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The Hackensack Socko Kicky-Sack Sack Kicker Factory is a factory that appears in the Pinky and the Brain episode "You Said a Mouseful." Socko's popular Kicky Sack! shoes are manufactured here.


The building that houses the factory is a warehouse that is painted in a light tan color. Two signs adorn the front facade: A sign displaying the factory's name above the doors, and a round, red "KS" emblem above the main sign. Additionally, a large factory chimney can be seen behind the structure. The site is also protected by a large metal fence.


The factory is overseen by senior supervisor Kurt Sackett, and is watched by security specialist Peggy Babcock. Different kinds of steps, personnel, and equipment aid in the manufacturing of the Kicky Sack! shoes. These include:

  • A treadmill where the shoes traverse during their production.
  • Sheets of sheer synthetic sheepskin, which are slit into several Kicky-Sack! shoe shapes in shapely shoe sizes by six sitting sheet slitters. [note 1]
  • The "Sheet Slitter Shoe Shaper" - a machine which shapes the slit synthetic sheepskin sheets, and shoots out shoes through the chute.
  • A claw, operated by Khaki Sock Plucker Mr. Plunkett, who puts the socks into the shoes.[note 2]
  • A machine where the Kicky-Sack! Sack Pickers pack the sacks into the shoes.
  • The Parker Packard Pewter Pressure Pump, which inflates the Kicky-Sack! sack kickers.

Additionally, a prized toy boat won by Mr. Sackett in the sack race at the Hackensack Socko Kicky-Sack Sack Kicker Khaki Sock Factory picnic in Secaucus is on display in the factory.


Brain and Pinky visit the factory in order to study its operation. They pose as Kawasaki and Hayasaka (or "Turkey-Lurky"), two Japanese industrialists seeking to buy the factory. They are taken on a tour of the factory by Mr. Sackett to get familiar with the environment. Later that evening, the mice return to factory in order to sabotage the manufacturing process for Brain's latest plan.

The plan is unable to advance much due to the complicated tongue-twisters involved, further hindered by Brain's head injury which temporarily impairs his speaking abilities. After Brain endures further injuries at the factory, the ruckus summons security specialist Peggy Babcock, who throws the mice out of the factory. ("You Said a Mouseful")


  • The factory is filled with various tongue-twisters. These are used for the company's branding; as well as event, employee and equipment labels.



  1. During the episode, the sixth sitting sheet slitter was sick. So, his son Sammy subbed until the sick sixth sitting sheet slitter could return, sitting pretty.
  2. Mr. Plunkett succeeds a prior Khaki Sock Plucker, who had "a bit of an attitude" according to Mr. Sackett. This prior individual was the second cocky Khaki Kicky-Sack Sock Plucker who was sacked since the sixth sitting sheet slitter got sick.
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