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Freelance Animators Co., Ltd was an animation studio in New Zealand that was founded in 1989. The studio even had a school where people in New Zealand could learn animation called, Freelance Animation School. In 2012, the school was renamed Animation College. Though the school still exists today, the studio has since shut down.

They provided work on Animaniacs for the first two seasons especially season 1. This includes the "useless facts" from episode 44, "Animator's Alley", from episode 42, the first 28 "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segments, the "Dot's Poetry Corner" segments, and the Katie Ka-Boom. In fact, all the cartoons (except the chase transition) from episode 43 are animated by this animation studio.

Animaniacs Productions[]

Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

Warners as drawn by Freelance

The Warner siblings as animated by Freelance, as seen in "Moby or Not Moby."

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