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The Goodfeathers Theme is a song that opens some of the Goodfeathers segments of Animaniacs.

Sung by a Dean Martin impersonator with a female chorus, this theme song is a parody of the song "That's Amore." It is animated by TMS.

Intro Setup[]

Throughout the intro, the Goodfeathers endure many comical slapstick injuries: First, a foot steps on Bobby while he's about to eat a sandwich, followed by a taxicab hitting him, Squit, and Pesto. Then, the three fly into a building wall, get knocked into powerlines by a sparrow, get hit by a wrecking ball, and get crushed by a Martin Scorsese statue.


When the birds hit the street
Looking for food to eat,
That's Goodfeathers!
(That's Goodfeathers!)
When I'm cooing at you
And you're cooing at me,
That's Goodfeathers!
Take no guff
‘Cause they're tough,
Strut their stuff,
No cream puffs,
That's Goodfeathers!


  • This song notably debuted long after the Goodfeathers' first cartoon from episode 4. Instead, it debuted 38 episodes later in episode 41's "Raging Bird." Following its debut, it was only used in a few cartoons.
  • Pepé Le Pew, who made a guest appearance in the episode We're No Pigeons, sang the original song that this is a parody of.