET! QUIET!!!
(Beethoven's Sixth Symphony plays)
I want quiet! QUIET! QUIET!!!
This search I can't deny it
To find some peace and quiet.
I'll search both low and high, it
Must be quiet! QUIET! QUIET!!!
(Tranquil music plays followed by silence)
Gee, it's so quiet...Too quiet...Terribly quiet...Awfully quiet...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!
I thought I wanted quiet,
I thought I could apply it,
But now that I have tried it
I'm sick and tired of quiet!
(Rock version of the theme song plays)
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