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For the character, see Hello Nurse, for the cartoon where this song is from, see Hello Nurse (cartoon).

"Hello Nurse" is a song about the woman of the same name in the eighty-second episode of Animaniacs. Wakko Warner sings about all the things she may be capable of, as Yakko sings backup. The music and lyrics were written by Randy Rogel.


She's the woman of the year
Independent, a career
There's not a thing that she couldn't do
Oh, she's alert, she's aware
She's got legs like Astaire
And a hundred-fifty-seven IQ
She has several PHDs
Speaks fluent Japanese
And her shoes will always match with her purse
Whatever street she's walkin' down
Everybody turns around and says...
Yakko and Wakko:
Hello, nurse!
She likes cheese and pepperoni
Won a Pulitzer and a Tony
She played the leading role in King Lear
She never drinks, she never smokes
She never laughs at dirty jokes
She was ambassador to China last year
Oh, she's politically correct
She'd never call collect
She plays Chopin and she doesn't rehearse
And when she's walkin' by,
I give a little sigh and shout...
Yakko and Wakko:
Hello, Nurse!
She gets her math equations right
She reads Tolstoy every night
She won the Nobel Prize in Physics. It's true
She drives a shiny new Corvette
Sings opera at the Met
And volunteers her time at the zoo, oh!
She won a scholarship to Yale
Got her Fulbright in the mail
And took a two-year junior college degree
She's manna sent from heaven
Too bad I'm only seven
Cause, Hello Nurse,
I wish you'd take care of me!
Yakko and Wakko:
If she's not everything that we've said,
Then may lightning strike us dead!
Hello, Nurse!


  • Wakko claims to be seven years old during the song; however, in episode 14 of Talkin' Toons, series creator Tom Ruegger says that he's actually eleven, and that "seven" fit more with the syllable count.
  • In Wakko's Wish, Hello Nurse states that she has an IQ of 192, despite Wakko saying it was 157 in this song; this may have been why Yakko and Wakko were struck by lightning.