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Good Idea, Bad Idea is a recurring segment that was first featured in episode 17 of the original Animaniacs.


Each segment in the series would show a "good idea", followed up by a "bad idea", both illustrated by scenes with Mr. Skullhead doing both things and suffering (or having someone else suffer) as a result of the bad ideas. All of the sketches were animated by Wang Film Production and narrated by Tom Bodett.

In the DC Animaniacs comic, other characters from the Animaniacs ensemble would sometimes showcase different good ideas and bad ideas as well.

List of Good Ideas and Bad Ideas[]

Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

Episode Good Idea Bad Idea
17 Playing the piccolo in a marching band. Playing the piano in a marching band.

(Mr. Skullhead collapses under the piano's weight)

Feeding stray kittens in the park. Feeding stray kittens in the park to a bear.

(The bear attacks the cat, then grabs Mr. Skullhead)

24 Stopping to smell the roses. Stopping to feel the roses.

(Mr. Skullhead injures his hand)

28 Taking a deep breath before jumping into a swimming pool. Taking a deep breath after jumping into a swimming pool.

(Mr. Skullhead inhales all the water in the pool)

Going alpine skiing in the Winter. Going alpine skiing in the Summer.

(Mr. Skullhead trips and falls the whole way down the hill)

Kissing a loved one. Kissing a total stranger.

(The stranger punches Mr. Skullhead)

Doing your own yard work. Doing your own dental work.

(Mr. Skullhead drills himself to pieces)

30 Dressing up for Halloween as a pirate. Dressing up for Halloween as a piñata.

(The kids attack Mr. Skullhead to bones with sticks)

39 Cleaning up litter. Cleaning up kitty litter.

(Mr. Skullhead soils his hands, not to mention sets his foot into the litterbox.)

(NOTE: It is good to clean a litter box, but instead of doing it the way you'd pick up trash, you should use a scoop that has slots, into a bag.)

Playing the accordion at a polka festival. Playing the accordion anywhere else.

(The patrons, including an elderly man on crutches, all attack Mr. Skullhead, as, in this case, the "anywhere else" was on a bus.)

41 Having breakfast served to you in bed. Having tennis balls served to you in bed.

(Mr. Skullhead is beamed with tennis balls)

Whistling while you work. Whistling while you eat.

(Mr. Skullhead spits food everywhere, and is kicked out of the restaurant)

48 Drinking fresh milk from the carton. Drinking fresh milk from the cow.

(The cow sits on Mr. Skullhead)

50 Singing Christmas carols to your neighbors. Singing Christmas carols to your neighbors on the Fourth of July.

(The neighbors close the door. Fireworks blow up Mr. Skullhead and his family)

Finding Easter eggs on Easter morning. Finding Easter eggs on Christmas morning.

(Mr. Skullhead faints upon finding a rotten egg)

57 Visiting the circus. Having the circus visit you.

(Mr. Skullhead is trampled by elephants)

62 Going trick-or-treating on Halloween. Going trick-or-treating on St Patrick's Day.

(A strong-looking leprechaun punches Mr. Skullhead away)

68 Giving a small child a balloon. Giving a small child a bunch of balloons.

(The child goes airborne, and her mother attacks Mr. Skullhead)

Taking up a new hobby like bird calling. Taking up a new hobby like buffalo calling.

(Mr. Skullhead is run over by buffalo and a horse)

Ordering a chili dog to go. Ordering a chili dog that makes you go.

(Mr. Skullhead darts for the rest room)

Visiting picturesque McLean, Virginia. Visiting picturesque McLean Stevenson.

(McLean Stevenson collapses and begins to think Mr. Skullhead is being rude)

69 Tossing a penny into a fountain to make a wish. Tossing your cousin Penny into a fountain to make a wish.

(Penny gets wet and angry)

Giving your dog a bath. Having your dog dry-cleaned.

(The dog is dead)

Playing horsey with your little sister. Playing horsey with your Aunt Bertha.

(Mr. Skullhead's head is decapitated from Aunt Bertha's weight)

Throwing a surprise party for your father. Throwing a surprise party for your grandfather.

(The grandfather has a heart attack and faints)

Playing cops'n'robbers in the park. Playing cops'n'robbers in the bank.

(Mr. Skullhead is held at gunpoint)

Playing catch with your grandfather.

(i.e. playing) with a football.

Playing catch WITH your grandfather.

(i.e. using) your grandfather.

(The grandfather falls apart, dead)

Playing the scales on a piano. Playing the scales on a fish.

(The fish/shark eats Mr. Skullhead, its prey swims away)

73 Buying a pair of shoes on sale. Buying a parachute on sale.

(The parachute malfunctions, leaving Mr. Skullhead to fall to his death)

Climbing a mountain. Climbing a mountain lion.

(The mountain lion eats Mr. Skullhead before spitting him away)

Animaniacs (comic)[]

Issue Good Idea Bad Idea
Animaniacs: A Christmas Special Sending out Christmas Cards. Sending out Christmas carp.

(Thaddeus Plotz is disgusted)

Hanging up your stocking before you go to bed. Hanging up your stocking before you take it off.

(Mr. Skullhead is in pain from his leg being decapitated)

Hanging mistletoe in the doorway.

(Yakko: Hello, nurse!)

Hanging missiles in the doorway.

(Slappy: "Oh, I dunno... Depends on who's comin' over!")

Making a gingerbread house. Making a gingerbread louse.

(Dr. Scratchnsniff is appalled)

Pinky and The Brain (spin-off)[]

In the episode Brainwashed Part One: Brain, Brain, Go Away, Pinky makes up his own "Good Idea, Bad Idea" after The Brain's plan to use his trachiomatic control chip on Tom Bodett's larynx backfires. Brain says "Oh and it was such a good idea", which prompts Pinky to use his own "Good Idea, Bad Idea" example. Afterwards, Brain remarks "I feel another good idea coming on," before bopping Pinky on the head.

Good Idea Bad Idea
Going to a disco. Going to a disco in Tom Bodett's nose.

Unaired/Lost and Unused Segments[]

Charlie Dog

Cel from an unused segment

An animation cel of an unused Good Idea, Bad Idea segment with Charlie Dog is known to exist. It's currently unknown what the "Good Idea" and "Bad Idea" would be, but it presumably has something to do with playing fetch.

Additionally, in a 2016 Reddit AMA,[1] Tom Ruegger shared the following unused Good Idea, Bad Idea which centered on Animaniacs' move from Fox Kids to Kids WB:

Good Idea Bad Idea
Airing on the Fox Kids Network. Airing on Kids' WB.



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