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"Happy Bob's Bunny Ranch" is a song introducing the location of the same name from the Rita and Runt segment, "Of Nice and Men."


Happy Bob:
Ba-dabba dabba-loo-bum
Ba-dadda looda-lee-bum
Ba-dee-da-la, ba-doo-da-lee-bum
Everybody gather around now
Eat it up and gobble it down
That's right!
Eat your food, you'll all see
Pretty soon you'll all be
Nice and fat and furry and round
Look at this fur, ain't it purdy?
So soft and so shiny and sleek
We take our time, don't rush it
Clean and shine and brush it
Every single day of the week
Ah-tweedle-weedle-dee-ah, tweedle-dee-doo
Eat up all them carrots and plants
If you want a furry rabbit
Come on down and grab it
At Happy Bob's Bunny Ranch!