Henry Bear
Pa Bear
Full Name Henry Bear
Segment Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
First Episode Garage Sale of the Century
Voice Actor Ed Asner
Catchphrases None

Henry Bear, also known as Papa Bear or Pa Bear (listed as "Vern" in the end credits), is a minor character from Looney Tunes who appears in the Animaniacs segment Garage Sale of the Century.

Looney Tunes

In the original Looney Tunes, Henry varied in appearance and personality. In one short, Henry was portrayed as a tall and rather jolly bear who'd read the story earlier in Reader's Digest. In another, he was depicted as very stout and grumpy because neither Mama Bear or Junior Bear can recite their lines properly. In any case, Henry is always the leader of the Bear family. Henry mainly appeared in Goldilocks and the Three Bears stories, that always had a twist (such as Bugs Bunny charming Mama Bear).

Henry Bear: My porridge is too hot.

Mama Bear: My porridge... is, too cold.

Junior: Someone's sleeping in my bed.

Tiny Toon Adventures

In a twist of those Looney Tunes shorts, a Tiny Toon Adventures segment called Bear Necessities features a modernized version of the story, where Henry has worked hard to "climb up the corporate ladder" and buy a lot of neat new items for Junior, who doesn't find the new toys all that nice. Pa is actually quite grumpy in this one, probably because he doesn't get a happy ending.

Henry: You don't need friends, Junior, you have a computer!!

Henry: My porridge is too hot!

Mama Bear: My porridge is on fire!

Junior: Uh, my porridge is nuclear waste.


He only appeared once in Animaniacs. He is shown to have a happier disposition, a taller stature, and a less honest income than his original counterpart.

Garage Sale of the Century

In this short, Henry is shown as a swindler. He sells absolutely useless and broken items as novelty for an absurd price (apparently with 100% sales tax), and never gives a refund willingly. He gets angry, however, when the Warners come to bargain for his garage (with his quirky remote and Wakko's Don Knotts videos in the deal), until he is raided for all his money.

Also unlike in Looney Tunes, Henry is more sad than angry about how he lost everything.

Voice Actors

  1. Mel Blanc (1944)
  2. Billy Bletcher
  3. Frank Welker (Tiny Toon Adventures)
  4. Edward Asner (Animaniacs)
  5. Will Ryan (Looney Tunes: Back in Action)
  6. Maurice LaMarche (The Looney Tunes Show)
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