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Mr. Doctor/That's Edutainment! is the 11th episode of Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. Both cartoons originally aired separately on The Cat & Birdy Warneroonie Pinky Brainy Big Cartoonie Show on March 6, 1999; and March 13, 1999, respectively. Both cartoons in this episode are animated by Wang.

Mr. Doctor[]



Elmyra takes some of her pets, Brain, Pinky, Shad Equipo from Cute Little Alien Head, and Mr. Pussy-Wussy to the vet, who notices her cat is acting like a dog.



  • Freakazoid appears on a van at the end of this cartoon.

That's Edutainment![]

That's Edutainment title


Pinky and The Brain broadcast their world domination plans on a public access TV station. However, when network executives from "ZTTV" stumble upon the show, they decide to air it nationally. The show is a total educational bore, which is fine enough for the executives, as it fulfils their educational programming requirements. Once Elmyra forces her way onto the show, ratings skyrocket and the children enjoy it. Unfortunately, the program being entertaining means that it no longer meets the educational programming requirements, and the show is cancelled.



  • "Let Me Be Your Leader"
  • "Learning"



Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Pinky, Additional Voices
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, Additional Voices
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Nancy Cartwright Rudy Mookich
Fred Willard Dr. Glen Tarantella
T'keyah Crystal Keymah Nurse Gland, Little Girl, Mother
Frank Welker Alien, Additional Voices
David Paymer Shad Equipo
Jack Carter Ziff Twyman
Jason Marsden Taylor Tyler Hoovie, Billy

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