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Global Warnering/Lawn in Sixty Seconds/All's Fair in Love and Door/Cute Things That Can Kill You is the 33rd episode of the Animaniacs reboot and the seventh episode of its third season.


The Warners take down a smooth talking polar bear developer. Mow your lawn in seconds! Pinky finds Brain's alternate reality.[1]

Theme Song


Variable Verse

Yakko: Cleft in twain-y

Global Warnering

Animation by Saerom Animation

Global Warnering Title


The Warner siblings attempt to escape the harsh heat of Burbank by taking a trip to the Arctic. Unfortunately for them, the Arctic has gotten hotter as well due to global warming. The sleazy Josh Polar attempts to use climate change to convince them to buy his properties.


  • Written by Brad DePrima
  • Directed by Brett Varon



Model Sheets by Kasey Williams

Lawn in Sixty Seconds

Animation by Giant Ant

Lawn in Sixty Seconds Title


The lives of a grass family is shown as they grow and bond together, before it is ultimately cut (quite literally) by a lawn mower. The segment is then revealed to be an advertisement for "Lawnshot Mowers."




All's Fair in Love and Door

Animation by Titmouse, Inc.

Love and Door Title


Pinky finds the Brain's secret door, which is an entrance to a virtual world where Brain lives a blissful marriage with an AI version of Julia. After overhearing a private conversation between the duo, the Julia AI becomes resentful and turns against Brain.


  • Written by Kathleen Chen & Brian Polk
  • Directed by Brett Varon


  • The title of this cartoon spoofs the phrase "All's Fair in Love and War."
  • Julia returns in this cartoon. Although she's seen as a virtual simulation for most of the episode, the real Julia briefly shows up at the end.
  • According to storyboard artist Lisa Vandenberg, she "interpreted the door as a metaphor for Brain being in the closet and boarded the episode to reflect that". This could imply that Brain is LGBTQ+.
  • The cartoon's premise is similar to an MCU miniseries WandaVision - just like the show's Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Brain immerses himself in an artificial, more encouraging reality to help himself overcome the pain of having lost a close one, though the causes of that differ in the stories: Wanda's loss of her lover Vision was completely out of her control, while Brain had a direct hand in making Julia dead-set on getting revenge on him, a justifiable reaction.
  • When Brain tells Pinky to "run Pinky, run!", Pinky remarks that it is "just like season 2." This is a nod to the season 2 cartoon "Run Pinky Run."
  • According to Gabe Swarr[3], the design inspiration for AI Julia's robotic form is based on Marvel supervillain Arnim Zola (created by Jack Kirby). The scene where AI Julia glitches out is a reference to Cain from RoboCop 2.

Cute Things That Can Kill You

Animation by Birdo

Cute Things Title


A narrator warns viewers of "cute"-looking things that can kill them by using a human boy as a model. These fatal "cute" items include a loris with a bite that can rot human flesh, a poisonous puffer fish, and an erratic deer whose innocent looks are deceiving (and can lead to automobile accidents). The segment ends with the loris, puffer fish and the deer standing at the boy's tombstone, which simply says the title of the segment.


  • Story by Katie Rice
  • Teleplay by James Butler
  • Directed by Katie Rice


International Releases

Production Notes

  • A listing on the Entertainment Identifier Registry indicates that a working title for this episode was "The Wrath of Khan/Lawn in Sixty Seconds/All's Fair in Love and Door."[4] The title of "The Wrath of Khan," of course, is a reference to the 1982 science-fiction film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It would've revolved around the siblings quarreling with the founder and first khagan of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan.[5] Executive producer Gabe Swarr confirmed that "The Wrath of Khan" was scrapped due to poor animation quality from an overseas studio, deeming it "problematic" to air. The cartoon was then replaced by "Global Warnering." According to Swarr, it would've taken more work to get "Khan" to be in a more passable state compared to "Global Warnering."[6]


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Pinky
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner
Maurice LaMarche The Brain
Maria Bamford Julia, Julia (AI)
Chris Diamantopoulos Josh Polar
John DiMaggio Narrator
Toks Olagundoye Announcer


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External Links

  • YouTube playlist of Lisa Vandenberg's storyboards for "All's Fair in Love and Door", which includes deleted scenes and dialogue.

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