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"Gruelsome ol' Gruel" is a song from the episode "Wakkiver Twist;" it is a parody of "Food, Glorious Food" from Lionel Bart's Oliver!


Wakko Warner:
Gruel, gruesome ol' gruel!
Tastes like milky fishes
You think that it's cruel, but
I think it's delicious!
Foul, rancid and stinkin', boys,
Just look at it splashin’
If you won't be drinkin', boys
I'll slurp up your ration
Wakko and Orphans:
Just thinking of eating it's enough to make me drool
Oh, gruel, sickening gruel,
Maggoty gruel
Gruesome ol' gruel!


  • Wakko splashing the gruel onto him parodies a scene from the 1983 romance drama Flashdance.