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(Warner Brothers logo, Bugs Bunny eats carrot)

Theme song[]


*Yakko, Wakko and Dot:

(Pop out of water tower)

It's time for Animaniacs

(Jump out, bounce)

And we're zany to the max

(Otto is in chair, Dot tickles his foot with feather, he laughs and Yakko forces Otto into floor)

So just sit back and relax.

You'll laugh till you collapse.

(Back to title logo)

We're Animaniacs!

*Yakko and Wakko:

(Walking on set)

Come join the Warner Brothers


And the Warner Sister Dot

*Yakko, Wakko and Dot:

Just for fun, we run around the Warner movie lot.

(Ralph chases with net)

They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught.

(Ralph catches with net, Warners in water tower, but appear out of Ralph’s hat)

But we break loose and then vamoose and now you know the plot.

(Title theme)

We're Animaniacs

(Dot on stage acting, Yakko jokes with yak putting face in dish)

Dot is cute and Yakko yaks.

(Wakko eats huge amount of various foods, standing on table, delivered by truck)

Wakko packs away the snacks

(Bill Clinton plays sax, Dot holds onto his back, Warner Brothers surround.)

While Bill Clinton plays the sax

We're Animaniacs

(Yakko uses xylophone on heads of the cast, cut to Pinky and The Brain on a market Earth with a magnet, which pulls Saturn towards them)

Meet Pinky and the Brain who want to rule the universe.

(Squit hugs other Goodfeathers, Slappy hits with purse)

Goodfeathers flock together, Slappy whacks them with her purse.

(Buttons chases mindy on steel beam, then Runt appears with Rita on his head.)

Buttons chases Mindy, while Rita sings a verse.

(Writers have strings, Wakko eats script)

The writers flipped, We have no script, Why bother to rehearse?


(Regular stars of more than 2 episodes walk together)

We're Animaniacs

(Pull out contracts)

We have pay-or-play contracts

(Warners have stretchy necks, surround Wakko’s head with their heads.)

We're zany to the max

(Dot drops meat into Yakko’s pants, which are held by Wakko, under Dot.)

There's baloney in our slacks!

(All use hand gestures)

We're Animanie-

Totally insane-y


(Pinky and The Brain under spotlight, Pinky looks enthusiastic)

Pinky and The Brain-y


Animaniacs! Those are the facts!

Ups And Downs[]

(9:28 AM on screen)

(Fade in shot of the WB building, Otto pushes the button to call the elevator.)

*Wakko: (Tugging on his ears) Candy, candy. Candy, candy, candy.

(Ding, elevator opens, both walk inside)

*Wakko: How come Mr. Plotz wants to see me?

*Otto: You ate his conference table, Wakko.

*Wakko: I was hungry!

(Elevator closes with both inside. Elevator level shown changing. Otto brushes a piece of lint off his shoulder, Wakko copies him. Otto folds his arms concerned, Wakko follows suit. Otto looks up, and again Wakko copies him.)

*Otto: (Irritated) Ahem.

*Wakko: Ahem!

(Otto sniffs, and Wakko copies him.)

*Otto: (Looks at Wakko, then pulls sleeve and looks at watch) Oh, my, my, my, my.

*Wakko: (Looks at his wrist without watch) Oh, my, my, my, my.

*Otto:  Stop doing everything I doos!

(The elevator grinds to a halt, lights flicker and things beep, then a crash happens.)

*Otto: What happened?

*Wakko:  We stopped.

*Otto: Oh no... (Presses button, concerned) I think we are stucks. (Gasps) But, our meeting with Mr. Plotz!

*Wakko: (Joyful) I bet it's just for a second.

*Otto: (Relieved) Ya, ya... you probably right, huh. We wait.

(Long pause. Both of them just stare at the elevator doors.)

*Wakko: ("Colin"-esque) Okay, see... one time, okay, one time Randy Beaman's grand-parents got stuck in an elevator... and they were in there so long, they became skeleton people. (Smiles with tongue sticking out)

*Otto: (Gulps, changes expression from worried to confident.) Okay, come on mr. Elevator, time to move. (Frantically presses buttons) Let's go, come on.

*Wakko: Maybe we should call for help...

*Otto: (Excited) Ya, good idea. (Calls out) Help! Help! HELP! (Wakko taps him on the shoulder) Vhat?

*Wakko: I meant on the intercom... (points)

*Otto: I knew that... Let's see now... (Pushes the button) Ahem... hello? I'm in an elevator not going anywhere. Is... is someone there? Hello? Anyone?

*Goyt: (From the intercom) Warner Brothers Maintenance Depart -

(Otto looks ecstatic for a second)

*Goyt: Hold on a sec... Hit it with a hammer, Big Ed! No, the hammer... That's a wrench, that long thingy's a hammer... (Clears throat, to Otto) Sorry about that. This is Goyt Firman. What can I do ya' for?

*Otto: Ya, hello. We are stuck in an elevator and we are late for an appointment with Mr. Plotz.

*Goyt: Ooh... that's bad... Okay, you sit tight and we'll get ya' out in a minute.

*Otto: (Sighs, sits down, breathes) Now, let's just sit quiety and wait for zem to come, ya?

(Wakko backs up and sits down against the wall. Otto looks drained. Camera pans across to Wakko, who's watching Otto, bemused. Wakko waves, and Otto gives a polite, brief smile back.)

*Wakko: (Sighs and sinks his face into his hands. Suddenly, he brightens up and grins at Otto) Wanna sing songs?

*Otto: No! No songs. Absolutely no songs!

(11:57 PM on screen)

(Wakko and Otto are singing and dancing in the elevator. Both look carefree.)


Old MacDonald had a farm. E.I.E.I.O!

With a quack, quack here;

And a quack, quack there.

Here a quack, there a quack,

Everywhere a quack, quack.

Old MacDonald had a farm. E.I.E.I.O!

(Otto falters at the end, as if he had a realisation. 2:34 PM on screen. Same as previous scene, but Otto looks even less enthusiastic, and has actually slowed down a little.


Camp town racers sing this song. Doo dah, doo dah.

Camp town race is five miles long. Oh, the doo dah day.

(Wakko dances at same pace as before, Otto has bad posture, looks tired.)

(7:43 PM on screen. Otto is sat on the floor, with his head against the wall, looking up. Wakko does an unusual dance where he spreads his arms outwards, hands facing down, rotating periodically, bending his back forwards.)


Chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks and

Chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks. Chop chop!

(Wakko jumps in time with 'Chop chop' and it wakes Otto, who looks angrily, woken up)

Chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks and

Chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks. Chop chop!

*Otto: Enough with the Chopsticks! No more Chopsticks! (Breathes quickly, calms down) Please, Wakko, I beg you, just sit down.

*Wakko: (Happy) Okay! (Falls onto the floor with his legs crossed)

*Otto: (Into the intercom, pushes button) Hello? ANYONE!

*Goyt: Ed, drop the saw and get the hammer. That's a plunger! (To Otto:) Ahem. Warner Brothers Maintenance.

*Otto: (Glad) Ya, hello? We are still in here.

*Goyt: Yes sir, we're workin' on it. Hold on.

(Otto sighs and sinks to the floor again.)

*Wakko: (Bounces on the floor) Hey, you wanna hear a joke?

*Otto: (irritated) No. I don't like zee jokes, Wakko!

*Wakko: Not even a knock-knock joke?

*Otto: No!

*Wakko: (Slinks to the floor, rests his chin in his hands and looks a little rejected... then after a pause, he slyly looks over to Otto) It's reeeeally funny...

*Otto: Oh, all right, fine. One joke.

*Wakko: (Excited) Knock knock!

*Otto: (Unenthused) Who's there?

*Wakko: Max.

*Otto: Max who?

*Wakko: Max wants to come in and go crazy!

(Longish pause while Wakko looks at Otto expectantly, and Otto blankly looks back)

*Otto: Well, okay, now... that's not really a joke, is it? You see, because it makes no sense.

*Wakko: It does if you know Max.

*Otto: But I don't KNOW Max!

*Wakko: If you did, you'd be laaaaughing! (Slaps his thigh)

*Otto: Gkk! Grr... (Goes to the intercom) Get me out of here!

*Goyt: You still in there? It was our indication that you got out.

*Otto: (Trying to remain calm) Oh, really. What... gave you that indication?

*Goyt: That's... just an indication we had...

*Otto: Now you listen to me, you little corporate lacky. I have been stuck in an elevator for ten hours, with a little boy... (Wakko looks proud with tongue out) telling me jokes... and I am nauseous as well. Now, DO SOMETHING!

*Goyt: Okay, first thing: don't panic. Second thing: don't throw up. Come on Ed, bring the hammer. (Wakko and Otto look hopeful)... That's my leg! (Wakko and Otto's faces drop)

*Otto: We are doomed... Wakko! You have got to get us out of here! Do something silly and weird... One of your big... silly... weird things!

*Wakko: Huh?

*Otto: You know! Something big and silly from your gaggy bag!

*Wakko: I didn't bring it...

*Otto: (Inspects Wakko’s hat) But you always has your gaggy bag! Where is it?! (Shakes Wakko) Give me your gaggy bag!

(There is a banging sound, and the elevator shakes)

*Otto: (Drops Wakko and runs to the intercom) Hello?!! There's a banging in here...

*Goyt: That's Big Ed jumpin' up and down on the elevator.

*Big Ed: I think it's stuck!

*Goyt: Yeah, tell ya' what... we're gonna raise the elevator up to the eighteenth floor and drop it REAL quick.

*Otto: (Concerned) Is that safe?

*Goyt: Dunno, never tried it... Ed likes the idea though. Don’t’cha Big Ed?!

*Big Ed: Eeee, howdy!

*Goyt: Hold on in there, and... don't throw up.

(The elevator starts accelerating, motor sound)

*Wakko: Weeeee!

*Otto: Argh!

(Wakko and Otto get thrown against the ceiling because of the force)

*Wakko: Faster! Faster!

*Otto: No... nooooooo! (The elevator stops abruptedly and they get thrown to the floor, Otto turns green)

*Wakko: I wanna do that again!

*Goyt: Hey, in the elevator? We're gonna go up and down a coupla times, super quick. Go Ed!

(Wakko and Otto are thrown up and down in the elevator 6 times. On the last time, Otto crashes face-down onto the floor, while Wakko bounces happily back to earth, with tongue out.)

*Goyt: Hey, in the elevator? Ed wants to jump up and down on it again. Go Ed!

(Wakko and Otto get thrown up and down another 3 times. Otto lands in a crumpled heap on the floor... but Wakko seems happy enough, panting with a smile on his face. )

*Goyt: Hey, in the elevator? Guess what? Big Ed's guardd got it unstuck. We're gonna lower ya' gently to the first floor... Go Ed!

(The elevator takes off at high-speed, and Wakko and Otto find themselves once again, being thrown to the ceiling, and then crashing to the floor. Otto lands on his back, and looks drained, while Wakko lands on his feet, and walks over to Dr. Scratchansniff)

*Wakko: Wasn't that neat?!!

*Otto: (Pained) I want to go home...

*Goyt: (Again from the intercom) Hey, in the elevator? The doors are stuck, so we're gonna hafta use the jaws-of-life...

(Otto picks himself up, and Wakko excitedly looks towards the doors. The doors are prised open, and Goyt with Big Ed joins them in the elevator.)

*Goyt: You must be the people stuck in the elevator...

(Big Ed jogs in, and knocks the jaws-of-life with his foot, snapping the doors shut again. Thus trapping all four of them in the elevator)

*Goyt: Uh-oh... That wasn't very smart of us, was it? Well, looks like we're stuck ‘till the next shift.

(Scene begins to pan out, passing backwards through the pictures of the Warner Brothers Building)

*Otto: Ulp!

*Goyt: Say, you guys wanna hear a joke? Knock knock...

*Wakko: (Excited) Who's there?

*Goyt: Max.

*Otto: Help! Heeelp! Get me out of here! He-heeeeeeellllpp!

(Fade out)

The Brave Little Trailer[]

(Book opens, screen goes into picture of book, saying Mid-west trailer-park, lightning)

*Narrator: And now, the story of the Brave Little Trailer. There was a little trailer who lived in a court,

(Tornado comes and picks up BLT)

*Narrator (from Nighty-Night Toon): That got trashed by tornadoes whose tempers were short. The losers got fed to the monster next door - A steam shovel who loved to eat trailers galore.

(BLT comes out of rubble, sees shovel eating trailers)

*Narrator: But the Brave Little Trailer ducked out of the way, (shows BLT escaping) and lived to fight twisters on some other day. And so this is what the Brave Little Trailer would say:

*BLT: Those cyclones may think that I'm weaker and frailer, but they'll never smoosh me; I'm a smart little trailer. (Gasps, seeing tornado, runs away.)

*Narrator: For no matter how big or how long or how scary, no twister could touch him.

*BLT: (Escapes) I'm simply too wary.

*Narrator: So the years came and went, and, with them, much thunder. But, where tornadoes failed, time had stepped in to plunder.

(Thunder rings, shows new trailers sternly staring at BLT)

*Narrator: The Brave Little Trailer was older, and dusty.

*BLT: My wheels are worn out and my axle is rusty.

*Narrator: The new trailers had high-tech features and polish,

*BLT: Which you know the next twister is gonna demolish.

(Trailers sternly look at BLT)

*Narrator: His neighbors, all newer, more modern and sleeker, said:

*N1: This guy's making our neighborhood weaker.

*N2: Why, he's driving down values and looks totally spent.

*N3: The scrap heap is where he ought to be sent.

*Narrator: So, for the Brave Little Trailer, that was a wrap. He was sent to the junkyard, and there sold for scrap. The steam shovel licked its steel chops with glee, at the sight of its dinner.

*BLT: The main course is me. (Gasps, tornado comes)

*Narrator: When, all of a sudden, ripping down from the sky, came the mother of cyclones,

*BLT:  Stopping by to say hi.

*Narrator: The high-tech trailers shut their windows all tight, and stood there unmoving - an arrogant sight.

*N1: With our new weather radar, there is no delay, ascertaining that doom is now heading this way.

*Narrator: Indeed, this was our hero's big moment of truth.

*BLT: Too bad that I'm here and not in Duluth.

*Narrator: But now the Brave Little Trailer had his craftiest plot.

(Shovel drools)

*BLT: Frankly, I was thinking of just crying a lot.

*Narrator: But instead, he slapped the shovel square in the face,

(BLT sends rubble after slapping. Shovel starts chasing, going past the other trailers.)

*Narrator: Which sent the two rivals into a chase. Our hero moved swiftly, avoiding the clench…

*BLT: Of the shovel, who angrily dug a deep trench.

*Narrator: Soon, the steam shovel's trench became a big crater.

*BLT: Pay attention to this; there's a quiz on it later.

*Narrator: And now our small old hero led the chase under ground,

(BLT and Shovel go underground, dirt displaced)

*Narrator: Where all you could hear was a fierce crunching sound.

(Trailers tear up)

*Narrator: Then, suddenly, up into view from below, popped our own Little Trailer.

*BLT: That shovel's a schmoe.

(Shovel appears from under ground, BLT raspberries and Shovel gasps.)

*Narrator: He lept in the air to taunt the big bruiser, and the thug took the bait, to wind up the loser,

(Tornado gets shovel)

*Narrator: In a squareoff that pulled him into the funnel,

*BLT: And there's no light at the end of that tunnel!

(Tornado hits barn, leaving Shovel stuck in a pair of doors)

*Narrator: The steam shovel flew, then fell all apart, and everyone knew:

*BLT: Now that's gonna smart.

*Narrator: Now half of the twister's foul work was all done, but what's this? That little guy spoiled all his fun.

*Tornado: Hold it, pipsqueak!

(BLT pulls Trailers into cave, pushes the last one in.)

*Narrator: The cyclone did bellow, and things sure looked bleak for our poor little fellow. But the trailer worked quickly, and, without delay, he pushed all his neighbors right out of harm's way. Then our hero called up, from his simple dirt dome:

*BLT: Ah, go chase your tail! There's no place like home (relieved).

*Narrator: The big twister bounded, as all cyclones do,

*BLT: But under ground's the one place those guys can't get to.

*Narrator: The new, high-tech trailers were now safe from the wrath , of the twister, who dropped all it had in its path

(Tornado loses objects, gets smaller)

*Narrator: 'Till it played out its rage, and wore down to a level, where our hero stomped out the annoying dust devil.

*BLT: You can call me a wise guy, a cranky old grump, but when it comes to tornadoes -- heh! - I'm no-body's chump.

(Trailers applause, and praise BLT, indistinctly)

*BLT (old): And that's a story all little trailers should know.

*LTs: Goodnight, Gramps!

*BLT: Goodnight, kids. Now I gotta go. Up to the roof. It's a quarter to nine - time for an old pal to turn on my sign.

(Shovel turns on sign to Little Trailer’s Tornado-Proof Trailer Park)

*BLT: We two are old friends now. We share in the work. But I don't pay him much, 'cause he's still a big jerk.

(Shovel chases BLT)

Pinky and The Brain Intro[]


(Pinky runs on wheel)

*Pinky: Gee Brain, whaddaya wanna do tonight?

*Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.


They're Pinky and The Brain

(Brain unlocks cage.)

They're Pinky and The Brain

(The Brain writes the theory of everything, Pinky jumps around in straightjacket.)

One is a genius, the other's insane.

To prove their mousey worth,

(Both get zapped)

They'll overthrow the Earth.

They're dinky, they're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, brain, brain, brain.

Yes, Always[]

(Artist flips pictures of Yakko)

*Narrator: And now, we visit the Warner Brothers animation studio,

(Said artist paints picture of nature)

*Narrator: For another segment in our almost nonexsistant series,

(Artist sorts pictures of Yakko, whose mouth is stretched comically)

*Narrator: on the making of cartoons. Today, voice recording. Here, in a recording studio, actors must occasionally replace lines and add new ones while they watch the action on the screen.

(Ralph chases Warners, Pinky and The Brain appear)

*Narrator: In this case, The Brain has been brought back to replace some dialogue.

(Door opens, 3 people seen.)

*Pinky: We’re here. Narf! Ha ha ha…

*Man 1: Brain, you’re here. (Looks at watch) Great, and only 45 minutes late today.

*Brain: You, leave.

*Man 1: But… Brain, I-I’m the producer.

*Brain: Then leave very quickly.

(All 3 people look at each other.)

*Brain: You as well, go.

*Man 2: (Chuckling) Come on Brain, I write all your best material.

*Brain: Shakespeare wrote all my best material. You write drivel unfit for a lightbulb commercial.

(Pinky nods, both walk together)

*Brain: You two, leave. Go, out.

*Woman 1: Brain, I am the director.

(Brain and Pinky stand under rope.)

*Brain: You were the director. Pinky will direct this session.

(Pinky bows)

*Woman 1: But…

(Pinky climbs up rope)

*Brain: I take direction from one person under protest. But from two, I don’t sit still. Now go!

*Woman 1: I can’t believe that guy.

(3 people leave)

*Woman 1: I Taft-Hartley'd him on his first job!

*Brain: I heard that.

(Control board seen, Pinky walks on it)

*Pinky: Hi Harry

*Harry: Hi

(Brain climbs up stool with microphone, lays down cushion. Pinky goes up to microphone, jumps up to lower it, and presses button, which glows yellow.)

*Pinky: Ready to go, Brain?

*Brain: Yes.

*Pinky: Okay, we’re going to run the picture, and you read the copy.

(Brain nods)

*Pinky: Animaniacs 406-859 take 1.

(Screen counts from 2 to 1, Picture Start on screen, beeping every time the screen changes. Screen displays images, described by Brain, snowy image first.)

*Brain: We know a remote farm in Lincolnshire, where mrs. Buckley lives. Every July, peas grow there. (To Pinky) You really mean that?

*Pinky: (Presses same button) Uh, yah, but if you could start a half-second later.

*Brain: Don’t you think you really wanna say July over the snow, isn’t that the fun of it? I think it’s so nice that you see… a snow covered field and say “Every July, peas grow there.”

*Pinky: (Clicks button) Umm…

*Brain: We’re talking about ‘em growing and she’s picked ‘em.

*Pinky: (Clicks button) Well, we want to be out of that snowy field.

*Brain: But I was out. We were onto a can of peas, a big… dish of peas when I said “in July”

*Pinky: (Clicks button) Oh, sorry.

*Brain: Yes, always. I’m always p-past that.

*Pinky: (Clicks button) You are?

*Brain: Yes.

*Pinky: (Clicks button, video) Um… can you emphasize a bit IN, in July?

*Brain: (Visible only) Why? That doesn’t make any sense. Sorry, there’s no known way of saying an English sentence in which you… begin a sentence with in and emphasize it. Get me a jury and show me how you can say “IN July”, and I’ll… make cheese for ya. That’s just idiotic if you’ll forgive my saying so that’s just stupid. IN July. Impossible! Meaningless! (Thumps, sits on ground)

*Pinky: (Visible) I was just thinking that-

*Brain: (Visible with Pinky) You aren’t thinking.

*Man 3: (Taps mic, presses button, visible with Pinky, sits at control panel) Brain, it was my fault. I said “In July” if you could leave every July.

(All 3 are visible)

*Brain: You didn’t say it, he said it. (Visible only) Your friend. Too much directing around here.

*Pinky: (Visible only) Alright, why don’t we move on. (Visible with Brain) Um, Animaniacs 406-859 ta-ke 2.

(Screen counts from 3 to 1, shows rocks next to large water body, occasionally, fish jump. Brain visible only.)

*Brain: We know a certain Fjord in Norway. Near where the cod gather in great shoals.

(Old man on screen, fishing)

*Brain: There, Yatzed, St-St-Stanglighed. Shoot.

*Pinky: Um, (visible only, presses button) A fraction more on that show’s thing, Brain. (spins hand around wrist) Because you roll it around there very nicely.

(Brain and Pinky visible)

*Brain: Yes, roll it ‘round and I have no more time. (Visible only) You don't know what I'm up against; this is a very wearying one, it's unpleasant to read. Unrewarding (rubs head).

(All 3 visible)

*Pinky: Let’s just move on, next cue.

*Brain: (Visible only) Here under protest is beef burgers (points hand, as if holding something).

(Screen counts from 3 to 1, Brain watches Cows on screen, on grass.)

*Brain: We know a little place in the American far west, where Charlie Briggs chops up the finest prairie-fed beef and tastes- this is a lot of tripe, you know that.

(Man 3 shrugs, visible with Pinky)

*Brain: You want 1 more?

*Man 3: (Clicks button) We do, actually.

*Pinky: And you missed the first beef, actually, completely.

(Brain and Pinky visible)

*Brain: What do you mean, missed it?

*Pinky: (Visible only, foot on button) You’re emphasizing “prairie-fed.”

*Brain: (Visible only, uses hand gestures.) But you can’t emphasize beef, that’s like wanting me to emphasize “in” before July. (Raises right foot, waves hands up and down) Come on fellas, you’re losing your heads! (Crosses arms)

*Pinky: (Clicks button) Sorry.

*Brain: I wouldn’t direct any living actor like this in Shakespeare, the way you do this, it’s impossible! (Turns back away)

*Pinky: (Clicks button) Well, you did the first 6 lines, and-

*Brain: (Close up shot, turns around to face camera) The right reading for this is the one I’m giving it.

*Pinky: (Medium shot of Pinky next to Man 3’s face) At the moment.

*Brain: I heard that.

(Pinky panics, then looks down, his foot is still on the button. He gets his foot of, nervously grins and chuckles.)

*Brain: (Visible only, medium shot. Brain seems frustrated, tail zigzagged) You’re such pests. Now what is it you want? (Ears curl down) In your depths of your ignorance, what is it you want? (Ears curl back up) Whatever it is you want I can’t deliver because I just don’t see it (shakes head).

*Man: (Visible with Pinky, medium-close up shot) That was absolutely fine. It really was. Now, could we just have one more go, Brain. Please, sorry?

*Brain: (Visible only, medium shot) Why? I just did it right. Look, I’m not used to having more than one person in there, one more word from you, and you go, is that clear? (Points hand)

(Medium shot of Man 3 next to Pinky)

*Man 3: (Calm) Yes, sir.

*Brain: (Visible only, medium shot) Who the heck are you, anyway?

*Man 3: (Clicks button) I’m the engineer.

*Brain: Why are you asking me for another one?

(All 3 visible, medium-close up shot of the back of Brain’s head)

*Man 3: Well, I thought there was a slight gonk.

*Brain: (Visible only, medium shot) Jimmony. (Feels head) What is a gonk, do you mind telling me what that is, please?

*Pinky: (Visible only, medium shot. Pinky has foot on button) Well, it’s like a NARF, but from outside.

*Brain: (Visible only, medium shot, with water cup, ears curl down and left hand on head) Like a narf, but from outside. (Drinks water, ears curl up)

(All 3 visible, medium-close up shot of the back of Brain’s head. Pinky clicks button.)

*Pinky: So, can we just have 1 more go, Brain)

*Brain: (Visible only, medium shot) No. Absolutely not. There’s no money in the world with this kind of aggravation. (Long shot of Brain jumping off chair, walking on floor carrying seat.) If you want this done, you’ll just have to find some actor who does… impressions. (Opens door) Good luck and good day.

(Many mice that look like The Brain visible)

*Woman 2: Alrighty, all here to audition for the part of The Brain

*Mice: (In perfect unison) Yes, always

(Long shot of Brain visible. Brain panics, closes door and races back up chair, grins.)

*Brain: (Grins, clears throat) On second thought, fellas, let’s… try it again, shall we?

(All 3 visible, medium-close up shot of the back of Brain’s head. Pinky clicks button.)

*Pinky: Right-o, Brain.

*Brain: (Long shot visible, analog clock visible, approximately 5:40) But Pinky, remember, we must be finished by 6.

*Pinky: (Long shot visible, clicks button) Why Brain, what are we gonna do tonight?

*Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.

(Recording studio visible)


They’re dinky, They’re Pinky and The Brain, brain, brain, brain, brain.


(Animaniacs theme instrumental, credits)

*Warners: (Open water tower’s door) Ciaoabunga! (Door closed)

(Fade out, logos.)