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Cold Open: Exercise Minute/Theme song[]

(After the Warner Bros. Animation logo and the opening titles, the theme song starts playing as usual until a pop-up appears, stopping the title sequence. It reads "Are you still watching "Animaniacs?"", and two buttons read "Continue watching" and "Back". A cursor tries to click on the "Continue watching" button, but then announcer starts speaking.)

Announcer: Not so fast. As part of the Warner Bros' renewed commitment to the heath of our viewers, you must perform physical activity before continuing to the next episode.

(The popup then explodes as the scene changes to the Warner siblings in a gym, wearing exercise outfits.)

Yakko: Hi! We're the Warner brothers.

Dot: And the Warner sister.

(We pan over to a mayfly)

May: And I'm a mayfly.

(We cut back to the Warners)

Dot: Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Everyone can make time for just 15 minutes of exercise.

May: Actually, I don't think I have that kind of time.

Yakko: Nonsense. Let's kick things off with some simple jumping jacks.

Dot: These really target the parts of your body, that you use to do jumping jacks!

May: No, I'm serious. Mayflies only live a few hours[sic] and I'm already over the hill. (panting)

Yakko: No, not over the hill yet. We still got a few seconds of mountain climbers left.

May: I don't know what a mountain climber is. I don't even know what a mountain is!

Wakko: What? Were you born yesterday?

May: No, that's what I'm trying to tell you, I wasn't born yesterday, I was born today! My time is very limited and I have so much more I wanna do.

Dot: I hear you. Let's work on your quads.

May: I wanted to have kids, maybe two, even 3000!

Yakko: Nah, you're not missing much. Let's do some pit flies!

May: Flies! That is something I can do.

Wakko: Look at that, you're losing weight already!

May: I've spent my whole life with these strangers, here at the gym, away from my family!

Dot: (laughing) That's right; the gym really can be a home away from home.

Yakko: Now this final exercise is a real killer! Are you ready?

Warners: May?

(Cut to a funeral, with a tombstone saying "May the Mayfly Thursday 9:15 - 9:18. We cut to the Warners in raincoats and umbrellas)

Wakko: I didn't realize she had do many friends.

Dot: She touched a lot of lives.

(The same pop-up from the beginning appears, stopping the scene.)

Announcer: Congratulations! You've reached your quota for physical activity. You may now resume enjoying Animaniacs.

(The cursor clicks on the "Continue watching" button and the theme song resumes as usual)

Reichenbrain Falls[]

(After the Pinky and the Brain theme and the "Reichenbrain Falls" title card, we see a pitch black screen. Then as if through Brain's POV, Pinky comes into focus as an alarm blares)

Pinky: Brain... Wakey-wakey, I made a mistakey!

(We cut to Brain in a space suit and having a bump on his head)


Targeted Ads[]


Starbox and Cindy[]

(After the Alien Chorus song, we fade to the exterior shot of Cindy's house as Cindy plays in the sandbox.)


(As Cindy drags Starbox back to the tub, the Alien Chorus is heard once more.)

Alien Chorus: We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting!

(The scene zooms out to the Earth as the "Starbox and Cindy" logo appears again. The screen fades to black, ending the segment, as well as the episode.)