Flat in Gay Paree is a short song from Les Miseranimals.


Rita: (speaking sadly)
Starlight, star bright, I wish I was anyplace but this..

Rita: (singing)
There is a Flat in Gay Paree,
safe on a tree-lined avenue.
no cats a la cart on the menu,
not in my Flat in Gay Paree.
There is a chef of fine cuisine.
He is a vegetarian.
As he prepares a fine banquet,
he says,

Rita and Chef (in unison): "Rita, you're my beloved pet."

Rita: I know a flat where I can nap,
safe on a chair or in the lap.
I won't end up in a recipe,
not in my Flat in Gay Paree.


This song is a parody of the Les Miserables song "Castle on a Cloud".

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