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Brain's Night Off/Beach Blanket Brain is the 27th episode of the 3rd season of the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series and the 52nd episode overall. It originally aired on February 21, 1998. Both cartoons in this episode were animated by Wang.

Brain's Night Off[]

Brain's night off title


A relaxing night off for Pinky and the Brain goes horribly wrong when Brain finds he doesn't know how to have fun. As Brain dwells on how he is unable to have fun, he misses that the public is actually rooting for him on the one night he isn't trying to take over the world!



  • Brain's night off is on April 22nd, which is ironically the same day as Earth Day.
  • The Animaniacs-era Pinky and the Brain title card music returns for the final time to serve as this cartoon's title card theme.
  • The toy retailer that Pinky and the Brain visit, "Toyz B We", is a parody of the toy retailer Toys R Us.
  • The owner of the toy store calls Brain "Trotsky," a nod to Russian Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.
  • This cartoon reveals that the public would actually be supportive of Brain if he took over the world. Ironically, he is unaware of this as this is the one night he isn’t trying to take over the world and leaves before he can see the praise he received.

Beach Blanket Brain[]

Beach blanket brain title


In 1960s Malibu, Pinky and the Brain join a gang of surf-crazy teens. This is, of course, all a ploy for Brain to gain their loyalty and give them his hypnotic sunscreen to build an army. During his plan, Brain feuds with the leader of the gang, Cranky, and wins the affection of his girlfriend Danette. The plan becomes riskier when Cranky challenges him to a contest of "Surf Chicken," which involves surfing treacherous waves over skeleton rock. Meanwhile, Pinky is on the lookout for sea-chimpanzees.


  • Written by Wendell Morris and Tom Sheppard
  • Directed by Kirk Tingblad



  • The title of this cartoon is a parody of the movie Beach Blanket Bingo.
  • Brain's alias, Brain Doggie, is a parody of Moondoggie, a character from the film Gidget. Pinky later calls Brain 'Kahuna' during the "what are we gonna do tomorrow night?" exchange, which is another character from the movie.
  • Big McGarrity and Daddy-O are parodies of Steve McGarrett and Danny "Danno" Williams of Hawaii Five-O fame. The line "Book 'Em Daddy-O" is also a nod to a Five-O catchphrase, "Book 'Em Danno."
  • The Big McGarrity's Restaurant is also a parody of the Big Boy restaurants.
  • The "Pickleberry Pooch" character on Pinky's comic is a parody of Huckleberry Hound, with some additional design cues from Yogi Bear.
  • Danette Spoonabello is a parody of Annette Funicello. Cranky Spamalon is a parody of Frankie Avalon. Both actors starred in Beach Blanket Bingo and most of the Beach Party film series.
  • Dodohead is a parody of the character Bonehead from Beach Blanket Bingo, and he even wears a similar bucket hat.
  • Brain's hypnotic sunscreen, Brain de Soleil, is a parody of Bain de Soleil sunscreen. When Cranky discovers the sunscreen bottle he decides to turn it into a hair cream and form Cranky's Hair Helmet Club for Men, which is a reference to HairClub for Men.
  • The song "Brain Doggie Mambo" was nominated for Outstanding Original Song at the 26th Daytime Emmy Awards in 1999.
  • A scene where Brain was saved by Sea-Chimpanzees was cut from the final cartoon. Storyboards by Keith Tucker of the scene have surfaced, which can be viewed in the gallery below and on his blog. [1] Despite being cut, Brain still alludes to it in the finished cartoon.
  • The ending chorus is sung in a surf rock rendition and Pinky and the Brain's names were replaced with "Pink Daddy and the Brain Doggie" respectively.
  • Issue #12 of the Pinky and the Brain comic series had a story also called “Beach Blanket Brain.” The premise of the comic is similar to the episode since it involves Brain becoming a part of a group of surfing teens. However, the comic also features a different plan for world domination along with new characters and a completely different ending where we see the mice back in the lab. The comic was also released in June of 1997 while the episode debuted in February of 1998. This means that the episode was adapted from the comic and not the other way around.

Deleted Scene Storyboards[]


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Pinky, Cranky, Additional Voices
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, Toyz B We Boss, Anchor, Additional Voices
Billy West Dodohead
Julie Brown Danette Spoonabello
Tony Pope Waiter
Candi Milo Claire, Additional Voices
Michael David Donovan Maitre'D
Larry Cedar Chef

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  1. Keith Tucker - "Beach Blanket Brain-pg-051." Published February 14, 2014.

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