Press Release Image Title Original airdate Season Episode TV rating
Episode 1 Reboot.jpg "Episode 1 (Reboot): Jurassic Lark/Suspended Animation Part 1/Of Mice and Memes/Suspended Animation Part 2" November 20, 2020[1] 1 TV-PG-V
The Warner Brothers (& Warner sister!) return. Brain’s meme fails to achieve world domination.
Episode 2 Reboot.jpg "Episode 2 (Reboot): Warners Unbound/How to Brain Your Dragon/Suffragette City" November 20, 2020 2 TV-PG-V
The Warners vacation in Ancient Greece. Pinky & the Brain try using a dragon to rule the world.
Episode 3 Reboot.jpg "Episode 3 (Reboot): Gold Meddlers/Pinko and the Brain/Math-Terpiece Theater: Apples" November 20, 2020 3 TV-PG-LV
The Warners compete in games of skill. Brain gets busted time-travelling. Dot gives a dramatic math lesson.
S1E4.jpg "Episode 4 (Reboot): Bun Control/Ex Mousina/Bloopf" November 20, 2020 4 TV-PG-V
The Warners fight a rabbit infestation. Brain’s robot “son” turns on him. A new app is born.
S1E5.jpg "Episode 5 (Reboot): Good Warner Hunting/No Brainer/Ralph Cam" November 20, 2020 5 TV-PG-V
The Warners are stalked by a hunter. Pinky & the Brain break into the NSA. Ralph falls asleep.
S1E6.jpg "Episode 6 (Reboot): The Cutening/Close Encounters of the Worst Kind/Equal Time" November 20, 2020 6 TV-PG-V
Dot discovers a recipe for cuteness. Aliens don’t share Brain’s goals. Odd political ads.
S1E7.jpg "Episode 7 (Reboot): Warner She Wrote/France France Revolution/Gift Rapper" November 20, 2020 7 TV-PG-V
The Warners investigate a dognapping & accidentally start the French Revolution. Yakko channels Shakespeare to save hip-hop.
S1E8.jpg "Episode 8 (Reboot): WhoDount/Mousechurian Candidate/Starbox and Cindy" November 20, 2020 8 TV-PG-V
The Warners hunt a donut thief. Brain creates a perfect FLOTUS. Starbox fails to escape Cindy’s adoring grasp.
S1E9.jpg "Episode 9 (Reboot): Here Comes Treble/That's Not the Issue/Future Brain/The Incredible Gnome in People's Mouths" November 20, 2020 9 TV-PG-V
The Warners butt heads with a conductor and a talk show host. Brain is humbled by his future self. Marsha has a gnome in her mouth.
S1E10.jpg "Episode 10 (Reboot): Anima-Nyet/Babysitter's Flub/The Warners' Press Conference" November 20, 2020 10 TV-PG-V
The Warners discover an unauthorized version of their show in Russia. Brain battles a toddler for a meteorite. Also, a press conference.
S1E11.jpg "Episode 11 (Reboot): Phantomaniacs/Fear and Laughter in Burbank/Bride of Pinky/Things That Go Bump in the Night" November 20, 2020 11 TV-PG-V
Halloween in Burbank: The Warners haunt a television and encounter a scary clown. Brain frightens a whole village into submission. Spooky monsters get claustrophobic.
S1E12.jpg "Episode 12 (Reboot): A Zit!/1001 Narfs/Manny Manspreader" November 20, 2020 12 TV-PG-V
The inner life of a pimple. Pinky & the Brain entertain a Sultana. A man lacks a sense of personal space.
S1E13.jpg "Episode 13 (Reboot): Hindenburg Cola/Roadent Trip/FLOTUS, FLOTUS: What Do You Know About Us?" November 20, 2020 13 TV-PG-LV
The Warners go on a quest for Dr. Scratchansniff. Brain builds a driverless car. Dot sings about all the First Ladies.



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