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Narrator: It began many ages ago. Burbankshire was a peaceful world, filled with birdsong and quiet contemplation. But, unbeknownst to all, a ruthless wizard had amassed great power. And yet, he desired more. The wizard conjured three abominations to serve him. He gave them each a magical garment to conceal their true nature.

Warners: (Cheering).

Narrator: The wizard was accustomed to blind obedience.

Pinky: Narf! (A potion gets knocked over, turning him into a goat)

(The Warners played around with the potions.)

Narrator: And yet these creatures were possessed of a wilder spirit than he had bargained for.

(Brain the Wizard turned the Warners back to normal.)

Narrator: The wizard tried to bring his creations to heel. But he proved no match for their brazen, irreverent power. And so, he was forced to flee.

(Wakko eats the wand. Yakko and Dot run for cover.)

Brain: Aah!

Wakko: (Burps).

Brain: (Falls) Whoa!

Pinky: I’ve got him! I’ve got him! I’ve got him!

Brain: Aah!

(Brain hits the ground near Pinky. Pinky helps him up.)

Brain: Come, Pinky! We must return to our sorcerer's sanctum and prepare for...

(Before Brain can finish, a giant Ralph stepped on them.)

Yakko: Phew. That was easy! Now, all we have to worry about is that All-Seeing Eye.

Dot: Where?

Yakko: There!

Wakko: Do they watch us when we go to the bathroom?

Yakko: Weirdos!

(The Warners kicked the camera and it flips all the way to the theme song.)

Theme Song[]

Uber Nachtmare[]

Mad Mouse: Furry Road[]