Animaniacs Episode 21
Air date: 12 Oct. 1993
Season: 1
Variable verse: Yakko:Eisenhower, Mamie...
Gag credit(s): Tractor Puller-Kathryn Page
Closing tag: Yakko, Wakko & Dot: Ciao, America!
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Each cartoon in this episode has to do with American history.

Theme song


Last line

Yakko: Eisenhower, Mamie...

The Flame


Story by Tom Ruegger
Written by Nicholas Hollander & Tom Ruegger
Directed by Barry Caldwell


The Flame watches Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence.


  • First The Flame cartoon.
  • This cartoon originally was the last one in this episode and "Four Score..." was the first. They were swapped in subsequent airings for unknown reasons.
  • Although the point of this cartoon was mainly about American history, a small part about fire prevention was used when the Flame falls into a wastebasket and multiplies, only for the wild flames to be extinguished by Thomas Jefferson pouring water in the wastebasket and returning the Flame to its candle. The Flame remarks to be careful as "my wild cousins cannot be trusted!"

Wakko's America


Music: Traditional
Lyrics by Randy Rogel
Written by Randy Rogel & Tom Ruegger
Directed by Rusty Mills & Ron Fleischer


Miss Flamiel plays Jeopardy! in her class, and, to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw," Wakko sings the names of all 50 states and their capitals.


  • Wakko is only supposed to name the state capitals, but he mentions Washington, D.C. In Jeopardy!, this would have also counted as giving an incorrect response in addition to Wakko's failure to put his response in the form of a question.
  • He also mispronounces the capital of South Dakota, which is actually pronounced "Peer" and not "Pee-air".
  • The Jeopardy! displays the last A in CAPITALS as an O, as in CAPITOLS.


  • Although Wakko is told he failed to put the response in the form of a question, his song took far longer than the usual time limit on Jeopardy and he would have been more likely deducted for that.

Davy Omelette


Written by Deanna Oliver
Directed by Rusty Mills


Chicken Boo poses as the great frontiersman Davy Omelette, a parody of Davy Crocket.


  • This segment marks the first appearance of the World's Oldest Woman, who would later be more prominently featured as one of the hosts of Histeria!

Chase Transition

The Warners, followed by Ralph, fly on an airplane out of Lincoln's nose on Mount Rushmore.

Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago

21-1 FourScoreAndSevenMigrainesAgo

Story by Tom Ruegger & Paul Rugg
Written by Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV & Paul Rugg
Directed by Alfred Gimeno


The Warners help President Abraham Lincoln write the Gettysburg Address.


  • Some of the lines Lincoln comes up with are from speeches by Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.
  • The Warners suggest to Lincoln parodies of Julius Caesar's speech, the opening of The Twilight Zone and the theme song of Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • This was originally aired as the first cartoon of this episode, but was swapped with "The Flame" in subsequent airings and on the DVD for unknown reasons.
  • The song that the Warners sing to Lincoln, "Lincoln, Lincoln, we've been thinkin'" is set to the tune of "Reuben, Reuben".
  • Yakko's speech is an impression of Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Thomas Jefferson, Pioneer
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner, Pioneer
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner, Miss Flamiel, World's Oldest Woman, Pioneer
Frank Welker Chicken Boo, Chicken Boo's Companion, Bear, Narrator
Peter Renaday Abe Lincoln
Luke Ruegger The Flame

Kathryn Page's Credit

Tractor Puller


Yakko, Wakko & Dot: Ciao, America!


  • This is a redubbed version of the "Cowabunga!" stinger.
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