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Gina Embryo

Gina Embryo is a character who first appears in A Moving Experience.


She is a female Caucasian human with brown hair and a long nose, with very skinny limbs. She also wears a khaki outfit, white-rimmed sunglasses and hangs black binoculars around her neck.


She is a very tense and uptight zoologist whose main goal is to protect her rare Hippopotamus trendulius so she can study them. All she manages to do in the process is get hurt herself. The running gag is her injuries mostly come from being squished under the hippos' weight or some other heavy object.

She believes that the city is too dangerous for the hippos. After this is stated, she promptly demonstrates how dangerous the jungle is, by getting strangled by a snake. As such, she tries to make the hippos go back to the jungle (all of which amounted to nothing except for her sustained injury).

In fact, her dedication to the hippos is such that she does stupid things such as trying to antagonize a bull.

She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Gina in a realtor's jacket and pants, with crutches and a cast


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