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Theme Song[]


*Yakko, Wakko and Dot:

Voici l'heure des Animaniacs

On a disjoncté un max

Soyez cool, soyez relax

Sur le rire pas de taxe

On est les Animaniacs

*Yakko and Wakko:

Nous c'est Yakko et Wakko


Je suis Dot leur petite sœur

*Yakko, Wakko and Dot:

Pour égayer le studio on a joué les agitateurs

Comme ça n'a pas beaucoup plu

Ils ont bouclé les Warners

On s'est enfui et nous voici pour votre plus grand bonheur

On est les Animaniacs

Dot vous charme ; Yakko s'éclate

Wakko est super-vorace

Et Bill Clinton joue du sax'

On est les Animaniacs

Y'a Minus et Cortex

Qui veulent diriger l'Univers

Les pigeons font du zèle

Rififi pique une crise de nerfs

Toubeau poursuit Mindy

Rita déclame des vers

Les auteurs flippent, on jette leur scripts et ça les désespère


On est les Animaniacs

On a signé des contrats

Nos folies vous désaxent

Suivez nous pour faire des frasques

Les Animani

Qui sèment la zizanie


Qui ont des drôles de manies


An-I-Man-I-Acs! On s'marre un max!


(A village is shown with mountains in the background. Music plays. The Warners are all wearing German clothing.)

*Yakko: Hi everybody! We’re here in Germany today to learn the international friendship song! And here to teach us is our good friend Professor Otto von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer!

*Otto: Welcome! It’s a good day in the neighborhood, ja? Now, let’s do ze international friendship song, ja.

*Warners: Ja!

(song starts)


Ist das nicht ein piece of chalk?


Ja, das ist ein piece of chalk.


Ist das nicht ein key and lock?


Ja, das ist ein key and lock.


Piece of chalk, key and lock.

Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne,

Oh, du schöne schnitzelbank!

*Yakko: (spoken) Are we having fun yet?


Ist das nicht ein cuckoo clock?


Ja, das ist ein cuckoo clock.


Does it nicht go tick-tick-tock?


Ja, it does go tick-tick-tock.


Cuckoo clock, tick-tick-tock.

Piece of chalk, key and lock.

Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne,

Oh, du schöne schnitzelbank!

*Otto: (spoken) You see, it’s a very easy song. Would you like to try?

*Yakko: (spoken) Oh, gee, professor, that’d be great! What should I sing about?

*Otto: (spoken) Anything you want, the secret is to just have fun, okay?

*Yakko: (spoken) Okay!


Ist das nicht ein piece of bread?

*Otto, Wakko, and Dot:

Ja, das ist ein piece of bread.


Does it fit in Wakko’s head? (puts bread in Wakko’s mouth)

*Otto, Wakko, and Dot:

Ja, it fits in Wakko’s head.


Piece of bread, Wakko’s head.

(Wakko eats the bread.)


Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne,

Oh, du schöne schnitzelbank!

*Dot: (spoken) Here, let me try!

Is he not a cute man this?

(Otto blushes.)

*Yakko and Wakko:

Ja, he is a cute man this.


Is this not a great big kiss? (kisses Otto)

*Yakko and Wakko:

Ja, das ist ein great big kiss.


Cute man this, great big kiss,

Piece of bread, Wakko’s head.

(Yakko puts bread in Wakko’s mouth which he swallows immediately.)


Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne,

Oh, du schöne schnitzelbank!

*Wakko: (spoken) Here, I’ve got one!

Ist das nicht ein Otto von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer?

*Yakko and Dot:

Ja, das ist ein Otto von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer.


Ist das nicht ein incredibly long name to have to try and say?

*Yakko and Dot:

Ja, das ist ein incredibly long name to have to try and say.


Cute man this, great big kiss,

Piece of bread, Wakko’s head.


Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne,

Oh, du schöne schnitzelbank!

*Otto: (spoken) Hey you kids is pretty good!

*Yakko: (spoken) We’re just gettin’ warmed up!

Ist das nicht ein Otto's gut?

*Otto, Wakko, and Dot:

Ja, das ist ein Otto's gut.


Ist das nicht ein Otto's butt?

*Otto, Wakko, and Dot:

Ja, das ist ein Otto's butt.


Otto’s gut, Otto’s butt,

Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne,

Oh, du schöne schnitzelbank!

*Otto: (spoken) Okay, I think we’re done now, ja?

*Wakko: (spoken) Wait!

Ist das nicht ein pair of pants?

*Yakko and Dot:

Ja, das ist ein pair of pants.

*Wakko: (takes off Otto’s pants)

Is that underwear from France?

*Yakko and Dot:

Ja, dat’s underwear from France.


Pair of pants, shorts from France,

Otto's gut, Otto's butt.

Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne,

Oh, du schöne schnitzelbank!

(Otto tries to our his pants back on but they get ripped in half.)

*Dot: (takes off Otto’s shirt)

Ist das nicht ein hairy chest?

*Yakko and Wakko:

Ja, das ist ein hairy chest.


Is this man no longer dressed?

*Yakko and Wakko:

Ja, this man’s no longer dressed.


Hairy chest, he's not dressed,

Pair of pants, shorts from France,

Otto's gut, Otto's butt.

(Otto’s face turns red with anger.)

Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne,

Oh, du schöne schnitzelbank!

(Otto kicks the Warners, they fly into the air, out of the village, and land in a pile of hay.)

*Yakko: (spoken) Boy, some international friendship song.

Pinky and the Brain Intro[]


*Pinky: Gee, Brain, whaddaya wanna do tonight?

(Pinky runs on wheel)

*The Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.


They're Pinky and The Brain

(Brain unlocks cage.)

They're Pinky and The Brain

(The Brain writes the theory of everything, Pinky jumps around in straightjacket.)

One is a genius

The other's insane

To prove their mousey worth,

(Both get zapped)

They'll overthrow the Earth.

They're dinky, they're Pinky and

The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain.

The Helpinki Formula[]

(Acme labs is shown. Brain is surrounded by beakers and tubes with chemicals in them.)

*Brain: I’ve done it, Pinky! The formula is complete!

*Pinky: (sitting in front of TV that says Amazingly Fantastic Stuff) ..Oh, right. Good for you Brain, I knew you could do it. (gives Brain thumbs up)

*TV: Amazingly Fantastic Stuff!

*Brain: Pinky, you don’t even know what I’m talking about.

*Pinky: Cor-rect again. Whoo. You’re on a roll tonight, Brain. Narf!

*Brain: (holding eye dropper of magenta fluid) With this formula, our relative smallness will no longer be an obstacle to our domination of the Earth!

*TV: Order now. Order now! (showing a woman exercising)

*Brain: Behold!

(Brain drops a single drop from the eye dropper onto the TV. It shakes, then shrinks so that it’s small even for the mice.)

*Pinky: Egad, Brain, Amazin’! I get it! You shrink all the TV’s and everyone will get all squinty-eyed.

*Brain: Brilliant, Pinky! Oh, wait, no, what if we want to use a plan that works?

*Pinky: Oh, well that’s different then, innit?

*Brain: Pinky, I will use the formula to make every single person on Earth shorter than I!

*Pinky: I still like the tiny TV plan myself. (grabs eye dropper, holds over TV)

*Brain: No, Pinky!! (grabs eye dropper) Never use two drops of the formula. It would cause a reaction on the molecular level that is completely unpredictable.

*Pinky: Oh, I hate it when that happens. Narf!

*Brain: The problem is, how can I convince everybody in the world to use something that they don’t need in any conceivable way? (hears beeping)

*Pinky: (dials phone) Hello, I’d like to order the Slavic Tusher-Sizer? I don’t care what it does, as long as it fold and fits under a bait(?).

*Brain: (runs over to him, grabs TV) Yes.. of course! Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

*Pinky: I think so, Brain, but me and Pippi Longstocking, I mean, what would the children look like?

*Brain: No, Pinky, we’ll do our own infomercial!

*Pinky: Narf! But whatever the children look like, they’ll be loved!

(Brain hits Pinky on the head with the TV. The scene changes, and they are on the set of Amazingly Fantastic Stuff. The host runs on stage, the crowd applauds. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot slowly walk by in the background, their heads down. Wakko falls, but then gets up and bows along with the host, unnoticed. Ralph runs after him, and they both run off stage.)

*Host: Hello and welcome once again to..

*Audience: Amazingly Fantastic Stuff!

*Host: And today we’re going to meet the Amazingly Fantastic discoverer of this Fantastically Amazing discovery, the Smallerizer Plus System! Here is the Brain!

(Audience cheers.)

*Brain: Thank you, Jim. I am so pleased to be here to tell you about some.. amazingly fantastic stuff.

*Jim: Is it Fantastically Amazing?

*Brain: Yes!

(The audience applauds and cheers.)

*Jim: I understand, that it can shed excess pounds, grow hair, get you real estate with no money down..

*Brain: And get rid of unnecessary hosts.

(Brain drops one drop onto Jim’s finger. He flashes colors, then shrinks and falls to the ground. Brain looks over the counter at him.)

*Jim: (high pitched) Fantastically Amazing!

(The audience applauds.)

*Brain: And now, please welcome my assistant, Pinky!

(The crowd cheers, Pinky is shown with equipment and goggles on his head.)

*Pinky: It’s Amazing! It’s Fantastic!

(Pinky puts the goggles down and flamethrowers a car. It turns dark gray, then disintegrates.)

*Brain: What’s that got to do with anything?

*Pinky: (lifts goggles) I dunno. They do that in all the infomercials. Narf.

(The crowd applauds and cheers. The scene changes, Brain is in a room with a woman with a bottle of the formula, there are two chairs in the room but Brain is on the armrest of his.)

*Woman: Tell me, Brain, can the Smallerizer System help me get the really really.. big, big hair I’ve always wanted?

*Brain: Yes! With just one drop.

(Pinky, on the shelf above her, drops a single drop on her. She flashes colors, then shrinks, although her hair does not.)

*Woman: It’s Fantastically Amazing!

(The crowd cheers, the woman’s hair poofs up into an afro. Pinky is shown on a TV, holding a bottle of the formula.)

*Pinky: Say hello to the Smallerizer System Plus! One drop can change your unmanageable, bulky world into a tiny paradise!

(Brain is shown on a counter full on phones. They all keep ringing, and getting answered by people.)

*Brain: It’s working. Now we finally made the big time.

*Pinky: (gasps) You mean Lyle Waggoner is here? (looks around)

*Brain: No, Pinky. I mean that we are actually about to succeed.

(Brain is now on a TV.)

*Brain: Remember, I’m not only the president of small club for men, I’m also a mouse planning global domination!

(Crowd cheers and applauds. Brain is in the same room as earlier, but with a different woman this time.)

*Woman 2: Tell me, Brain, will the Smallerizer System help my physic powers so I can read other people’s thoughts?

*Brain: Yes! You’ll actually be able to walk into their heads through the ear canal with just one drop.

(Pinky puts a single drop on her by standing on the shelf above her, she flashes colors and shrinks but her nose does not. She gasps.)

*Brain: Hmm. Her nose must be inorganic material.

*Pinky: Oh, not to worry, Brain, I’ll just give her another drop. Narf!

*Brain: Pinky, no! I told you, a second dose will cause an unpredictable molecular chain reaction!

(Brain tries to pull the bottle out of Pinky’s hands, but then the bottle flies off the handle and across the room.)

*Brain: Nyah!

(The bottle flies, multiple drops rain on both women and also the whole audience. The second woman grows into a large Swiss woman with braids.)

*Woman 2: Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Yodel-ay-he-hoo! Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!

(The first woman also becomes an identical Swiss woman.)

*Both: Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!

(All the audience members become yodelers as well, but all the women look the same and all the men look the same.)

*Crowd: Yodel-ah-hee-hoo!

(Alternate sides of the audience take turns yodeling, all jumping and stomping as they do so.)

*Brain: Oh no, they’ve all become giant Swiss lederhosen-clad dancing yodelers!

*Pinky: Talk about unpredictable!

(The yodelers all get on the stage, making everything shake, including the shelf that Pinky and the Brain stand on. They bounce onto the chair beneath then, then onto the ground, just before the walls collapse outward and the chair falls over backwards. They are dazed, but wake up and see the jumping and stomping people about to step on them.)

*Brain: Run for your life, Pinky!

(The two mice dodge feet. They run towards the exit, but get stepped on. They stand up and try to walk to the exit again, but get stepped on multiple times. They eventually get out and close the doors behind them. Both pant. A rumbling is heard behind the door, and all the Swiss people run out, each stepping on the two mice.)

*Crowd: (spilling out into the streets) Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!

(Brain sits up with bumps on his head and stars circling around it. He shakes his head, and the stars and bumps go away. He grabs Pinky’s arm.)

*Brain: Come on, Pinky. We must prepare for tomorrow night.

*Pinky: What are we gonna do tomorrow night, Brain? A slumber party?

*Brain: No, Pinky, the same thing we do every night. Try to take over the world.


They’re dinky

They’re Pinky and the Brain, yodel-ay-hee-hoo

Buttons and Mindy Intro[]

*Mindy: Buttons! Oh, buttons!

*Buttons: (runs towards Mindy and jumps, but falls down a deep hole)

*Mindy: He-he-huh! Silly puppy!

Les Boutons et le Ballon[]

(The Eiffel Tower is pictured. A tall building with many windows is shown, along with a doghouse out front.)

*Mindy: (playing with a balloon) Ballon! Ballon!

(Buttons wakes up briefly, watching Mindy, then goes back to sleep. Mindy’s mother exits the house.)

*Mindy’s Mom: Bonjour Boutons! Bonjour Mindy! Comment va tu?

*Mindy: Bonjour madam!

*Mindy’s Mom: Appelle-moi pas Madame je m'appelle maman je suis ta mère.

*Mindy: Madam, je t’aime, au revoir au revoir.

*Mindy’s Mom: Je renonce.. Boutons! Non les vêtements de la linge!

*Buttons: Le wouf!

(Mindy’s mom goes inside. Buttons sees Mindy playing and goes back to sleep, but then Mindy loses her balloon.)

*Mindy: (gasps) Ballon! (climbs on fence to try and reach) Ballon!

*Buttons: (sees Mindy on fence) Le wouf?

(Mindy falls off the fence, but her vest gets hooked on one of the points and breaks. Mindy starts chasing the balloon down the street. Buttons sees how sharp the points of the fence are, so he backs away to get a running start, but when he jumps he falls on the fence, and then jumps into the air holding his butt, and yowls. A mime is shown on the street, but Buttons lands on him.)

*Mindy: Ballon!

(Buttons sees Mindy standing on a brick wall by a lake, trying to reach her balloon.)

*Mindy: Ballon!

(Buttons runs over to Mindy.)

*Mime: Le owww..

(Mindy falls over the brick wall, and buttons jumps in after her. Buttons sticks his head out of the water, panting, and looks up to see Mindy standing on top of a boat.)

*Mindy: Ballon! Ballon! Ballon!

(Buttons jumps onto the side of the boat, but it rams into the brick wall, crushing him. Mindy jumps off the top of the boat and back onto the street, still chasing her balloon.)

*Mindy: Ballon!

(The boat moves away, showing Buttons flattened on the wall. He slides down into the water, then gets back up, no longer flat. He looks to see Mindy chasing her balloon down the street. He runs after her. The balloon floats into a church, and Mindy follows. Buttons runs after her, but runs around and turns behind the door when a little girl comes out. He then tries to rush inside, only to be crushed by many nuns walking out of the church.)

*Mindy: Ballon!

(Buttons looks up, to see Mindy climbing up the front of the church. He yelps. Mindy climbs on top of a gargoyle.)

*Mindy: Ballon!

(Mindy climbs to the top of the church, running on top of the gargoyle’s heads. She runs past the Warners, all of whom are dressed as hunchbacks. Yakko and Dot are ringing a bell with Wakko inside.)

*Warners: Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

(Buttons runs past, chasing Mindy. Mindy jumps off the edge of the church, and Buttons follows. Mindy’s clothes get caught in the edge of a gargoyle’s foot, but Buttons falls down.)

*Mindy: Boutons!

(Buttons falls, howling, to the ground.)

*Mindy: Boutons make boom! (giggles)

(Mindy’s balloon floats up, so she climbs up the church again. The scene changes to a painter in the street. Mindy runs, chasing her balloon, but stops at the painter.)

*Mindy: Bonjour, M. Man, qu'est-ce que tu fais ?

*Painter: Je peins le paysage.

*Mindy: Pourquoi?

*Painter: Parce que je suis un artiste.

*Mindy: Pourquoi?

*Painter: Parce que c'est plus facile que de faire un vrai travail.

*Mindy: Ok, je t'aime, au revior au revior!

(Mindy continues walking, Buttons runs after her but crashes into the crate of paint supplies and gets covered in paint. He shakes to get the paint off him, then keeps running. The painter, now covered in paint, looks at the splats on his canvas. He smiles.)

*Painter: Hmm.. Mwah!

(The Eiffel Tower is shown. Buttons runs in front of it, looks around for Mindy, and then runs up to the tower.)

*Mindy (from the tower) Ballon! Ballon. (reaches for balloon)

(Buttons runs to the tower elevator and goes inside. He is about to push a button when Plucky Baby comes in.)

*Plucky Baby: Non, vous ne poussez pas le bouton, je pousse le bouton.

(The elevator reaches the top, but Plucky Baby grabs Buttons’ tail and pulls him back in the elevator. Buttons tries to jump back out, but the elevator door closes on his nose. When the elevator opens, Plucky Baby has been tied up. Buttons presses the button again to go back to where he was. Plucky Baby mumbles as Buttons leaves. Buttons runs to the edge, and looks up to see Mindy climbing up the upper part of the tower. She giggles as Buttons follows her up. She ends up at the very tip and finally grabs her balloon, but almost falls. Buttons grabs her and saves her from falling. They hug, but then Mindy ends up in a passing hot air balloon. He looks around for her, but then hears her giggling. He sees her in the hot air balloon, and then jumps to grab the rope hanging off the bottom. He gets slammed on the sides and tops of various buildings as the hot air balloon moves over them. They then land in Buttons’ and Mindy’s yard, on top of the clothesline. Mindy gets out of the balloon. The man inside waves goodbye to her.)

*Mindy: Au revior, M. Man! (she kisses buttons) Boutons! Je t’aime, au revior au revior!

(Buttons gets up, still standing on top of the clothes.)

*Mindy’s Mom: Je t'ai dit de rester loin des vêtements! Mauvais chien, mauvais chien!

(Buttons covers his face.)

Kung Boo[]

(Boo is shown at a tri-state karate championship.)

*Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! The two finalists in the tri-state karate championship are, Kwai Yan Kee from the Tiger Dojo..

(The crowd applauds lightly.)

*Announcer: Mugu Gai Boo from the Dragon Dojo!

(Chicken Boo walks in, there is heavy applause and cheering from the crowd. Boo and his opponent both bow.

*Kwai: I’m gonna take you down, Mugu.

(Each fighter walks to their teacher and bows.)

Boo’s teacher: Remember, Mugu Gai Boo, the boastful tiger will fall to the serene whisper of the dragon.

(Boo looks at him blankly.)

*Teacher: Mugu Gai Boo is a true karate champion!

*Student 1: Yes, sensei. He is a master!

*Student 2: He’s the best of the best!

*Student 3: He’s a giant chicken!

*Students 1/2: (gasp)

*Teacher: (laughs) Ah, I picture your jealous heart, for you are like the sheep that bleats after the fox.

*Student 3: Huh?

(Students 1/2 stare with their mouths open)

*Student 3: Look, the guy’s a chicken, I tell ya, a giant chicken!

(The teacher karate chops student 3 out of frame, glass can be heard breaking.)

*Teacher: It is time, Mugu Gai Boo. Remember, when the brave mouse squeaks, the elephant’s tusks tremble!

(Chicken boo stares at him blankly. They bow to eachother, and Boo turns to his opponent. Kwai, who kicks and chops the air. Boo approaches him.)

*Kwai: Oh, you’re history man. I’m gonna rearrange your face, permanent!

(The referee blows the whistle, signaling the start of the fight. Boo and Kwai circle eachother. Kwai kicks him down, undoing Boo’s belt. Boo stands up, dazed, and stumbles over to his teacher.)

*Teacher: You can defeat your unworthy opponent, Mugu Gai Boo. Be swift, like the grasshopper. (he opens his fist to show a grasshopper in his palm.)

(Chicken Boo pecks at the grasshopper, which gets away.He chases after it, clucking, while his items of clothing come off one by one. He finally catches the grasshopper, then eats it. He throws off his jacket, clucking loudly, revealing he is a chicken.)

*Kwai: He’s a chicken! Mugu Gai Boo’s a giant chicken!

(Everybody gasps, including the whole audience. Student 3 returns.)

*Student 3: I told you that guy was a chicken!

*Teacher: (shakes his head) I have afainted the honor of my ancestors. Hi-ya, (he karate chops himself out of the roof.

(A spotlight shines on Boo. Eggs are thrown at him. He clucks questioningly, then a hand grabs his neck. Kwai is holding him and kicks him out the front door. Boo lands on his face. The referee blows the whistle, declaring Kwai the winner.)

*Announcer: And Kwai Yan Kee is the new tri-state karate champion!

(Chicken Boo stands up and walks away down a path.)


You wear a disguise to look like human guys,

But you’re not a man, you’re a chicken, Boo.

(gong rings)


(Animaniacs theme instrumental)

*Warners: Ciao, America!