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For his debut episode, see "Future Brain."

Future Brain is a futuristic counterpart of The Brain who hails from a dystopian future. He first appears in the Animaniacs reboot cartoon named after him, where he serves as the main antagonist. Like his past counterpart, he is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


Future Brain still looks pretty much the same as his past self, but appears to be half-mouse and half-robot, with great portions of his body parts having been replaced by robotic parts, specifically his right arm and left side of his skull. He has a scar down his right eye while one red light replaces his left one. His appearance also consists of a dark purple collarless cape and a slightly torn left ear.

Judging by Future Brain's reaction when Pinky bites his bionic limb to free himself from his grip, it could be assumed that it is due to some touch reception settings being installed in that arm. Additionally, given Future Brain's tone and how he gazes at his metallic restraints when mentioning how "Pinky has betrayed him at every turn," this could imply that Pinky was either involved or the cause of his injuries. His voice is also, notably, deeper than his past self's, most likely due to maturation.


Compared to his past self, Future Brain is far more cunning and cruel. He is willing to harm Pinky to more fatal degrees. Additionally, he appears to be slightly more nervous and agitated, suggesting some trauma from years of failure and incidents. Despite his more malicious nature, Future Brain appears to maintain somewhat of a soft side. He enjoys Pinky's cheese cakes and befriends a Pinky-like fish named Blinky to help him.



At some point, Brain's never-ending string of failures to take over the world gradually broke him, leaving him far more bitter and vengeful than before. Through an unknown incident, he ditched Pinky after determining him to be the reason behind his failures. He also received a robotic make-over, rendering him a cyborg.

Animaniacs (2020)

Future Brain heads back to the past during his past incarnation's Oscars scheme, and he abducts Pinky to Acme Labs with his teleportation ray. His past self follows him and demands he hand him over. After explaining who he is and his history, he attempts to convince his past self to kill Pinky (who he determines to be "pure evil"). However, Past Brain refuses, as he knows and trusts him too well to even consider the notion.

Past Brain then takes the teleportation ray to return to the Oscars with Pinky, with Future Brain following along. After Pinky accidentally screws-up the plan, Future Brain attempts to show that he was right, and holds Pinky hostage. Pinky manages break free by biting his arm, and the two Brains engage in a fight. The teleportation device is then taken by Pinky, who holds it against the two Brains. He is unable to tell the (rather obvious) difference between both Brains as he threatens to shoot. Pinky instead shoots at the wall, and accidentally teleports Future Brain 420 million years into the past. Future Brain makes friends with a fish similar to Pinky, called Blinky. ("Future Brain")


Animaniacs (2020)

The Brain Teaches World Domination