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Gabriella (real name [Horrible, Unpronounceable sound]) is an alien who debuted in the Pinky and the Brain segment "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind," from the 2020 Animaniacs reboot. She and her friend Meredith ventured to Earth after receiving a transmission from The Brain to aid him in world domination. Though, they disregarded his megalomaniacal desires and instead came due to enjoying Pinky's performance of "Limbs Fall Off," which was spliced into Brain's recording.

Gabriella was voiced by Lauren Lapkus.


Gabriella has one eye, two tentacles, a tail fin, and a slug-like body.


Gabriella is the complete opposite of what Brain envisioned in an alien: fun-loving, happy and energetic. She cares little for world domination and instead wants to have a good time. In addition, she is also shown to be a talented singer and possesses some kind of intelligence to operate a universal translator and traverse the stars. However, if a certain sound frequency is emitted, Gabriella will instinctively lash out a particularly fearful sound in her native language.


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  • Gabriella's native alien language contains identical phrases to Pinky's phrases, specifically "Zort." A similar instance occurred with the Frunobulax aliens from the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "Where No Mouse Has Gone Before," where the Frunobulax language contained Pinky's phrases of "Narf" and "Poit."