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Yule Be Sorry/How I Spent My Weekend is the 7th episode of Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. It originally aired on December 12, 1998. Both cartoons in this episode are animated by Wang.

Yule Be Sorry[]

Yule Be Sorry title


As the episode opens, Pinky and Elmyra Duff are telling each other about the Christmas presents they got, but all Brain can think about right now is the suffering he has endured ever since they became homeless, Wally Faust began to pursue him and Pinky and they became Elmyra's pets. Brain orders Pinky to come assist him on his current scheme, despite Elmyra saying that Brain should be enjoying the holiday like they are. Brain explains to Pinky that he has built a model of his planned device, an Oxy-Absorber, which will suck the oxygen out of the air and put everyone on the planet to sleep forever. However, the model's range is currently limited to two inches, and Brain says he'd trade anything to be working in a lab again. Pinky tries to cheer Brain up, but he gives Pinky a verbal tongue-lashing, saying that he'd probably be better off without him.

After Elmyra forcefully feeds the two mice some fruitcake and eggnog that they don't want, Brain decides to use the Oxy-Absorber on her. He presents it to her as a Christmas present, claiming it to be a motel where some elves are vacationing, but she does not flip the on/off switch on the back of the machine when he tells her to. Then, when he tells he'll flip the switch for her, Pinky does so instead; the Oxy-Absorber then sucks out the oxygen around Brain, causing him to pass out.

Brain then finds himself in a dream sequence where he is in a new laboratory just like Acme Labs, but Pinky is nowhere to be found. Brain finds himself very lonely without Pinky, and to make matters worse, Elmyra has found her way to this new lab and begins torturing him. Brain attempts to get rid of her, but she gets back at him each time. He then asks her if there's any way she could preoccupy herself while he's busy with his world domination plans, but she says she has no playmates other than him, and tauntingly tells him how he is the only one she has to torture, to his horror.

Brain wakes up from his unpleasant dream and hears Pinky and Elmyra crying because Brain almost seemed to die from lack of oxygen as a result of the accident. Brain apologizes for his outburst earlier, admitting to Pinky that even if he did take over the world, he wouldn't want to do it without Pinky. He then wishes Elmyra a Merry Christmas and allows Pinky to play with her new Christmas presents as they were doing earlier, saying that letting Pinky distract Elmyra is a bigger help to him than he thought.



  • This cartoon spoofs elements of the 1946 Christmas fantasy drama film It's a Wonderful Life.
  • Brain creates one of his darkest plans to date in this episode: the Oxy-Absorber. He intended to deplete the planet's oxygen supply to put everyone on the planet to sleep forever.


How I Spent My Weekend[]

How I Spent My Weekend gif title


Told through a drawing on yellow notepad paper, presumably drawn by Elmyra, she recounts the events of her weekend. After introducing her mice friend, which has Pinky as the smart one and Brain as silly, it follows the story of how Brain made a robot named Roberto. From there, he flies the three of them to France, where he turns cheese into American tourists. Things go awry, but this is all to Brain's plan. Along with an upbeat song that annoys Brain, the events continue. Roberto changes his ways and turns the tourists back into cheese. He also falls in love with a lady robot, whom he falls in love with and moves to Mars.

In the real world, Elmyra's teacher accuses her of over exaggeration and lack of facts. She fails her assignment, which totally bums her out. She decides to go and get photos from a photo developing booth from Lance, who made a cameo in the story. It shows that the events are in fact true and that everything they said happened did. They return to the house, which has a hole in the roof, much fitting the description of Roberto and his enormous growth early on in the process.



  • "Robot Weekend Song"


  • This segment, along with "The Mask of Braino," are the two segments of Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain to use an animated title card.
    • In the title card, Elmyra scribbles over the title card's credits to credit herself.
  • The ending chorus is as usual, except now Roberto and Lady Robot is added.
  • The song Pinky and Elmyra sing in this episode strongly resembles the main theme of the 1963 show Gigantor, an english-dubbed version of the 1963 anime Tetsujin-28.

Title Card Stills[]

Production Notes[]

  • In the United States, this is the final episode of the series to debut under the standard series listing prior to its removal from the Kids' WB! schedule. Further episodes of the show would debut under The Big Cartoonie Show.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Pinky, Additional Voices
Maurice LaMarche The Brain, Additional Voices
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Jeff Bennett Roberto
Andrea Martin Ms. Entebbe
Tress MacNeille French Woman
Gail Matthius American Tourist


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