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Theme Song[]

Message in a Bottle[]

(The Warner’s were on a boat on a big blue sea.)

Wakko: I think we’re lost.

(Then Dot saw a message in a bottle bobbing up and down on the water.)

Dot: Look, a message in a bottle.

(Then Yakko grabs the bottle from the water.)

Wakko: Fan mail for some flounder?

Yakko: No, it’s from some entertainment lawyer. (to the viewers) We should have never stolen this bit.

Dot: At least we didn’t steal this next cartoon.

Yakko: (to Dot) That’s what you think.

Back in Style[]

Narrator: In 1962, Termite Terrace the Warner Bros original cartoon studio had closed its doors for the last time the world’s best cartoon stars were given their walking papers.

Daffy: Hey quit shoving

Bugs Bunny: Calm down Daf. There's a flavored drink commercial with us written all over it in Hollywood

Daffy: Wait up Tex.

Bugs Bunny: Opportunists.

Friz: I got me an idear and you don’t it’s called The Gray Panther.

Yosemite Sam: I just loves the way he talks.

Treg Green: Oh it was grim 29 years we were there turning out the great poop then the bunch of us tossed out on a heap to round but quick.

Narrator: Things looked even worse for the Warner’s with no more cartoon department, they were sealed in the tower for keeps. The management bet the studio’s future entirely on a certain upcoming big budget live action film starring Taboo.

Blanche Sewer: Some pictures I see over 200 times no problem Youngblood Squawk I take for 10 seconds and my life implodes.

Bones in the Body[]