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Henry Bear, also known as Papa Bear or Pa Bear (listed as "Vern" in the end credits), is a minor character from Looney Tunes who appears in the Animaniacs segment "Garage Sale of the Century."


He is shown to have a happier disposition, a taller stature, and a less honest income than his original counterpart.


Henry is shown to be a greedy, swindling con man who is only looking out for himself to make a sale. He shows little regard for his customers. Unlike his Looney Tunes counterpart, Henry is more sad than angry about how he lost everything.


Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

In "Garage Sale of the Century," Henry is shown as a swindler. He sells absolutely useless and broken items as novelty for an absurd price (apparently with 100% sales tax), and never gives a refund willingly. He gets angry, however, when the Warners come to bargain for his garage (with his quirky remote and Wakko's Don Knotts videos in the deal), until he is raided for all his money.