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Feels Like Hulu is a short promotional music video for Hulu's Hulu IDs program that debuted on April 6, 2022. The song is a short instrumental dubstep tune, and was created by Studio Showoff and Psyop.


Similarly to old Kids' WB! crossover promos, various characters from Hulu original series and films crossover. Here, they are gathering at a house-party. Wakko Warner appears to be a bouncer/butler for the party, and lets in Yakko and Dot who are dressed up as a Handmaid.


  • During the initial launch on Hulu's Twitter page, "Feels Like Hulu" performed the strongest of all the IDs and was the first to reach triple-digit likes. As of May 11, 2022, it remains the most popular tweet in the thread at 640 likes.
  • Animaniacs reboot animation studio Titmouse was one of many studios who contributed to the Hulu IDs program. Interestingly, none of their April 6th 2022 IDs featured any Animaniacs-related elements.
  • "Feels Like Hulu" is one of the first promotional songs made to advertise the Animaniacs reboot.



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Sourced from Ivan Dixon's Twitter page.

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