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Grow Free is a song that appears in the Pinky and the Brain episode Brain Acres. The song is a parody of "Born Free" from the 1966 film of the same name, and is performed by Pinky to conclude the episode.


The song is performed by Pinky as a tribute to Maurice, the talking carrot brought to life by the Brain. The gradual exposure to the sun and heat has begun to harm Maurice, forcing him to retreat into the soil. As the song plays, flashbacks of the trio spending time together are shown just prior to Maurice's descent into the soil.


Grow free
And live in the soil.
You've been very loyal
But you belong with your kind.
Don't grieve,
Remember the good things!
We ate lots of pudding!
But you need water and dirt.
Sprout leaves!
Don't stray from your garden.
Get back in the ground today,
Or you'll be crudité!
Grow free,
And live like a carrot.
I'll just have to bear it,
While you grow free!