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The Third Mouse/The Visit is the 13th episode of the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series and the season 1 finale. It originally aired on May 12, 1996. Both cartoons in this episode are animated by Akom Film Production.

The Third Mouse[]

The Third Mouse title card


Pinky arrives in Vienna circa 1946 to search for his friend, The Brain. Several people tell him that The Brain was killed in a chemical explosion (which Pinky misinterprets as Brain running late rather than being "The Late Brain"). Pinky denies all proof of his death and becomes entangled in a bizarre adventure. It is later revealed that The Brain is alive, but faked his death in the hopes of starting a new life with a mouse named Trudy.



  • This cartoon is a parody of the 1949 British film noir The Third Man.
  • The song "Chopin's Piano Sonata Number 2" is featured prominently as an instrumental.
  • Brain's telegram mentions a fictional place in Vienna: "Rueggerstrasse," which is a play-on of the name of series creator Tom Ruegger.
  • When Trudy interrogates Pinky on what he knows, he responds that he knows the lyrics to "Yakko's World" (the song even briefly plays in the background). This is a nod to the fact that both Pinky and Yakko Warner share a voice actor- Rob Paulsen.
  • Phar Fignewton makes an appearance on photograph of Pinky's when the police bring him in.
  • Dot Warner makes a cameo in this episode. Like her other appearances in black-and-white settings, her nose is still red.
  • The ending chorus is sung in an Austrian style, accompanied by the score's zither.


The Visit[]

The Visit title card


The Brain inadvertently finds his biological parents in a plan for world domination, and grants them the ability to speak with the pensamplivox back-packs. Unfortunately, he can't get along too well with them.



  • Brain's mother was previously mentioned in the Animaniacs cartoon "Pavlov's Mice" as being named "Desiree."
  • This is the only Pinky and the Brain cartoon to be directed by Byron Vaughns.
  • Unlike other some other rodents on the show, Brain's parents aren't given their anthropomorphism by the gene-splicer, but rather Brain's pensamplivox back-packs. At the end of the cartoon, they are seen waving goodbye without the back-packs on. Whether this was an animation error or an indication that they were later sent into the gene-splicer is unknown.

Production Notes[]


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Pinky, Additional Voices
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, Additional Voices
Tress MacNeille Trudy, Desiree/Brain's Mother
Ernest Borgnine Brain's Father
Larry Cedar Major
Charles Howerton Cribbage

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