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Hey Drive with Me is a song from the forty-first episode of the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series.


The song is a parody of the Frank Sinatra song "Come Fly with Me." The song appears in the beginning of the episode as sung by Fred Spinatra as a lady in a convertible drives past Acme Labs, followed by a zoom-in of a Fred Spinatra record playing and a pan over to Brain, who dons in a black fedora. Brain is passionately singing along to the tune in front of a mirror inside the cage and uses a cotton swab as a microphone. After the song concludes, Pinky applauds, startling Brain as he becomes insecure over his singing voice.


Fred Spinatra:
Hey drive with me
Let’s drive, let’s drive todaaaay!
The Brain and Fred Spinatra:
Get in my car
We’ll travel far
Stop for lunch and you can pay!
We’ll watch out for old ladies and dogs who straaay!
Hey, drive with me
Let’s drive, let’s drive todaaay!
The Brain:
(spoken) Put it in gear, Jack!