Flaxseed's Totality of Candy is a cupcake shaped building, where an anthropomorphic anteater named Ferman Flaxseed sells large amounts of candy.

Flaxseed's Totality of Candy General Information

Flaxseed's Totality of Candy is a place with candy everywhere, with the cashier and manager being Ferman Flaxseed, the man running the store. The cashier's is to the right of the door. For its size, it has relatively few customers.

Physical Information

At times, the sign on the front only says "Flaxseed Candy".

It appears to be a cupcake with orange base, a stout wooden door with a red mat, and many windows. Decorating it is copious amounts of white icing on top, with 3 cherries on top, 2 candy canes over the sign, and a larger candy cane sticking out through the side.
  • The shops nearby
  • Strange design, it really isn't shaped like a cupcake inside
  • The inside is actually a prism
  • The entrance
  • The shelves opposite the cashier's desk
  • A shelf further left of the entrance
  • The cashier's desk
  • There's also a quick-drying chocolate pool to the left of here
  • Eye-level shot of behind the cashier's desk
  • Great lots of candy
  • Why, what tall shelves they do have around here
  • 5 kilometers off the ground; bring oxygen past this point
  • It really IS the totality of candy
  • Ice cream, cupcakes, muffins, pastries, candy bars; what else could one want?
  • Donut aisle, along with the malted milk products aisle!
  • A bird's eye view of certain shelves
  • They even sell pies!
  • A taffy pull!
  • A soft drink dispenser; there's one of each side of the taffy machine

Upon entry, one will notice it is higher than it is long and it is longer than it is wide. One may or may not notice several shelves in the middle of the store which mark aisles of different types of confection. Its notable factor is its height; the shelves by the cashier's desks are so high that people can remain suspended in mid-air at its height.

The water tower is not far from here; in fact, it is visible with the naked eye from the nearby road.

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