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Yakko's World/Cookies for Einstein/Win Big is the 2nd episode of the original Animaniacs. It originally aired on September 14, 1993.

Newsreel of the Stars


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Animation by Tokyo Movie Shinsha Co., Ltd.

Theme Song


Variable verse

Yakko, Wakko and Dot: Pinky and the Brain-ey!

Yakko's World


Animated By: Tokyo Movie Shinsha


Yakko sings a song set to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance about the nations of the world.




Further Reading

  • Rob Paulsen, Yakko's voice actor, recorded the song in one take.
  • The song misses over 40 nations, not including ones that were created after the song was written.
  • This song is a favorite of Yakko's voice actor, Rob Paulsen, who performs it at various public events with rarely any mistakes.
  • This song includes Palestine and Taiwan, which is still negotiated to this day, and aren't independent countries, yet.
  • The world map shows Russia with Soviet-era borders. This is inaccurate even for the time, as the former Soviet republics had gained independence in 1991. Similarly, Czechoslovakia had been split up for eight months at the time the episode aired (due to the lead time required for animation, it's likely the split hadn't taken place at the time the song was actually written).
  • This song mentions the United Kingdom as "Scotland" and then "England." Wales and Northern Ireland are not mentioned, it is also noted that when Yakko points to England, the whole island of Great Britain lights up, including Scotland.
  • This song has become a popular internet meme and arguably the most iconic song of the series, even being known by people who don't watch nor have heard of Animaniacs.


See Yakko's World (song)#Errors, Inaccuracies, and Other Geographical Trivia

Cookies for Einstein


Animated By: Tokyo Movie Shinsha


The Warners, in 1905 Germany, inadvertently help Albert Einstein discover the theory of relativity through their attempts to sell him cookies with The Acme Song.




  • The theory of relativity that Einstein describes is actually the mass-energy conversion formula (e=mc2). This error is later referenced in the "Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation" cartoon.
  • The Kid Scouts are a parody of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (mostly Girl Scouts, due to the concept of selling cookies).
  • This was the first short to feature the Warners in a different location and time period.
  • When Einstein closes a window shade, the Warners appear on them, looking like Goombas from Nintendo's Super Mario franchise.
  • In the first of the show's many Star Trek jokes, Wakko imitates Scotty saying, "I don't think he can take anymore, Cap'n."
  • Clips from this segment were later used in the Arabic dub of the theme song opening.

Win Big


Animated By: Wang Film Production


The Brain wants to win $99,000 so he can finish his device to take over the world on the show Gyp-Parody with his human suit, but ultimately loses when he doesn't know what classic TV character was known for saying, "Bang! Zoom! Right in the Kisser!" (which Pinky does know).



  • This was the first Pinky and the Brain short produced and the first aired. Many of the familiar elements (such as the "are you pondering what I'm pondering?" and "Well I think so Brain" dialogue) were intended by writer Peter Hastings to be one-time gags, but supervising story editor Sherri Stoner convinced him to bring them back in future scripts.[1]
  • This short is the first one in the series to not be a Yakko, Wakko, and Dot segment.
  • This short introduces Pinky's nonsense words "Narf" and "Poit," as well as his exclamation, "Egad, Brain!"
  • This would be the first Pinky and The Brain episode in which the plot focuses on the mice trying to finance their plan, as opposed to enacting the plan itself.
  • Yakko, Wakko, and Dot make a cameo where they run on top of the taxi the Brain is taking, being chased by Ralph, beginning a literal running gag throughout the series.
  • Gyp-Parody obviously parodies Jeopardy!
  • This short features the first appearance of Brain's human suit, which was featured in various episodes of the spin-off. Writer Peter Hastings actually had a replica of the human suit in his office.[2]
  • This episode is a parody of The Honeymooners episode "The $99,000 Answer", in which Ralph Kramden repeatedly tells Norton to stop playing the song "Swanee River," and then loses a game show over that song. Similarly, the Brain loses here over Ralph's famous catch phrase from The Honeymooners.
  • Although Peter Hastings has stated that he always tried to have Brain threaten to hurt Pinky but never actually hit him (because he felt this was both funnier and truer to the character), Tom Ruegger and the other producers would often have Brain actually hit Pinky. Even in this very first short, the Brain does follow through.
  • The shots of Brain opening the cage door, the mice walking across the table with Brain's folded behind his back, and the mice unfurling the blueprints would later be used in the title sequence of the Pinky and The Brain spin-off.
  • This episode would be retold in the Animaniacs comic, but one difference is that Brain's human suit would be attired with a jacket and tie as opposed to the more formal tuxedo, which made somewhat better sense for going out in public during casual events.


Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain, but, where are we gonna find a duck and a hose at this hour?
Brain: Honey, I'm home.
Pinky: [Laughs] That's a funny joke, Brain!
Brain: I am not devoid of humor.


Production Art

Wheel of Morality


Animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha

The moral of the story is: "If at first you don't succeed, blame it on your parents."


  • This is the first Wheel of Morality segment.
  • The Wheel of Morality is not just a parody of the Wheel of Fortune, but also a satire on the suggestions by the FCC to add some moral and educational value to children's shows.


  • Despite the wheel landing on the "2" mark, when the camera zooms out, it's shown to have landed in between the "Lose a Turn" and "1" marks.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Pinky, Alex Quebec, Announcer, Award Presenter
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner, Alvey, Cabby
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner, German Woman, Matilda
Paul Rugg Albert Einstein
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, Ralph Kramden, Announcer
Frank Welker Narrator, Newsreader


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