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A Zit!/1001 Narfs/Manny Manspreader is the twelfth episode of the Animaniacs reboot.


The inner life of a pimple. Pinky & the Brain entertain a Sultana. A man lacks a sense of personal space. [1]

Theme Song


Variable Verse

Dot: Critically Acclaim-ey!

A Zit!

Animation by Tonic DNA



Dot learns she has a zit, and freaks out, because she has to take a picture for Better Homes and Gardens (A Zit). Dot asks her brothers if she looks ugly, and her brothers think it’s really big. Dot screams, but notices that the zit is ashamed that he has Dot. Dot and the Zit make a friendship, and are happy to be together. At the end, the screen reads “RIP: Zit”, because he only lived one week.


  • Written by Timothy Nash and Lucas Crandles
  • Directed by Brett Varon


1001 Narfs

Animation by Titmouse, Inc.



Set in Medieval Baghdad, Pinky, Brain, and new friend Eggwind are traveling together until Eggwind is eaten by a sea monster. Brain decides to steal royal Arabian horses, using them to take over the world. Brain warns Pinky that they are easily pay startled. Pinky however warns the horses that they are coming, by blowing a horn which causes attention to the royal guard. They are brought to the royal palace where the sultana longs for a story and asks Brain if he can tell one. Brain tells the story of Ali Babrain, a poor woodcutter who stumbled across a group of forty thieves. The thieves have been hiding their stolen valuables in a cave with an obvious password. Once the thieves leave, Babrain enters the cave and finds the treasure. Babrain brings home his treasure to his brother Pinkib, who is very interested in the treasure. Babrain wants to use the treasure to take over Arabia, but Pinkib was jealous of Babrain’s good fortune, and wanted to see the cave himself. However, Pinkib did not know the password, and was caught by the thieves. Babrain had successfully completed his invention to take over Arabia, while Pinkib was golfed away by the leader of the thieves. Pinky doesn’t like that idea, and asks if Pinkib could be friends with the thieves, turning into a mermaid. Brain doesn’t like the story twist, but the sultana enjoys it. Pinky wants Pinkib to become the new leader of the thieves, and the sultana wants Babarain to be punished by Pinkib and the thieves. Brain protests, but the sultana will behead Brain if he changes the story.

Brain decides to tell a new story of a boy named Brainladin. Brainladin was a genius, but no one appreciated him, so he had to steal food from the streets. One day, Brainladin found a magic lamp with a genie (Pinky), who would grant him three wishes. Brainladin wishes he would become the most powerful and richest being in all the land. One Brainladin has a palace, he wishes for a staff. The genie gives him an object called a staff, but Brain wanted servants. Pinky interrupts the story, and the sultana asks Pinky to tell his own about Pinkbad the sailor. Pinkbad was searching for a new feather for his old one which had gotten married. Pinkbad then was trying to return a shirt to the store. Pinkbad asked for cash, but the cashier would only offer him store credit. Pinky's story annoys Brain who destroys a vase. This angers the sultana, and she orders Brain to be beheaded. Brain grabs Pinky and runs out of the royal palace. Brain says they must evade the guards and prepare for the next scheme to take over the world.


  • Written by Kathleen Chen and Brian Polk
  • Directed by Brett Varon



  • Pinky sings about Italy.
  • The format of this episode with Brain telling tales about him and Pinky is similar to the spin-off episode "Mouse of La Mancha".
  • Alludes to Ali Baba and 40 thieves, Aladdin, Sinbad.
  • Captcha Tests are spoofed when the cave asks to identify which photos are buses.
  • The entrance to the cave uses the most common phrase as a password to cave ("cave123") and security questions.
  • Egwind is once again taken away, reducing the trio to a duo.
  • Genie Pinky answers Brainladdin's complaints about solitude and eagerly asks him to start a family and talk about "the birds and the bees."

Character Animation By Erika Carvalho

Manny Manspreader

Animation by Titmouse



Dot, Yakko, and Wakko head to the movies and try to get seats together in a crowded theater. As Dot is about to sit down, a tall man named Manny steals the seat and traps them in their seats with his legs. Because of Manny, they end up missing most of the movie. They plot to distract the other moviegoers with the sole purpose of making Manny move his legs closer. This indefinitely works, and the Warners enjoy the rest of the movie. After the movie as they board the bus, Manny approaches them and asks if the seat is taken.


  • Written by Jess Lacher and Andrew Barbot
  • Directed by Brett Varon


  • Wakko drinks Abyss Boy, the drink that severed as the catalyst for the events of Potty Emergency, at one point.
  • Each of the Warners' speeches to the theater patrons are spoofing movie speeches:
    • Yakko's speech spoofs Braveheart. He wears blue face paint and states "They may take our lives, but they'll never take... our leg room!!!"
    • Dot's speech is taken from President Whitmore's speech in Independence Day; stating "We will not go quietly into the night!"
    • Wakko’s speech is taken from Any Given Sunday; and he states "Inch by inch, play by play!".

Character Animation By Erika Carvalho


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Pinky
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner
Maurice LaMarche The Brain
Kevin Michael Richardson Zit
Jameela Jamil Sultana
Wellesley Wild Manny, Right Side Man
Chris Cox Egwind
Danny Jacobs Chief Thief
Rachael MacFarlane Gillian, Left Mother
TJ Ramini Guard, Vendor
John Viener Booming Voice, Left Couple Person, John, Random Thief
Nancy McKeon Additional Vocals


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