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Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter/Broadcast Nuisance/Raging Bird is the 41st episode of the original Animaniacs. It originally aired on November 15, 1993.

Newsreel of the Stars


Animation by Tokyo Movie Shinsha Co., Ltd.

Theme Song


Last line

Dot: Here's the show's name-y...

Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter


Animation by StarToons


Slappy stars in this parody of advertisements for Milk, whose slogan at the time was "It does a body good."


Slappy breaks the 4th wall, by throwing a bomb at the announcer.

Broadcast Nuisance


Animation by StarToons


The Warners act as delivery people from "Sam 'n' Ella's Coffee Shop" to deliver a sandwich for noted news anchor Dan Anchorman. However, Dan doesn't even get his sandwich (as it is eaten by Dot) and refuses to tip them, and they end up tormenting him throughout his broadcast.




  • This episode went through many, many changes through its airings. For one, the anchorman's name was originally Slam Fondlesome, but was later changed to Dan Anchorman, as the surname was considered somewhat suggestive. Additionally, Steven Spielberg was not keen to the amount of violence the Warners were exacting upon Fondlesome, so a large portion of violence was cut for reruns, including a scene where Fondlesome is electrocuted, and a cameo by Slappy Squirrel. In addition, some dialogue had to be redubbed, including Yakko's scene as William F. Yakkley (a parody of William F. Buckley) and what followed. The re-aired version appears on the DVD releases and on Hulu, but occasionally airs internationally.
    • A break-down of the deleted scenes can be viewed here.
    • In addition, the deleted scenes can be viewed in the gallery below
  • Slam Fondlesome is a parody of newsman Sam Donaldson. Doo-anne Sewer is a parody of Dianne Sawyer. Wolf Spritzer is a parody of Wolf Blitzer.
  • When the Warners change the channel on the news, Fondlesome finds himself in parodies of Gilligan's Island, Godzilla, and the WWF.
  • The Warners' last line is a reference to Dennis Miller's closing on Weekend Update on SNL.
  • At the end of the WB Boys' song, Dot says, "We're Beatrice," which was the tagline of Beatrice Foods.
  • Clips from this segment would later be used in Cartoon Network's rendition of the "Introducing the Warners" song in a promo.
  • Wakko says, "Ground control to Major Tom, commencing countdown engines on," which is a lyric to "Space Oddity" by David Bowie.

Deleted Scenes


Yakko: Dan Anchorman is a picky pickle eater!
Dot: Try saying that five times fast.
Spritzer: Picky pickle pick... picky pick... pick...
Dot: You won't do very well on CNN.
Slam: I will not have this broadcast interupted by a bunch of little kids!
Yakko: We protest you calling us little kids! We prefer to be called "vertically impaired pre-adults".

Good Idea, Bad Idea


Good Idea: Having breakfast served to you in bed.

Bad Idea: Having tennis balls served to you in bed.

Raging Bird


Animation by Akom Film Production


The Goodfeathers star in a parody of Raging Bull, with Bobby, naturally, in the Robert DeNiro role.



  • This is the first Goodfeathers cartoon to feature the Goodfeathers intro.
  • Squit saying that Bobby "could have been a contender" is a reference to the iconic quote from the Marlon Brando film On the Waterfront.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Goodfeathers theme song, which is a parody of the Dean Martin song, "That's Amoré".
  • Wakko makes a cameo appearance after Pesto calls Bobby a wacko. A similar gag would later be used for an episode of Freakazoid.
  • The character of Max is a parody of Burgess Meredith's character from Rocky. Additionally, Prettyboy Robin is a parody of Rocky Balboa himself. This is made clear when he falls to pieces and yells, "Yo, Adrian!" A caricature of the Italian Stallion himself is seen doing his run up the stairs in a parody of the scene from the first film.
  • First appearance of Lana, Bobby's girlfriend. The other Girlfeathers, Sasha and Kiki, would be introduced later in "Girlfeathers".

Good Idea, Bad Idea


Good Idea: Whistling while you work.

Bad Idea: Whistling while you eat.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Yakko Warner, Wolf Spritzer
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner, Skipper
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner, Duanne Sewer
Phil Hartman Dan Anchorman/Slam Fondlesome
Maurice LaMarche Squit, Max, Prettyboy Robin, Gilligan
John Mariano Bobby
Chick Vennera Pesto, The Godpigeon
Gail Matthius Lana
Sherri Stoner Slappy Squirrel
Tom Bodett Announcer
Frank Welker Narrator


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