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A Pinky and the Brain Halloween is the 17th episode of the third season of the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series and the 42nd episode overall. It originally aired on October 19, 1997.

This episode serves as the show's Halloween Special, and is the second overall holiday special in this series (following "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas").

Additionally, it is the fifth overall Halloween episode in the Animaniacs franchise.

A Pinky and the Brain Halloween[]

A Pinky and the Brain Halloween title

Animation by Rough Draft
Title sequence by Rusty Mills


After a disastrous failure in an attempt to brainwash all children in Halloween, an extremely frustrated Brain mentions having to sell his own soul to take over the world, unwittingly summoning a supernatural "Proprietor of Wayword Souls" named Mr. Itch. While Brain resists his desire to be helped by the devil, Pinky sells his own soul so that Brain can take over the world. With all humans, as well as archenemy-turned-jester Snowball at his disposal, Brain has to decide whether to rescue Pinky from Hades or enjoy his dictatorship.



  • This was the first "new" episode of the series to premiere in the WB network's primetime schedule since episode 13. It is also the last to do so.
  • At the beginning, one of the trick-or-treating kids is dressed as Fred Flintstone. There is also a glimpse of kids costumed as the Warner Siblings (making this episode the only instance the Warners appear referenced/animated by Rough Draft in some capacity).
  • The street seen in the beginning is "Tingblad Dr.", a nod to series director Kirk Tingblad.
  • The trick-or-treater who laments that he "got a bowl of soup" is wearing the same kind of ghost costume that Charlie Brown wore in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  • Brain's reaction to Pinky spilling chocolate on his transmitters ("No! Pinky, you got chocolate in my Jack-o-lantronic transmitter!") and Pinky's response ("You got Jack-o-lantronic transmitter in my chocolate!") is a reference to an old advertising campaign for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  • At one point, Brain decided to put his ambitions for world domination aside in favor of pursuing his passion for rhythmic gymnastics. Sadly, he was unable to perform in the competitive level because he did not meet the height requirement.
  • A major renovation of Acme Labs occurs once Brain becomes the leader of the world, turning it into "Acme Castle."
  • Brain almost said the word "Hell" when he arrives at Hades: "...What am I celebrating, I'm in He-EEEEEYYYYAAAHH!!!" On Hulu's subtitles, the full text of the word is shown.
  • The rhythmic gymnastics tournament is held at Mile Down Stadium, which is a parody of Mile High Stadium.
  • When Pinky is in Hades, Brain constantly excuses his rescuing Pinky as asking for help to find the food pellets. However, both of them are clearly in tears when it is apparent they will never see each other again.
  • Brain ends his "try to take over the world" portion of the end exchange with the line "without supernatural assistance".
  • Mr. Itch's minions sung the ending chorus, replacing the last four "Brains" with Pinky's catchphrases ("Narf," "Zort," "Troz," and "Poit", except for "Egad"), followed by Mr. Itch himself shouting "Stop that!".
  • Interestingly, Jeff Bennett is credited for voicing Baloney the Dinosaur in this episode, despite the fact that Baloney is nowhere to be seen.


Production Art[]


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Pinky, Additional Voices
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, Additional Voices
Tress MacNeille Greta
Roddy McDowall Snowball
Garry Marshall Mr. Itch
Jeff Bennett Jerry Spensive
Billy West Receptionist
John Tesh Himself

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