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Egwind is laboratory mouse who debuted in the Animaniacs reboot. He is a recurring character in the Pinky and the Brain segments. Pinky and The Brain appear to enjoy his company and welcome him in on their plans to take over the world. However, right before he can aid them, something unfortunate happens to Egwind that renders him absent from the rest of the plan.

Egwind is voiced by Chris Cox.


Egwind is a pudgy, anthropomorphic off-white-furred mouse. He has large ears, a red nose, and pink skin on his paws and tail. He has green eyes like Brain's pinkish-red eyes or Pinky's light blue eyes and three tufts of fur atop his head and chest. He seems to be a bit taller than Pinky.


Like Pinky, Egwind is a good-natured mouse who is willing to help out. Despite the misfortune he endures, this doesn’t seem to break his spirit, as he takes his losses with acceptance and only panics at a loss once. While Larry was an awkward fit to the group who is shooed out after his only major appearance, Egwind seems to have some sort of chemistry with the duo but his time with them is cut short by tragedy, yet he shows up again as a semi-recurring character.




  • Egwind appears to be a successor of Larry from the spin-off series. Much like Larry, Egwind’s very existence seems to be to point out how Pinky and the Brain operate better as a duo and not as a trio. Unlike Larry however, Brain at times appreciates Egwind and laments his disappearances, and Egwind makes more than two episode appearances (Larry only appeared in "Pinky and the Brain... And Larry" and "The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special" prior to his reappearance in "The Flawed Couple" 23 years later).
    • Egwind’s repeated misfortune is most likely a reference to the crew's poor reception of Warner Bros.' demand of a third main character in the 90s, showing that 22 years later there is still some resentment towards the conflict.