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"Groundmouse Day Jingle" is a song from the Animaniacs reboot cartoons "Groundmouse Day" and "Groundmouse Day Again." It is performed by Tim Cloherty, Julia Haltigan, and William J. Ryan.


The song is the only one that plays on the radio station WB-B-CHEEP, who had apparently wasted their entire music licensing budget on the one song. Whenever the day resets, it is the first thing that the Brain hears each morning (to his frustration).


I love you a lot
It's like a little but lots
From now 'til forever, my heart you got!
Yeah my heart you got! (Yeah my heart you got!)
That's right my heart you got!
Say it again now…
My heart!


  • The repetition of the song when the day resets is a nod to how Sonny & Cher's song "I Got You Babe" plays whenever the day resets in the 1993 fantasy comedy film Groundhog Day (the film that "Groundmouse Day" spoofs).
  • The song itself is cut-off throughout both parts of "Groundmouse Day," and the vocals are usually covered by additional audio. The full lyrics can be heard on the Animaniacs Season Three album, however.