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For the character of the same name, see Freakazoid (character).

Freakazoid! is an animated television series created by Steven Spielberg, Bruce Timm, and Paul Dini for the Kids' WB! programming block of The WB. The series chronicles the adventures of the title character, Freakazoid, a manic, insane superhero who gained his powers through the internet and battles with an array of super villains.

The show also features mini-episodes of adventures of other bizarre superheroes. The show, like Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, was produced by Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. This series also shared much of the same crew from Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain.

References to Freakazoid! in Animaniacs media[]

Picture Episode Description
Animaniacs (Original Series)
Freakazoid in This Pun for Hire "This Pun for Hire" Freakazoid shows up early on, asking if he's on the right set. Dot tells him that the Freakazoid! set is elsewhere.
Freakazoid at the New Year's party "The Big Wrap Party Tonight" Freakazoid is among the guests who appears at the Warners' party.
Freakazoid in One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock" Freakazoid is shown on the cover of a TV Guide issue that Slappy is reading.
Freakazoid Hooray for North Hollywood "Hooray for North Hollywood" A poster of an oddly-colored Freakazoid can be seen outside Plotz's office.
Pinky and the Brain
Placeholder "Ambulatory Abe" Pinky identifies Washington D.C. as the home of Freakazoid.
Freakazoid's music band "Star Warners" Freakazoid, Fanboy, and Mo-Ron can be seen performing as the band at the bar in Mos Eisner.
Animaniacs (DC Comics)
Penciller Freakazoid cameo Issue 10: A Comic Book is born. The penciller is seen wearing a Freakazoid shirt.
Animaniacs Issue 35 cover Issue 35: Tour De Freak (1998) The story "Tour De Freak" features a crossover between Freakazoid! and Animaniacs. Freakazoid and Cosgrove are tormented by the Warners on a studio tour, while the Lobe tries to pitch a WB series.
Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain
Freakazoid Elmyra cameo "Mr. Doctor" The theme song to Freakazoid! is mixed into the Elmyra ending chorus as a van with a Freakazoid! painting drives-by.
Animaniacs (Reboot)
"Pinko and the Brain" The ending arrangement of the Pinky and the Brain theme song is identical to the version from the Freakazoid! episode "Freakazoid Is History!" (Video comparison on the left).

References to Animaniacs media on Freakazoid![]

Picture Episode Description
Freakazoid and Friends "Freakazoid and Friends" The Warners appear to sing a song, sung to the tune of the Animaniacs theme, about Freakazoid and his numerous allies and enemies. During the song, Freakazoid, Steff, Douglas Douglas, Sergeant Cosgrove, Emmitt Nervend, and the Lawn Gnomes are shown mimicking the "We have pay-or-play contracts" shot from the Animaniacs intro.
The brain freakazoid is history

Pinky flying Air Force One

"Freakazoid is History!" In the altered timeline shown as a result of Freakazoid saving Pearl Harbor in 1941, it is revealed that Brain is now president, and Pinky is flying Air Force One.
Animanizoid "Next Time, Phone Ahead" The writers tell Steven Spielberg that they decided to end the show early this week and show some more Animaniacs reruns instead. Spielberg initially agrees to this and they briefly cut to the Animaniacs intro, but Spielberg changes his mind and continues with the story. After the writers finish telling the episode's story, Spielberg decides that Animaniacs reruns were better after all and the conclusion of its intro is shown.
Freakamaniacs "Sewer or Later" Freakazoid insists that there is no way he will go into the sewers. The camera cuts to the sewers, expecting to show him having gone down there, but he is instead at home, watching Animaniacs.
Freakazoid Yakko donation "Dexter's Date" Yakko Warner is listed as one of the donors for this episode during the "Bonjour, Lobey!" musical number. He is revealed to have donated one singular dollar to the program.
Freakazoid's present
Freakazoid with Wakko and Brain
"The Freakazoid" The Lobe's present for Freakazoid is wrapped in Animaniacs-themed wrapping paper.

Later in the episode, when one of Freakazoid's neighbors calls him "wacko" for not trying to stop the Lobe's crime spree, Wakko suddenly shows up and starts singing "Wakko's America", telling Freakazoid that Steven Spielberg loves these sort of things because Animaniacs is his favorite of their shows. Freakazoid begs to differ, insisting that his show is Spielberg's favorite, but then Brain appears, saying that Pinky and the Brain is Spielberg's favorite. The three of them take their argument to Spielberg himself and ask him which one of them is his favorite, but he only responds, "Who are you people?"

"Mission: Freakazoid" The Mime from Animaniacs "Mime Time" is imprisoned in Vukanova Prison, but at the end, thanks to Freakazoid, is free, and with his friends starts to revenge on Janos and Anton. His hair is red.


  • Freakazoid was intended to appear in the reboot of Animaniacs, but couldn't due to scheduling conflicts with Paul Rugg.[1] He would later make an appearance in the Teen Titans Go! episode "Huggbees".

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