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♪ heroic music playing ♪

‐ ♪ '80s Cats ♪

YAKKO: ♪ '80s... ♪

♪ '80s... '80s ♪

♪ '80s cats ho! ♪

‐ ♪ '80s Cats are on the lot ♪

♪ '80s Cats are back ♪

♪ See the big hair, pump those sneaks ♪

♪ '80s Cats attack ♪

♪ '80s, '80s, '80s, '80s Cats ♪

♪ '80s, '80s, '80s, '80s Cats ♪

♪ '80s, '80s, '80s, '80s Cats ♪

♪ '80s Cats! ♪

♪ theme song playing ♪

‐ ♪ It's time for Animaniacs! ♪

♪ And we're zany to the max ♪

♪ So just sit back and relax ♪

♪ You'll laugh till you collapse ♪

♪ We're Animaniacs! ♪

‐ ♪ Come join the Warner Brothers ♪ ‐ ♪ And the Warner Sister Dot ♪

♪ Just for fun, we run around the Warner movie lot ♪

♪ They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught ♪

♪ But we break loose and then vamoose and now you know the plot ♪

♪ We're Animaniacs ♪

♪ Dot has wit and Yakko yaks ♪

♪ Wakko packs away the snacks ♪

♪ Our careers have made comebacks ♪

♪ We're Animaniacs! ♪

♪ Meet Pinky and the Brain who want to rule the universe ♪

♪ A brand new cast who tested well in focus group research ♪

♪ Gender balanced, pronoun neutral ♪

♪ And ethnically diverse ♪

♪ The trolls will say we're so passé, but we did meta first ♪

♪ We're Animaniacs ♪

♪ You should see our new contracts ♪

♪ We're zany to the max, there's baloney in our slacks ♪

♪ We're animan‐ey, totally insane‐y ♪

‐ ♪ Baby Brain‐ey ♪

‐ ♪ Animaniacs! Those are the facts ♪

♪ Colonial era‐style music ♪

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: Let's see. "Penny saved is a penny you still have."

No, no, no, no, no!

"Penny saved is worth two in the bush."

No, no, no!

Confound it all!

It's too cold to think! I'm having brain freeze!

[coughing] [hissing]

Blasted stove!


[grunts] Huh? [knocking]

Yes, what is it?

‐ We're the Brothers Warner! ‐ And the Brothers Warner's sister, Dot!

‐ We saw in the paper that you're looking for an apprentice.

‐ Mm, no. I believe you're mistaken. Goodbye!

‐ But we saw it right here, in the "claffifieds."

‐ It's classifieds, not claffifieds!

‐ Really? Looks like you "miffpelled" it.

‐ How dare you! I did no such thing.

‐ Oh‐ho‐ho! We could do without the attitude, "mifter"!

‐ So "unneceffary."

‐ I'm sorry. I don't have time to entertain visitors at the moment.

I have to fix my blasted fireplace before I freeze to death! WARNERS: Wait!

‐ You've got to help us! ‐ We need an apprenticeship,

or we'll be stuck out in the cold!

‐ Come on, Frankie!

We've been all over town looking for work!

We got turned down by the blacksmith, the silversmith, the locksmith...

‐ The Sam‐Smith offered us a job, but...

‐ ♪ Stay with me, Warners ♪

♪ One dame, two esquires ♪

♪ For thine zany presence ♪

♪ Is all I require ♪

‐ Ugh. He's a little clingy.

No. Thank. You.

♪ sad music playing ♪

‐ Think about it, Frankie!

You need a hand around here, and we need a place to stay.

Because... ‐ Be gone, vile peasants!

I have a stove to fix!

YAKKO: Well, there's your problem. ‐ Ah!

You got a straight‐o where there should be a curvy,

and a curvy where there should be a straight‐o.

[banging, clanging, smashing]


‐ Why, it's brilliant!

‐ Smoke goes out, heat stays in.

And all it took was a little kink.

FRANKLIN: It's perfect.

I have to spread the word. Wait! No!

I must get to the patent office.

Every household in the colonies is gonna want...

a Franklin stove!

‐ Unbelievable.

I was gonna call it Yakko's Piping Hot Stovepipe Benderama!

‐ Yeah. Maybe keep pitching on that.

‐ Apprentices! Where are my glasses?

‐ They're right between your nose and your eyebrows.

‐ No, no. These are my regular glasses.

I don't need my regular glasses.

I need my reading glasses.

‐ Well, they couldn't have gone far.

Here, boy! [kissing]

[whimpering, shivering] There you are!

You gave us quite a fright, didn't you?

Who gave us a fright?

You did! You did! [barking]

FRANKLIN: Come here! [crunch]

‐ You know, sweetie, you wouldn't lose them if you kept them on your face.

‐ Two pairs of glasses at once?

That's rich. How do you propose I do that?

‐ Allow me!

Careful... Careful now...


‐ Imbecile! You've destroyed my spectacles!

‐ Oh. I suppose I have. Hang on.


Top's for looking, bottom's for booking.

‐ One pair of spectacles

with two focal lengths! Incredible!

I dare say these bifocal lenses

are my greatest invention yet!

‐ Your greatest invention?! ‐ Hm? What's that? Oh, that's right.

[scary voice] Mine.

‐ Alright, what gives, pal? We're doing all the work around here,

and you're taking all the credit!

‐ Well, the credit is mine after all.

Did you not read your apprenticeship contract?

All ideas, inventions, improvements, and improvisations

devised by the apprentices shall become property

of their employer.

Which is me.

‐ We must've skimmed over that part.

‐ I told you to read it slowly.

After all, haste makes waste.

FRANKLIN: That includes pithy aphorisms.

What'd you say? "Haste... makes... waste."

Short, memorable, and it rhymes,

so everyone will think I'm clever!

Perfect! [laughs]

Well, off to the patent office.

Or should I go to the publishing house first?

Wait, I know. The bank!

ALL: Hey!

‐ You can't just steal all our ideas

and claim them as your own!

‐ We can expose you, you know! ‐ Ah, bup‐bup‐bup, careful.

It's still a family show. ‐ Oh, I'm so scared.

And who will the people believe?

You, a lowly apprentice?

Or me, Benjamin Franklin?

Everyone knows I keep it 100.

Now, I can trust you to keep our little arrangement

to yourselves, yes?

‐ Alright, Warners, we have two choices.

We can walk away from this situation in a calm and professional manner,

or we can annoy him with our zany antics.

Now, before you decide‐‐ BOTH: Antics! Antics!

‐ Well, who am I to argue with the people?

Cue the antics!

‐ Hm. Will I need a jacket today?

Ah, sunny and warm. I guess not.

[pen scratching]

[thunder, rain]

[scream] Ah!

Confound it!


[birds chirping]

Ah! [panting]

What is wrong with the blasted weather today?

[thunder] [screaming]


[sighs] [rumbling]


Ah! [wind blowing]


[panting] [buzzing]





Ah, that's the stuff.

‐ Ugh.

‐ Let's see.

Address the Continental Congress at 7:00.

Perfect. Just enough time for a quick jam sesh.

[sighs] Boy, I love classical music.

Or as I like to call it, music.

Wait a minute...

[struggling, mumbling]



But we must ask ourselves

will history remember us

as revolutionaries or as traitors?

Nevertheless, we must all hang together, [laughter continues]

or assuredly we will hang separately! Ow!

[screaming, crash] [laughter]

[Yakko laughing] ‐ We hold this comedy to be self‐evident!

‐ You said it, Hancock!

We're allowed to say that, right?

‐ Apprentices!

[smash] I've had enough of your shenanigans.

You've overstayed your welcome,

and I want you out of this workshop!

[door creaking, falls over]

‐ Okay. We'll leave.

‐ Yeah, we were on the cusp of a huge scientific breakthrough.

But, if that's not your thing‐‐ FRANKLIN: Scientific breakthrough?

No, no! Those are very much my thing! Tell me more!

‐ Well, we can tell you, but it'd be better to show you.

‐ We call it the lightning rod.

‐ I love it. Remind me to write it down.

‐ Will do, Benny‐boo.

Now, just hold that sword way up high.

Make sure the big angry cloud over there can see it.

‐ [muffled]: Okay!





‐ I guess you could call him the original...

grounding father. [gulp]

‐ Hey, sibs! Remember when we had our DNA tested?

Come on, sure you do! A neat little kit came in the mail,

we spit into a tube, we sent it back to a genetic testing service,

and now third‐parties, governments, and law enforcement agencies

of unprecedented levels have access to our personal genomes?

‐ No. ‐ Not really.

‐ Me neither, but the results are back! WAKKO/DOT: Yay!

‐ Ooh! Apparently, we have sticky earwax,

extra hairy belly buttons,

and we're in the 99 percentile of Neanderthals.

‐ Ooh!

Does it say what kind of animal we are?

‐ Nope, but it does tell us if we have

any DNA relatives we didn't know about.

[click, beeping]

ALL: [gasp] No way!

‐ Wait.

[all yelling]

‐ So, uh, what I'm saying is... [straining]

I've been a good boy and deserve a money treat.


Or, at least basic health "insurgence."

NORA: Paying a monthly gym membership is so ridiculous

when I can work out from the comfort of my own office, don't you agree?

‐ [groans] I think my stomach needs to go to the cemetery.

ALL: Nora!


‐ [kiss] Just look at you.

I can't believe how tall you've gotten.

‐ So, when can we expect grandchildren?

I can't wait to spoil the little ones, while I judge your parenting.

‐ Ralph! Do something!

‐ Duh, okay!

♪ ballet music ♪

‐ No! Kick them out! [grunts]

[Warners screaming]


‐ Duh, okay!

Duh‐‐ [screaming]

[thud] [church bell]

‐ We're just trying to spend quality time with you.

Our DNA test said we're your family.

‐ [scoffs] If I trusted every test I took,

I'd be in a hospital for the criminally insane!

[maniacal laugh]

‐ Hey! What's this?

[cranking, pop]

[gasp] A family reunion!

‐ Ooh! Can I be the weird uncle with the girlfriend nobody likes?

‐ You're not invited because we're not related!

Besides, you don't wanna meet my family.

Our reunions are so competitive that the three‐legged race

was suspended due to doping allegations.

And they weren't just allegations.

I'm still full of horse adrenaline.

[horse neigh]

The only Norita worth her salt is my great‐grandmother.

She's the only reason I'm going.

‐ [gasp] Ooh! Who's our great‐grandmother?

‐ My Great‐Grandmother Flora is the greatest businesswoman alive!

‐ Ah! [grunts] ‐ She rose through the ranks

to become the head of Mucho Teléfono,

the parent company of Warner Brothers!

‐ Sounds like a great lady. Shame we'll never meet her

because we're definitely not going to the family reunion, just like you asked.

Right, sibs? ‐ Right!

‐ [whisper]: So, is weird Uncle Wakko inviting Tina to this reunion or what?

‐ Another work conflict effectively handled.

You see, Nora?

And that's why you were named "savviest under 70"

by Head Honcho Magazine.

‐ Duh, you said it, ma'am!

Uh, now, uh, getting back

to the question of my conversation...

‐ Ralph, if you wanna prove how invaluable you are,

go retrieve my kettle bell.

‐ Yes, ma'am!

[laughing] [smash]

[groaning] [thud, church bell]

♪ fancy music ♪

CORA: [scoffs] Mom, can we go now?

My friends and I have plans to sit in a parking lot and look at our phones!

‐ Cora, we should at least stay and say hello

to Great‐Grandmother Flora.

She's not going to be around forever, you know.

‐ Well, well, well. If it isn't our dear little sister.


‐ I know how much you make, and it's more than this.

‐ Yeah. You really put the dud in your duds.

‐ Mora, Theodora.

I'm surprised you made it.

I thought you'd be too busy sunning on a hot rock

or shedding your skin.

‐ Oh, cool. Snake reference.

What? Did you just read a snake book, snake nerd?

[clock chime]


[wind blowing, thunder]


‐ [inhale] ‐ Speech! Speech!

‐ Yes, obviously that is what I'm about to do.

[clears throat] It means so much for me

to see the blurry shapes

of everyone gathered here today.

But tonight is not just

an ordinary family reunion.

‐ Why not? ‐ Obviously, I was about to explain.

Tonight, I will host a little competition

for all my potential heirs,

and the winner will inherit

my fabulous estate!

[gasps, screaming]

‐ Ooh! A contest? Count us in, Gam Gam!

‐ Uh huh. I assume this is going to be a classic

"chocolate factory tour to see who's most deserving" type of thing.

Right? ‐ And if not,

we're also willing to go full Hunger Games.

[hawk screech]

‐ Who are you? You see them, too, yes?

‐ We're the Norita Brothers! ‐ And the Norita Sister!

WARNERS: We're your new relatives!

‐ Uh, sorry, Great Grandmother Flora! They're nobody.

‐ Is this true? I warn you.

I watch a lot of Tucker Carlson,

so I am very gullible.

Ah! ‐ Of course it's true!

And we've got the DNA results to prove it!

DOT: See? We're you're great‐great‐grand cousins once bitten twice removed

on your brother's side.

So, what do you say?

Can we enter your competition? ‐ Please?

Pretty, pretty please?

‐ With Cousin Gary on top? [baby cooing]

‐ Of course you can, my dears. [laughs]

In fact,

you've already won the first challenge. [Nora gasps]

‐ We have? [crowd gasping]

‐ Yes! I needed someone to fix my computer!

Now, I can finally print

my emails again.

‐ How'd you fix the computer, Yakko? ‐ I just plugged it in.

[growls] ‐ In each round,

one of you will be brutally eliminated

for comedically failing at your task.


Come now! It is time to find out

who loves their Grandmama the most!

‐ ♪ Hey, Flora Dora, hoo, Flora Dora ♪

♪ Ha, Flora Dora, hoo ♪

♪ Ha, Flora Dora ♪

♪ Flobbity flay ♪

♪ She plans to give her riches away ♪

♪ Flora Dora, fanna the flames ♪

♪ Only the worthiest wins at these games ♪

♪ What if your grandmother's kitty gets loose? ♪

♪ Under the porch or climbed up in a spruce ♪

♪ If you want to win at this fabulous fête ♪

♪ You must care for her exotic pets ♪

♪ Hey, Flora Dora ♪

♪ Hoo, Flora Dora ♪

♪ Ha, Flora Dora ♪

♪ Flora Dora, floopity floo ♪

♪ One got the boot, now onto round two ♪

♪ Flora Dora, flappity flong ♪

♪ She forced us to learn and practice this song ♪

♪ Now, you must make a delectable treat ♪

♪ That the Norita family eats ♪

♪ You know the rules of reality shows ♪

♪ The one without a cake must go ♪

♪ Hey, Flora Dora, hoo, Flora Dora ♪

♪ Ha, Flora Dora ♪

♪ Can you admire the albums she keeps ♪

♪ They start in the '20s, so don't fall asleep ♪

♪ Rows of dead ancestors in the background ♪

♪ If you are bored, than you have lost this round ♪

♪ Flora Dora, crema de cream ♪

♪ Though all her methods seem quite extreme ♪

♪ Flora Dora, all she wants to do ♪

♪ Is have a pleasant visit with you ♪

♪ Is have a pleasant visit with you... ♪

‐ Congratulations, my dears!

You are the last ones in the competition.

‐ Gee, I almost forgot it was a competition.

‐ We just loved getting to know you.

‐ More tea and cookies, Great Gammy?

‐ No cookies!

Grandma Flora, can't you see?

They just wanna get their sticky little paws on the family fortune.

Flora hasn't worked her entire life

to give her money to parasites like you.

Money isn't something to be given away!

It's something to be hoarded and held over the heads of the less fortunate!

‐ Oh, Nora, my sweet...


You're such a disappointment.

Have I taught you nothing?

It is not enough to grow the business.

We must grow our family as well.


‐ You're my best relatives!

You've won my fortune!

Barring any unlikely last minute revelations.

[cheering] [growling]


‐ Stop everything! I have a last minute revelation!


There's been a terrible mistake!

‐ Who are you?

‐ Madam, I work at the genetic mix‐up department

at 23 & WB.

I only hope I got here in time to stop you from giving away your estate

to the winner of a series of carnival games.

But I see by these broken frames I may be too late.

‐ How do you know all this?

‐ I work for a genetic testing service.

I know everything that was, everything that is, and everything that will be.

Mind your step, by the way. ‐ Ah!

‐ I'm sorry, kids, but your DNA results were switched with...

‐ Ralphonzo!


‐ Look! A brown dime!

‐ Ralph, that's a penny. What are you doing here?

‐ Duh! I got your kettle bell, Ms. Nora!

Sorry it took so long, but it fell on a snake,

so I took it to a snake doctor,

and she told me it was just a garden hose.

But then, I took it to the hardware store,

and they said it was a snake!

So, somebody is lying to me...

‐ It is not possible! It can't be!

Dear brother Ralphonzo!

‐ Duh, what's happening?

‐ Yeah, you said it, Ralph!

[imitating]: Duh, what's happening?

‐ Look, everyone! He is the spitting image

of my favorite brother, Ralphonzo!

[all gasp]

RALPH: And‐and‐and‐a‐a‐and

we should do a movie about flaming meatballs

that are superheroes!

So, one day, a giant meatball crashes into the Earth,

and a baby meatball comes out of it,

which is totally different from Superman.

And then, he grows up

and finds other warm, delicious meatballs,

and they can have their own superpowers, too!

Then, this bad guy,

Mr. Fridge, which is totally different from Mr. Freeze‐‐

tries to make them all cold.

So, they smash themselves together to form

a super‐snowball!

But out of meat.

Which brings us back to meatballs,

and there you go.

All tied up in a bow for you.

Can you read that back to me?

‐ No, absolutely not!

‐ Then, I'll say it again!

‐ Please don't. P For Pancetta,

Stew‐icide Squad, and Wonder Woman Bread have already

been fast‐tracked.

Any more of your foolish ideas, and you'll bankrupt this studio!

‐ Nora! You need to listen to my long lost great nephew.

After all, as chairman, he is your new boss.

‐ [sighs] Yes, Great Grandma Flora.


Ah! Hyah! [smash]


[thud] [church bell]

[beep, whir]

‐ It sure is crazy how the DNA testing service

swapped our DNA with Ralph's.

‐ Yup. Our real results were exactly what we thought they'd be.

100% Termite Terrace.

‐ So, Ralph runs Warner Brothers now?

What a dramatic end of season cliffhanger!

‐ How will we get out of this sticky wicket?

‐ Sounds like a problem for next season.

If there is one...

‐ Guess we'll wait here until they make more new episodes,

just like we did in the '90s...

‐ This time, I wonder if we'll dream...