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The Dragon has been referenced by Brain as the "Red Dragon". He appears in the 38th episode "Spellbound" in the first season of the original Animaniacs series. He resides in Murky Mountain.


Dragon appears to be bigger than the average human, making him to be at least 50 feet in length (15.24 meters). He is a red dragon, sporting black horns, a spiked snout, and hair protruding from his neck to his tail spine. He also sports red and pink-colored wings. Dragon has a yellow sclera and black pupils similar to many cartoon animals. In at least one scene, he has red irises when he returns to his sleep.


Not much is established about Dragon during the only episode he is featured in. However, he is shown to be angry after realizing his toenail was trimmed completely. Towards the others, he seems to be docile and misunderstood.



When Pinky and Brain find Dragon, he is shown to be asleep in the cave. Pinky and Brain dodge his fire in an attempt to approach Dragon. He falls asleep after a short moment, as Pinky and Brain focus on keeping him asleep while they trim Dragon's toenail for their approach of world domination. Once it is completely trimmed off, the dragon wakes up, enraged at both of them. He chases after Pinky and Brain for trimming off his toenail during the episode. Once he chases them into the castle, he gets his head stuck in the draw bridge. He roars in anger, freeing himself from the draw bridge, as he flies around the castle to search for Pinky and Brain. He flies to the Princess' bedroom as he throws out the furniture and items. Dragon gets caught by the princess when he searches through her room, trying to act innocent as usual. After a short amount of time, Dragon finds Pinky and Brain using the toenail for their experiment. Once he finds Pinky and Brain and tries to reach for them, an explosion burns the dragon's hand causing him to fall. He manages to tend his burned hand by placing it in the lake. Later on in the episode, he flees back to Murky Mountain.


  • Dragon is one of the few characters appearing in only one episode.