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The following page is an episode guide for the Animaniacs reboot and its spinoff mini-series The Brain Teaches World Domination, which ran from 2020 to 2023. Most descriptions are provided by Hulu, while the thumbnails are sourced from the episodes themselves through Hulu.

Series Overview


# of
Original Airdate
Season 1 13 2020
Season 2 13 2021
Season 3 10 2023
Animaniacs x MasterClass 4 2023


Season 1 (2020)

Press Release

They're back! The Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister, Dot-three inseparable, irascible siblings-have a great time wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. After returning to their beloved home, the Warner Bros. Water Tower, the siblings waste no time in causing chaos and comic confusion as they run loose through the studio and beyond, turning the world into their personal playground. Joining Yakko, Wakko and Dot, fan-favorite characters Pinky and The Brain also return to continue their quest for world domination.[1][2]


Thumbnail Image Title Original Airdate Season Episode TV Rating
Episode 1 Reboot Episode 1: Jurassic Lark/Suspended Animation Part One/Of Mice and Memes/Suspended Animation Part Two November 19, 2020[3] 1 TV-PG-V
The Warner Brothers (& Warner sister!) return. Brain’s meme fails to achieve world domination.
Episode 2 Reboot Episode 2: Warners Unbound/How to Brain Your Dragon/Suffragette City November 20, 2020[4] 2 TV-PG-V
The Warners vacation in Ancient Greece. Pinky & the Brain try using a dragon to rule the world.
Episode 3 Reboot Episode 3: Gold Meddlers/Pinko and the Brain/Math-Terpiece Theater: Apples November 20, 2020 3 TV-PG-LV
The Warners compete in games of skill. Brain gets busted time-travelling. Dot gives a dramatic math lesson.
Episode 4 Reboot Episode 4: Bun Control/Ex-Mousina/Bloopf November 20, 2020 4 TV-PG-V
The Warners fight a rabbit infestation. Brain’s robot “son” turns on him. A new app is born.
Episode 5 Reboot Episode 5: Good Warner Hunting/No Brainer/Ralph Cam November 20, 2020 5 TV-PG-V
The Warners are stalked by a hunter. Pinky & the Brain break into the NSA. Ralph falls asleep.
Episode 6 Reboot Episode 6: The Cutening/Close Encounters of the Worst Kind/Equal Time November 20, 2020 6 TV-PG-V
Dot discovers a recipe for cuteness. Aliens don’t share Brain’s goals. Odd political ads.
Episode 7 Reboot Episode 7: Warner She Wrote/France France Revolution/Gift Rapper November 20, 2020 7 TV-PG-V
The Warners investigate a dognapping & accidentally start the French Revolution. Yakko channels Shakespeare to save hip-hop.
Episode 8 Reboot Episode 8: WhoDonut/Mousechurian Candidate/Starbox and Cindy November 20, 2020 8 TV-PG-V
The Warners hunt a donut thief. Brain creates a perfect FLOTUS. Starbox fails to escape Cindy’s adoring grasp.
Episode 9 Reboot Episode 9: Here Comes Treble/That's Not the Issue/Future Brain/The Incredible Gnome in People's Mouths November 20, 2020 9 TV-PG-V
The Warners butt heads with a conductor and a talk show host. Brain is humbled by his future self. Marsha has a gnome in her mouth.
Episode 10 Reboot Episode 10: Anima-Nyet/Babysitter's Flub/The Warners' Press Conference November 20, 2020 10 TV-PG-V
The Warners discover an unauthorized version of their show in Russia. Brain battles a toddler for a meteorite. Also, a press conference.
Episode 11 Reboot Episode 11: Phantomaniacs/Fear and Laughter in Burbank/Bride of Pinky/Things That Go Bump in the Night November 20, 2020 11 TV-PG-V
Halloween in Burbank: The Warners haunt a television and encounter a scary clown. Brain frightens a whole village into submission. Spooky monsters get claustrophobic.
Episode 12 Reboot Episode 12: A Zit!/1001 Narfs/Manny Manspreader November 20, 2020 12 TV-PG-V
The inner life of a pimple. Pinky & the Brain entertain a Sultana. A man lacks a sense of personal space.
Episode 13 Reboot Episode 13: Hindenburg Cola/Roadent Trip/FLOTUS, FLOTUS: What Do You Know About Us? November 20, 2020 13 TV-PG-LV
The Warners go on a quest for Dr. Scratchansniff. Brain builds a driverless car. Dot sings about all the First Ladies.

Season 2 (2021)

Press Release

They’re back again-y! Yakko, Wakko and Dot return for all-new big laughs and the occasional epic takedown of authority figures in serious need of an ego check. The Emmy® award-winning series is packed with enough comedy sketches, pop culture parodies, musical comedy, and self-referential antics to fill a water tower. Joining the Warners are Starbox & Cindy on their latest play date while Pinky and the Brain’s ideas for world domination lead them to all new adventures. [5]


Thumbnail Image Title Original Airdate Season Episode TV Rating
Episode 14 Reboot Episode 14: Rome Sweet Rome/Backwards Pinky/Wakko's Short Shorts: Now Loading November 5, 2021 1 TV-PG
The Warners deal with Nero. Brain and Pinky accidentally become conjoined. Wakko waits for his new game to load. [6]
Episode 15 Reboot Episode 15: Please Submit/The Flawed Couple/Everyday Safety November 5, 2021 2 TV-PG
The Warners are harassed by spam. Nora must fill the segment time by airing failed, never-before-seen Pinky & The Brain pilots. The Warners give safety advice.
Episode 16 Reboot Episode 16: Rug of War/Run Pinky Run/The Hamburg Tickler November 5, 2021 3 TV-PG
The Warners go inside the Bayeux Tapestry. Pinky needs to get money to save Brain, and fast! Scratchansniff tries to teach the Warners a lesson about lying.
Episode 17 Reboot Episode 17: Ralph World/My Super Sour Sixteen/How To: Brain Takes Over The World November 4, 2021[7] 4 TV-PG
Ralph parodies the opening of Westworld. The Warners ruin a super sweet 16 party. Pinky makes a how to video about taking over the world.
Episode 18 Reboot Episode 18: The Warners Are Present/The Pinktator/Know Your Scroll November 5, 2021 5 TV-PG
The Warners heckle an artist at a museum. Brain wants to become a dictator. The Warners try to find something to watch on a streaming service.
Episode 19 Reboot Episode 19: Yakko's Big Idea/Mouse Congeniality/Rejected Animaniacs Characters November 5, 2021 6 TV-PG
Yakko has a new idea for an invention. Pinky participates in a “Miss Universe” pageant. The Warners revisit some rejected Animaniacs characters.
Episode 20 Reboot Episode 20: Yakko Amakko/The Longest Word/Happy Narfday/Magna Cartoon November 5, 2021 7 TV-PG
Yakko goes head-to-head with an animator. The Warners fight over who knows the longest word. Brain is forced to celebrate Pinky’s birthday. The Warners sing a song about the Magna Carta.
Episode 21 Reboot Episode 21: Wakkiver Twist Part One/Plight of Hand/Wakkiver Twist Part Two November 5, 2021 8 TV-PG
The Warners parody Oliver Twist. Pinky’s hands have a mind of their own.
Episode 22 Reboot Episode 22: What Is That?/Mouse Madness/Christopher Columbusted/Fake Medicines November 5, 2021 9 TV-PG
The Warners don’t know what something is. Brain rigs a college basketball tournament. The Warners question Christopher Columbus’ discoveries. The Warners review a prescription medication.
Episode 23 Reboot Episode 23: Exercise Minute/Reichenbrain Falls/Targeted Ads/Bathtime November 5, 2021 10 TV-PG
The Warners lead a mandatory exercise break. Brain’s plan to take over the ISS is foiled by an old adversary. The Warners cue up some targeted ads. Starbox fails to escape Cindy during bath time.
Episode 24 Reboot Episode 24: A Brief History of History/Gerard/The Prisoners' Dilemma/Math-Terpiece Theatre: Beach Balls November 5, 2021 11 TV-PG
Yakko explains the history of the world. Gerard has a gnome in his mouth. Pinky and Brain are mousenapped by another supervillain. Dot gives a dramatic math lesson about beach balls.
Episode 25 Reboot Episode 25: Warner's Ark/The Apology/Narf Over Troubled Water/The Warner's Vault November 5, 2021 12 TV-PG
The Warners pick up a bunch of stranded, mythical creatures before a flood. The Warners apologize to their viewers. Pinky & Brain try to take over the world with music in the 60s. The Warners revisit some archival footage.
Episode 26 Reboot Episode 26: 80's Cats/All About the Benjamin/23 and WB November 5, 2021 13 TV-PG
The Warners take on a retro look. The Warners work as Benjamin Franklin’s apprentices. The Warners take a DNA test, only to find out they’re related to the CEO.

Season 3 (2023)

Press Release

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot return with an all-new season of laughs, songs, pop culture parodies, and enough zany antics to fill a water tower (or 10 episodes!). Pinky and The Brain's never-ending plans to take over the world journey them to unexpected realms. And while new friends Starbox and Cindy continue their play date, the Warner siblings must battle their way out of a video game, learn the secrets of being a teen influencer, and escape a mad scientist's island all while finding time to teach us about the threat of global warming! [8]


Thumbnail Image Title Original Airdate Season Episode TV Rating
Episode 27 Reboot Episode 27: Previously On/Season 3 and WB Part One/How To: Friendship/Season 3 and WB Part Two[9] February 17, 2023 1 TV-PG
With Ralph still acting as CEO of WB, the Warners agree to help Nora get her old job back. Pinky makes another "how to" video about the importance of his and Brain's friendship.
Episode 28 Reboot Episode 28: Soda-pressed/A Starbox is Born/Royal Flush February 17, 2023 2 TV-PG
The Warners teach a kid-fluencer the importance of having fun and not growing up too fast. Cindy makes Starbox the star of her own puppet show. Brain plans to rig a high stakes poker game to become the new King of England.
Episode 29 Reboot Episode 29: Planet Warner/Talladega Mice: The Ballad of Pinky Brainy/D.I.WHY? February 17, 2023 3 TV-PG
A documentary narrator takes us through a day on the Warner Bros. lot. Brain and Pinky break into the ACME Institute of Technology in order to steal a miniature car. The Warners sing a song about the fun of D-l-Y home improvement activities.
Episode 30 Reboot Episode 30: Fantasy/Über Nachtmare/Mad Mouse: Furry Road February 17, 2023 4 TV-PG
Pinky, Brain and The Warners experience a fantastical version of the lot. Dr. Scratchansniff accidentally orders a "pool" version on a rideshare app, forcing him to ride with the Warners. Pinky and Brain head to a desert music festival to test Brain’s latest plan for world domination.[10]
Episode 31 Reboot Episode 31: Teeniacs/Dog Days/Groundmouse Day February 17, 2023 5 TV-PG
The Warners are part of an overdramatic YA show. Starbox not only has to deal with Cindy, but also a dog. Brain has finally taken over the world, but unfortunately the same day keeps repeating.[11]
Episode 32 Reboot Episode 32: Animaliens/Murder Pals/Groundmouse Day Again/The Island of Dr. Warneau February 17, 2023 6 TV-PG
Ralph, Nora and Scratchansniff encounter alien versions of the Warners. Brain tries to break the time loop that has him and Pinky repeating the same day over and over again. The Warners find themselves on a remote island inhabited by creatures that slightly resemble them.
Episode 33 Reboot Episode 33: Global Warnering/Lawn in Sixty Seconds/All's Fair in Love and Door/Cute Things That Can Kill You February 17, 2023 7 TV-PG
The Warners take down a smooth talking polar bear developer. Mow your lawn in seconds! Pinky finds Brain's alternate reality.
Episode 34 Reboot Episode 34: WARnerGAMES/Bedtime/WARnerGAMES 2/Crumbly's Moment February 17, 2023 8 TV-PG
The Warners find themselves inside a video game. Cindy and Starbox have to get ready for bed.
Episode 35 Reboot Episode 35: How the Brain Thieved Christmas Part One/Santamaniacs/How the Brain Thieved Christmas Part Two February 17, 2023 9 TV-PG
Brain desperately tries to take over the world with a new Christmas toy. The Warners helps Santa save Christmas.
Episode 36 Reboot Episode 36: International Mouse of Mystery/Aliens Resurrected/Joe/The Stickening/Slappy's Return/Everyday Safety: Giant Adirondack Chair February 17, 2023 10 TV-PG
Pinky and Brain are the stars of a secret agent movie franchise. Yakko has to sing a song about why the Earth is worth saving. The Warners visit an amusement park and find themselves in a sticky situation. Meanwhile, the crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world makes her grand return! The Warners give the viewers a safety tip.

The Brain Teaches World Domination (2023)

Logo MasterClass episodes
Also known as Animaniacs x MasterClass
Main article: The Brain Teaches World Domination
Thumbnail Image Title Original Airdate Season Episode TV Rating
MasterClass101 Thumbnail MasterClass 101: Meet Your Instructor March 17, 2023 1 TV-PG
You know him: the mouse, the myth, the legend. Now you can hear from Brain firsthand how he came to be the mastermind he is today, and how you can follow in his prodigious pawprints. Directed by his loyal assistant, Pinky, with only a few mishaps.
MasterClass102 Thumbnail MasterClass 102: Finding Your Assistant March 17, 2023 2 TV-PG
It's Pinky's time to shine! If you want to add an assistant to your global domination schemes, you'll need to know Brain's tips for turning an underwhelming underling into your perfect complement. Featuring footage from a time when they were inseparable.
MasterClass103 Thumbnail MasterClass 103: Disguises and the Art of Subterfuge March 17, 2023 3 TV-PG
As Brain always says, "appearances matter!" Learn the importance of using the right disguises and building your personal brand to achieve world domination. Plus, the return of the no-bake cheesecake.
MasterClass104 Thumbnail MasterClass 104: Analyzing Your Adversaries March 17, 2023 4 TV-PG
In Brain's final class, he demonstrates how to find and capitalize on an opponent's weaknesses through a detailed analysis of his greatest foe. Plus, get some marketing tips from Pinky!


  • To differentiate from episode articles for the other shows on this wiki, episode articles for this series follow this labeling format: "Episode # (Reboot)"
  • On Hulu and Disney+, episode titles are unavailable, and are instead labeled under their numberings for their respective seasons. Other outlets include the proper episode titles.
  • Seasons 1 and 2 consist of 13 episodes each, while Season 3 consists of 10 episodes.[12]
  • Thumbnail images are sourced directly from Hulu.
  • The Season 1 DVD was released on June 1, 2021. It can also be purchased on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and other digital on-demand stores. The Season 2 DVD released on June 21, 2022; with a digital release following in July 2022.[13] Season 3's digital release occurred on June 18, 2023, along with a Complete Series bundle.
    • In regards to the Google Play Store, only season 1 is available. For unknown reasons, seasons 2 and 3 are unavailable on the Play Store.
  • When they were first listed, all Season 2 episodes were incorrectly labelled with a TV-14 rating on Hulu.[14] It was corrected with it's TV-PG rating a few days later.
    • Similarly, the Season 2 DVD uses a Canadian "14A" Rating; which recommends adult-supervision for people below the age of 14.
  • Though the Season 3 episodes were released in 2023, they were copyrighted in 2022.
  • As The Brain Teaches World Domination is not categorized under the regular series episodes, it has been separated from the main episode lineup.
  • There have been a few segments that were outright scrapped from this series.

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