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This article contains some inappropriate material that may make some readers uncomfortable. Viewer discretion is advised by the Animaniacs Wiki.


"Goodnight, everybody!", a line which Yakko usually exclaims after an innuendo is made.

"The stuff they're getting away with on kids' shows these days..."
Yakko Warner, "No Pain, No Painting"

Innuendos are oblique hints or remarks that often suggest something racy or derogatory. A lot of innuendos are hidden in episodes of the Animaniacs franchise to appeal to older audiences watching the shows. Hidden innuendos in these shows are well-known online, even to people who aren't fans of the cartoons (they're a favorite of click-bait cartoon site articles and engagement bait social media posts in particular!)

Animaniacs (Original Series)

Theme Song

There's baloney in our slacks!


    • Yakko: There's that smell again.
      The Warners look down.
      Yakko, Wakko & Dot: Ewwwwwwww!
    • Yakko: Did someone step in something?
      The Warners look down.
      Yakko, Wakko & Dot: Ewww!!
    • Both of these imply the Warners stepped on something disgusting, presumably bodily waste and trash.

Season 1

  • Episode 3:
    • Slappy Goes Walnuts":
      • Announcer: This frisky little fella makes his home in the hollow of an old tree. A squirrel likes to hide his nuts in many odd places, where the sun doesn't shine on 'em.
  • Episode 4:
    • "Hooked on a Ceiling":
      • Yakko: Wait a second, you expect us poor innocent children to climb dangerous scaffoldings and paint naked people all over a church?
        Yakko, Wakko & Dot: We'll do it!
        Yakko: But we're not doing it for the sake of money and we're not doing it for the sake of art! No! We're doing it because...we like painting naked people.
    • "Goodfeathers: The Beginning":
      • Pesto: Hey, coo you!
  • Episode 5: "Taming of the Screwy"
    • Wakko: [opening a statue of Dr. Scratchansniff] Ooh, a giant Pez Dispenser. Want one?
      Yakko: Please.
      Dr. Scratchansniff: Stop playing with my bust!
      Yakko: *Mwah* Goodnight, everybody! ("Bust" is also a slang term for "breasts")
    • Dr. Scratchansniff: (shaking Hello Nurse's hand) How do you do? Now, Yakko, you try.
      Yakko: How do you do...that thing with your mouth? (This alludes to oral sex).
    • Madonna: Come on, you guys, we're gonna play Truth or Dare.
  • Episode 6:
    • "Temporary Insanity":
      • Thaddeus Plotz: (after Wakko swallows his WB shield shaped paperweight) And give me back my paperweight!
        Wakko: Okay, but you'll have to wait a while.
        Yakko: Mwah, goodnight, everybody!
      • Wakko: (trying to distract the others) Look! It's a big fat fanny!
  • Episode 10: "King Yakko":
    • Cardinal: King Yakko, your throne.
      Wakko: The throne? How do you lift the lid?
      Dot: Since when do you lift the lid?
    • Hello Nurse: May I present myself? (does a curtsy.)
    • Yakko and Wakko look up her skirt.
    • Hello Nurse: Hurry, your majesty. These are desperate times. You must meet the cabinet.
      Yakko: (talking to a literal cabinet) Hello, I'm Yakko. Nice to meet you. (talking as the cabinet as he opens the drawers) Oh, the pleasure's all mine.
      Hello Nurse: Sire?
      Yakko: Wait 'till we're alone.
    • Wakko appears to be attempting to handshake Hello Nurse at first, but shortly thereafter, he immediately gets closer to her and pulls a suggestive look.
    • And then there's this cel which did not make it into the episode.
  • Episode 11:
    • "No Pain, No Painting":
      • Yakko: Did you know there's P.P. on your smock?
        Dot: Diiiiiisgusting!!
      • Yakko: I got the beans!
        Wakko: I got the ketchup!
        Dot: (shaking bottom) I got the buns!
        Yakko: Says you!
      • Pablo Picasso: Oui oui!
        Yakko: The stuff they're getting away with on kids' shows these days...
  • Episode 12:
    • "Garage Sale of the Century":
      • Yakko: Maybe we should try a different approach.
      • A couple of girls in skirts walk by. Wakko, who's been using the garage door remote to flip things upside down, gets a look in his eye.
        Dot: (Takes remote from Wakko) That'll be enough of that!
        Yakko: Every boy needs a hobby.
  • Episode 14:
    • "La La Law":
      • Judge: Have you subpoenaed the witness?
        Yakko: Have I what?
        Judge: Subpoenaed! Subpoenaed! Have you subpoenaed the witness?!
        Yakko: I most certainly have not! You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting it!
      • Yakko: Why did you give Dr. Scratchansniff a ticket?
        Gertie Bilchmoyntner: His parking meter had expired. That's a violation of the Burbank Penal Code.
        Yakko: The what?
        Gertie Bilchmoyntner: The penal code! The penal code!
        Yakko: (to the judge) You know, the two of you oughta get together.
  • Episode 16:
    • "Chalkboard Bungle":
      • Miss Flamiel: This is a classroom, not a music hall! Now find your seats!
        Yakko: (pointing to his bottom) I found mine.
        Wakko: (pointing to his bottom) Got mine.
        Dot: (pointing to her bottom) Here's mine.
        Yakko: (points to Miss Flamiel's behind) I bet you have no trouble finding yours.
      • Miss Flamiel: Yakko, can you conjugate?
        Yakko: Who, me? I never even kissed a girl.
        Miss Flamiel: No no no! It's easy. I'll conjugate with you.
        Yakko: Goodnight, everybody!
        Miss Flamiel: You don't understand. Let me go to the board and show you.
        Yakko: (to the audience) Don't look! ("Conjugate" vaguely sounds like "Copulate").
      • Miss Flamiel takes a red marker out of her bosom.
        Yakko: Ooh, what else have you got in there?
  • Episode 17:
    • Roll Over Beethoven:
      • Beethoven: I am Ludwig van Beethoven, world famous composer and pianist.
      • The Warners do a double-take at his pronunciation of the word "pianist."
        Yakko: You're a what?
        Beethoven: A pianist!
        Yakko: Mwah, goodnight, everybody!
        Beethoven: But that is what I am! A pianist!
        Yakko: I think we heard enough out of you!
      • Yakko: We're not pheasants! We're not even birds! Although I'd like to give you a bird! Here!
  • Episode 19:
    • "Meatballs or Consequences":
      • Yakko: [to Death] We all be like a family!
        Wakko: Can we call you "Dadoo?"
        Dot: Hey, Pop, can we stay up past ten?
        Yakko: Can we watch the adult channel?
        Yakko and Wakko: Helloooooo, nurse!
  • Episode 21:
    • "Wakko's America":
      • Miss Flamiel asks Wakko how much we wants to wager in their game of Jeopardy!
        Wakko: I'll blow the wad.
      • Yakko and Dot look directly at the camera with an alarmed expression on their faces.
  • Episode 25:
    • "Hercule Yakko"
      • In perhaps the show's most infamous example, this exchange occurs-
        Dot: I found Prince! (carrying Prince, the pop star)
        Yakko: No no no, fingerprints!
        Pause. Prince smiles at Dot suggestively.
        Dot: I don't think so.
  • Episode 26':
    • "Potty Emergency":
      • During Wakko's search for a restroom, he comes across things that remind him of peeing, one of which being spilt lemonade.
      • He finally is about to let it all out behind a curtain.....which rises to reveal an orchestra and audience who end up seeing his exposed parts. Wakko then runs off.
  • Episode 27:
    • "I Got Yer Can":
      • Slappy: I gotta watch my figure. Hey! (lifting the lower half of her fur revealing human female legs) Someone's gotta watch it. Heh heh heh!
      • On the game show, Candie Chipmunk wins, among other things, a wet bar.
    • "Jockey For Position":
      • Brain: Tomorrow is the running of the Kentucky Derby. Do you know what that is?
        Pinky: Um, a rather large hat?
        Brain: Promise me something, Pinky. Never breed.
        Pinky: I'll try.
      • Brain: (after seeing Phar Fignewton) Heavens, they're multiplying.
      • Pinky swoons over Phar Fignewton, leading to Brain to bop and reprimand him stating "This is a business trip, Pinky!"
        Pinky: (dizzily) There's baloney in our slacks.
  • Episode 28:
    • "Moby or Not Moby":
      • Ishmael: Call me Ishmael.
        Yakko: Call me Ishtar.
        Wakko: Call me irresponsible.
        Dot: Call me anytime, but not collect, okay big fella?
      • Yakko: You gotta go on shore-leave more often!
  • Episode 29:
    • "Phranken-Runt":
      • Runt: Gee, that Dracula sure was a weird guy.
        Rita: What was with that bat fetish, anyway?
      • Rita: (pops in front of a strapped Runt) Having fun?
  • Episode 33:
    • "Noah's Lark"
      • Noah: (thinking God is his mother) Boy, Mom. Your voice has changed.
        God: I'm not your mother, Noah.
        Noah: Oh, my God.
        God: Precisely!
      • Buster and Babs: Buster and Babs relation!
        Noah: Let's hope not! It's a children's show!
      • Pinky boards the ark in drag.
        Noah: Who am I to judge?
    • "The Big Kiss":
      • Reporter: (to Chicken Boo) Hey, Boo, what's it like being the sexiest actor in Hollywood?
        After Boo is exposed for being a chicken, the director of his film (Clive) is fired. In a newspaper article recalling the incident, Clive is referred to as a "dumb cluck."
    • "Cartoons in Wakko's Body Conclusion":
      • (Yakko explains he had to pull cartoons out of Wakko's ear, mouth, and eye. Yakko asks how he feels.)
        Wakko: Oooh, my bottom hurts!
        Yakko: Mwah, goodnight, everybody!
  • Episode 34:
    • "Bubba Bo Bob Brain":
      • Dolly Parton: I'm your biggest fan! What do you say to that?
        Brain: (Staring at her chest) I'd say puberty was inordinately kind to you.
        Dolly Parton: (chuckles) Go on.
    • "Wheel of Morality":
      • Dot: That makes me feel all kind of warm and squishy. Either that or I sat in something.
  • Episode 36:
    • "The Three Muska-Warners":
      • The bottle of Squeezie-Cheese that Dot presents has a very phallic shape. Dot even squeezes it, causing its contents to flow in a manner to a certain act.
  • Episode 43:
    • "Survey Ladies"
      • Yakko: (sees three attractive women pass by) Babes!
        Yakko and Wakko: Hello, 90210s!
        Dot: Boys. Control yourselves!
      • Yakko: So what are we going to get Dr. Scratchy?
        Dot: Ooooooh, how about an outfit from Oedipus Rex Men's Wear?
        Yakko: Nah, his mom would hate those.
        Wakko: Ooh, Freudian Slips!
        Yakko: Nah, he makes his own!
      • Yakko: I know! How about we get Scratchy a birthday suit! (This refers to nude bodies often being referred to as "Birthday suits." Yakko holds up a wire hanger with no clothing on it to visualize this)
  • Episode 44:
    • "The World Can Wait":
      • After Brain has won-over Billie's affection, she invites him to her cage. In response, Brain makes a suggestive face and says "Oh" in a very pleasured manner.
  • Episode 48:
    • "Lake Titicaca":
      • Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: (singing)
        Oh, Lake Titicaca, yes, Lake Titicaca,
        Why do we sing of its fame?
        Lake Titicaca, yes, Lake Titicaca,
        ‘Cause we really like saying its name!
  • Episode 49:
    • "A Christmas Plotz:
      • Yakko: Hello, nurses! Say, why don't you stop at the water tower and I'll show you my stamp collection?
        Dancer: But, Yakko, you don't have a stamp collection.
        Yakko: Alright, then you can open my mail.
      • Yakko: Let me know when those costumes get heavy. Rrowr!
  • Episode 50:
    • "'Twas the Day Before Christmas":
      • Dot: The stockings were hung so our names clearly showed...
        Wakko: In hopes that old Santa would leave a big load.
        Yakko: Goodnight, everybody!
        ("leave a big load" has a double-meaning, referring to defecation)
  • Episode 51:
    • "Branimaniacs":
      • Skippy: (after he and Slappy react poorly to the Branimaniacs cereal) I gotta get up and go!
  • Episode 53:
    • "Drive-Insane:
      • At one point, the Warners horse around in the car, causing it to bump around frantically, and a woman pulls her son away from the sight.
      • Frau Hassenfeffer: You're not going to bite me, are you?
        Dot: Not unless you want us to.
      • Wakko can be found comfortably resting in Frau's chest.
  • "I'm Cute"
      • Yakko and Wakko: (singing as Dot poses seductively amongst some plushies) If you want our opinion, this song is becoming disgusting!!
      • Yakko: (singing) She's becoming a pain in the-
        Dot: But I'm also real nice! I'm a doll through and through!
  • Episode 54:
      • "Meet Minerva":
      • The moment that Yakko and Wakko wish to see Minerva skinny dip.
      • Minerva: Would you do me a favor? (referring to her toes) These are wet. Would you...blow on them for me?
      • Newt's reaction to her above "request" suggests that he has a foot fetish.
      • Trudy's Cousin is seen dangling a lollipop in his mouth in a manner to a cigarette.
    • "Up a Tree":
      • Dog: (to Runt) Say, d'ya mind if I smell ya?
  • Episode 58:
    • "Inkblot Test:
      • Dr. Scratchansniff: (showing an ink blot test) What does this remind you of
        Yakko: Girls.
        Dr. Scratchansniff: (showing a different ink blot test, which looks like a car) What does this remind you of?
        Yakko: Girls.
        Dr. Scratchansniff: (showing a different ink blot test, which clearly looks like a burger) What does this remind you of?
        Yakko: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, girls.
        Dr. Scratchansniff: You are obsessed with girls!
        Yakko: Hey, you're the one showing me all the sexy pictures!
    • "Meet John Brain":
      • Larry Kling: (watching Suzanne Slimmers demonstrate "The Thigh Monster") I could watch this for hours.
  • Episode 59:
    • Yakko curses out the bakery owner, with his flurry of profanity being inaudible, as it is a silent cartoon, but indicated to be profane by the accompanying music.
    • "Woodstock Slappy":
      • Many of the hippies attending the Woodstock Festival appear to be stoned, indicated by their overly-relaxed demeanors.
      • Townspeople: It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's Super Buttons, and I've heard he's not housebroken! (they run off screaming)
  • Episode 62:
    • "Scare Happy Slappy":
      • Slappy: Thanks, Walter! I'd be careful where I was sewing if I was you. (Walter is sewing the crotch of his overalls)

Season 2

  • Episode 66:
    • "Take My Siblings, Please:
      • Dot: You don't wanna eat me. I'm just a little, skinny thing! [Her skirt drops revealing her panties, which she embarrassingly picks back up]
      • Wakko: My bottom's sore from all this romping!
      • Yakko: Fine, don't worry about me. I'll find someone to romp with! [He whistles and four Vegas showgirls come up to him] I love cartoons.
      • Wakko: [to the troll] Warner Brothers would be very unhappy with you. They'd sue your pants off. [Wakko pulls on the troll's trousers and snaps them back, making him moan in pain]
        Wakko: You should eat my brother. He's way meatier than I am.
      • Yakko: [The showgirls leave him] Come on! Just one more romp! I'll even get in front this time!
  • "Morning Malaise":
      • Howie TurnHey, Robin, whose side are you on?
        Yakko and Wakko: Ours, I hope. (Yakko and Wakko kiss Robin on the hand.)
        Howie: All right, enough.

Season 3

  • Episode 70:
    • "A Quake, a Quake!":
      • Yakko: (singing) I ran outside with neighbors, their faces filled with shock. That's because I'm standing there in nothing but my socks!
      • Yakko: Mr. Ritcher can't predict her kicking our asphalt.
  • Episode 74:
    • "The Tiger Prince":
      • Yakko drops the titular prince from atop a cliff, presumably injuring him. He dryly responds "Ooh. I thought they were supposed to land on their feet!"
    • "The Kid in the Lid":
      • Scooter: All we could do was watch, watch, watch, watch, 'till I spilled lots of soda all over my crotch.
  • Episode 77
    • "This Pun for Hire":
      • When Minerva appears, Wakko starts banging on bongos with a pleased look while screeching like a monkey.
      • Minerva: Never mind that. Just give me the bird!
        Dot: We can't. This is a family show.
      • Hello Nurse: How come I always get the booby prize?
        Dot: I'm not touchin' that one.
  • Episode 78:
    • "The Sound of Warners":
      • Dr. Scratchansniff: As you know, when nature calls, you have to pick up the phone and say "Hello, I got your message. I've got a package for you."
        Wakko: "I've got a package for you"? Excuse me!?
        Dr. Scratchansniff: Oh, look who's talking, Mr. Potty Emergency!
        Wakko: Yeah, but I never said "package".
  • Episode 79:
    • "My Mother the Squirrel":
      • Slappy: (referring to the baby bluebird going under her butt) This is starting to become a pain in know.
      • Skippy: You want me to bring [the baby bluebird] back to his nest?
        Slappy: No, Skippy... I'm actually starting to enjoy it.
        (Wakko plays a rimshot on the drums)
        Skippy: Goodnight, everybody!
  • Episode 80:
    • "The Girl with the Googily Goop":
      • Warners: (singing) The censors all protest, 'Cause she's practically undressed! The cartoon vamp,
        Dot: (singing) She's a tramp!
        Yakko and Wakko: (singing) Hello, Googi!
      • Will Hays: (to Googi Goop) Like that outfit for instance. Take it off this instant.
        Googi Goop: Oh!
        Yakko: Mwah, goodnight, everybody!
      • Wakko: Have you seen my nose?
        Googi Goop: Oh, you mean the cherry? {reaches for her basket} It's right in here!
        Will Hays: Wait a minute!

Season 4

  • Episode 84:
    • "Cutie and the Beast"
      • Yakko: [after Dot curses with bleeps after failing to say her full name] That's my cute little sister who said that. *Mwah* Goodnight, everybody!
      • Blacksmith: (Singing) This endless song makes me want to curse- [Hits thumb with hammer] Ow!
        Yakko: [Covers Blacksmith's mouth] (Singing) Can we move to the next verse?
    • "Cold Ending":
      • Wakko: We're touched, so you be touched!
  • Episode 85:
    • "Jokahontas"
      • John Smith: I'm John Smith.
        Dot: Oh, I bet you tell that to all the hotel clerks!
      • Dot: [in reference to a greeting] Would you like to see how we do it?
        Yakko: *Mwah* Goodnight, everybody!
      • Dot: I'm painting with the colors of the passing wind.
        Wakko: Did you say "passing wind"?!
        Dot: Please, please; I beg you: let us not go there!!

Season 5

    • "Bully for Skippy":
      • The parody of FCC executive Reed Hundt is named "Reef Blunt." His name is comprised of two terms related to marijuana. "Reefer" is an archaic nickname for the plant, and a "blunt" is a rolled marijuana "cigarette."
  • Episode 97:
    • "The Carpool":
      • Ed: Just pick your seats.
        Wakko: Will they let us do that on TV?
        Yakko: Goodnight everybody!
  • Episode 98:
    • Gag Credits:
      • You Better Not Cry
        You Better Not Pout
        I'm Telling You Why
        Wakko Put A Little Surprise In The Eggnog (This implies that Wakko put alcohol in eggnog)

Pinky and the Brain

Season 1

  • Episode 2: "Of Mouse And Man" is full of this (especially notable as this was the mice's first primetime outing).
    • Brain's boss Fiero hands Brain a large stack of papers on the company's policy for sexual harassment. Brain also attempts to fight off the advances of a lustful co-worker.
    • Fiero bribes Brain's doctor with women's lingerie to keep quiet about the X-Rays needed to prove that Brain is a mouse.
    • One of the crimes that Brain is charged with in court is public nudity.
  • Episode 3:
    • "Tokyo Grows"
      • The mice's cage water bottle is filled with a yellow liquid which is labeled as 酒 (Sake), a Japanese alcoholic drink.
  • Episode 9: "Snowball":
    • When Brain is alone and bitter, he tries to make a cat eat him, exclaiming "end it now!" This is essentially a suicide attempt for Brain.
  • Episode 12:
    • "Mouse of La Mancha":
      • The Gatekeeper tells Brain "don't work blue." "Blue" is a reference to comedy acts that include inappropriate language or phrases.
      • When the Wench tries to embrace Brain as a way of thanking him for saving her, he falls into her cleavage and the Gatekeeper puts his hand into her shirt to retrieve the mouse.

Season 2

  • Episode 17: "The Pink Candidate":
    • When trying on sunglasses, Pinky expresses excitement about looking like a "saucy" librarian who removes her glasses and hair in a suggestive manner.
  • Episode 20:
    • "A Little Off the Top":
      • The jawbone of an ass (donkey) is a brief plot point, as the Brain assumes it is the strength to Samson's strength. Both he and Saran repeat the phrase "jawbone of an ass" a few times, with a particular emphasis on "ass." This was presumably done so the show could get away with saying the word "ass" enough times under the network's censor guidelines.
  • Episode 22:
    • "The Maze":
    • When Pinky asks what Brain desires most, the holographic trap presents an image of a Pinky lying on a plate with an apple bobbed in his mouth. Brain briefly smiles mischievously at this risqué notion, and tells Pinky "You don't want to know."
  • Episode 24: "Brinky":
    • When Brain is trying to keep the cloning machine closed during the process, he tells Pinky to push, and Pinky does some lamaze breathing.
    • After Brain realizes that Pinky is technically Romy's mother, Pinky calls the phone operator to find information on the La Leche League.
    • At the end of the episode, Pinky asks Brain if they could have another one. After the mice engage in their exchange on what they plan to do tomorrow night, Pinky says that he's not up for it since he has a headache. Headaches and the feelings of lightheadedness and dizziness are common during early pregnancy.

Season 3

  • Episode 27: "Brain Noir":
      • After betraying Snowball and the Brain, Billie attempts to seduce Pinky. In a suggestive manner, she asks him:
        Billie: You wanna take over my world, big boy?
  • Episode 29:
    • "Brain's Bogie":
    • When Cher shows where she put a tattoo of Ed Koch's name, the viewers only see the mice reacting in disgust as an unzipping sound is heard. This implies that the tattoo is located in a more taboo spot. (The mice's reaction in this scene is used for our Wiki's "Content Warning" template atop the article)
  • Episode 30: "My Feldmans, My Friends":
    • The mice throw the term "red rubber nub" around multiple times in the episode.
    • When Brain plans to leave Pinky (disguised as Mrs. Feldman) alone with Mr. Sultana so he could take the package from his reclusive neighbor without distraction.
      • Brain: Farewell Barry. Farewell, the lovely and nubile Mrs. Feldman!
  • Episode 32:
    • "This Old Mouse":
      • When Brain is depressed, he is seen drinking from the cage's water bottle, as if he were drowning his sorrows in alcohol. This leads to the following exchange:
        Pinky: Umm, Brain, don't you think maybe you've had enough to drink?
        Brain: Nag, nag, nag. Just leave me be!
      • During Brain's mid-life crisis montage, he is seen lying in bed with a woman asking him what he wants to do. Thankfully the two of them are fully clad.
      • Two female skiers jet by Brain and greet him in a suggestive manner.
  • Episode 38:
    • "Calvin Brain":
      • Brain: "We're off to a place women are paid huge amounts of money to look beautiful and change their clothes frequently."
        Pinky: "Charlie Sheen's house?" (This references Sheen's lewd romantic endeavors)
      • Brain: (After hitting Pinky) That surge of testosterone has given me an idea.
      • In reference to Christopher Walken's monologue from the 1977 film Annie Hall, Christopher expresses to Brain his potentially homicidal desires to get into bicycle accident and the morbid results that come with it.
      • (Pinky and Brain are transported into Gone with the Wind and are dressed as Scarlet O'Hara and Rhett Butler respectively)
        Pinky: Brain, where will we go and what will we do?
        Brain: Frankly my dear Pinky, I don't give a d-
        (The book cover closes on the mice before Brain could finish Rhett Butler's iconic quote and someone places a cover of 'Brainie the Poo' over 'Gone with the Wind'.)
        Chorus: Dinky! They're Pinky and the Poo, Poo, Poo, Poo,
        (The picture of Brainy the Poo comes to life to finish the variation of the end chorus)
        Brain: Poo!

Season 4

  • Episode 60: "Brainwashed Part Two: I Am Not a Hat":
    • Brain: The Lincoln Bedroom. This is where all the president's...friends sleep.
    • Additionally, Bill Clinton enters the bedroom to find the mice in bed together, with Pinky holding up the covers to his chest.
  • Episode 62:
    • "To Russia With Lab Mice":
      • While attempting to interrogate Mousey Galore, Brain engages in a very suggestive back-and-fourth filled with her, containing various euphemisms about a game of "cat-and-mouse." The two also make intimate physical contact with each other at several points.

Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain

Wakko's Wish

  • Skippy: Even my nuts are frozen!
    Slappy: Be careful with that last verse! (This innuendo is about male privates.)

Animaniacs (Reboot)

Season 1

    • "How to Brain Your Dragon":
      • Pinky: But you hate the arts, Brain! You always say that the Renaissance is French for bull–
        (Brain knocks Pinky away before he can finish uttering a certain swear word.)
  • Episode 4:
    • "Bun Control":
      • Dwayne LaPistol: Just came by to introduce myself and show you my buns.
        (Dwayne's butt cheeks jiggle.)
        Yakko: Goodnight, everybody!
      • Dwayne: I'm proving to the world we all have the right to bear buns!
        Yakko: Not here. This is a kid's show.
    • "Bloopf":
      • Dot: He's an influencer now!
        Wakko: I thought he was a shihtzu.
        Yakko: Goodnight, everybody!
  • Episode 6:
    • "The Cutening":
      • At one point, Wakko pulls his stomach out to form a makeshift bowl, pours a cereal labeled "Sugar Balls" into it, pulls out a straw, and starts drinking a white liquid that is ostensibly milk but he was never seen pouring in.
      • Toilet humor is present throughout "The Cutening": A pigeon poops, the Warners lick the pigeon with close-ups, and the water tower barfs (shown uncensored).
    • "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind":
      • Gabriella and Meredith consume a variant of corn dogs called "corn logs."
        Pinky: The log is the best part!
      • Much later on, Pinky shouts "SHUT THE F—RONT DOOR!"
      • And then, of course there is the Phone Number Controversy, where the "Planet Domination" phone number lead to a real-life sex hotline in this episode's earliest print on Hulu. However, this was unintentional, rather an unfortunate coincidence.
  • Episode 7:
    • "Warner She Wrote":
      • Margaret: (getting beat up by a dog) Get this little monster trucker off of me!
        Wakko: Ooh! I think he meant moth–
        Yakko: (covering Wakko's mouth) N-n-n-no! Not in front of the kids!
    • "France France Revolution":
      • Marie Antoinette: This is the problem with being rich!
        Yakko: ...your only other nickname is Dick?
    • "Gift Rapper":
      • The Rap Battle has a call-back to the "baloney in our slacks" line from the theme song, albeit in a more vulgar manner.
        Yakko: You, you’re the cure for insomniacs, less fresh than the 20-year baloney in my slacks!
      • It’s worth noting that while talking about “baloney in his slacks”, Yakko sticks his hand into his pants, its moves suggesting a certain pubescent habit.
  • Episode 9:
    • "That's Not the Issue":
      • Tuck Buckerson's logo, with the word "TUCK" emblazoned in the sky, has a thin cloud protruding from the middle of the T, suggesting a completely different word.
        Tuck: That’s the Sugar Honey Iced-Tea baby!
  • Episode 12:
    • "1001 Narfs":
      • (Pinky looks down at the sea shells, covering the sand mermaid body he's in.)
        Pinky: Now that's my kind of treasure chest!
      • Pinky: You and I shall have a talk about the birds and the bees. Now, one of them has feathers and the other has antlers but I don't remember which one's which...

Season 2

  • Episode 14:
    • "Rome Sweet Rome":
      • Nero: Help! Grab these pussy...
        Yakko: Goodnight everybody!
        Nero: ...cats!
  • Episode 16:
    • "Rug of War":
      • Yakko: (singing as William the Conqueror) It's the universe commanding me to make all England mine, so I'll bring some boats and horses and a jug or two of wine!
        • When Yakko sings this line, the animation shows William the Conqueror holding what appears to be a medieval flask, presumably filled with wine, and winking at the camera.
      • Yakko: Good old Willy had an army, was at least ten thousand strong. They marched every day in chainmail more annoying than a thong!
  • Episode 17:
    • "How To: Brain Takes Over the World":
      • Pinky: Feel free to share this video with your friends, and smash that subscribe button!
        Brain: I'm going to smash you, Pinky!
        Brain: It's not a ball pit, you block-headed boob!
        Pinky: Brain, you can't say the B-word. Kids watch my show! (nervously smiles and waves at the camera)
        Brain: Okay Pinky. The drawing is moments away! On my signal, you will adjust the remote that controls the thermostat in the lottery drawing studio to precisely 94.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The perfect temperature for ball manipulation!
        Pinky: Brain, this is Chats-togram! You can't just say anything you want!
  • Episode 21:
    • "Wakkiver Twist Part Two":
      • Dr. Scratchansniff: If it should chance to be that you have made a small mistake or need a bathroom break, tough luck! So, go out and sing and dance, and if you pee your pants, then I don't give a...
        Yakko: Goodnight everybody!
  • Episode 22:
    • "What Is That?":
      • Wakko: Let me ask you a personal question, can you hang your bang in a bang hang?
  • Episode 23:
    • "Reichenbrain Falls":
      • Brain: Come Pinky, we must launch the rocket in the next few minutes before we are to make our rendezvous.
        Pinky: Ooh, a secret rendezvous! Can it be? Is Brain in love, at last?
        Brain: With the space station, you waste of organic molecules!
        Pinky: Ah, so that's your type is it? Worldly with curves in all the right places (moves hips and giggles suggestively)
        (Flashback to Pinky glued to the wall and consuming the paste)
        Pinky: First, I started nibbling it off of my left foot. And then I found a nice tasty morsel under my left-
        Brain: (Steps in front of the camera as Pinky eats glue off of the taboo area of his body) Yes! Yes, we, we get it, Pinky.
  • Episode 24:
    • "A Brief History of History":
    • "The Prisoner's Dilemma":
      • Brain: Patience, Pinky. I am attempting to hack into the control unit of this traffic light.
        Pinky: Ooh, are we throwing a traffic light party? Well, then I shall have to wear yellow because...(he looks up at Brain for a moment) it's complicated.
        Brain: Things are getting interesting. It appears that in this game I'm not just playing with myself.
        Pinky: (In Yakko's voice) Goodnight everybody! (In his normal voice) I did it! I crossed over!
  • Episode 25:
    • "Narf Over Troubled Water":
      • Brain: With the fathers of America neutralized, our nation's youth will look to me for paternal guidance!
        Pinky: Oh good, I have some questions about my changing body.
      • The cover of Pinky's solo album (a parody of the cover to Art Garfunkel's 1978 solo album "Fate for Breakfast") has a picture of Pinky sucking on a human finger in a suggestive manner.

Season 3

  • Episode 28:
    • "Soda-pressed":
      • "Hooters" is presumably supposed to rhyme with "scooters" in the song, "Be a Kid!", as Wakko's "Or eating wings at-" line is cut-off. The "Hooters" name is used for a restaurant chain known for its wings and innuendo-theming (the name itself is a double-entendre referring to both a North American slang term for women's breasts and an owl's call).
    • "A Starbox is Born":
        • One of the towels Cindy uses for a stage curtain says "Look it's WINE o’clock!"
  • Episode 29:
    • "Planet Warner":
      • A sampling of this cartoon's background score is named "Life's a Pitch" on the Season 3 album, a play on the phrase "Life's a bitch."
    • "D.I.WHY?":
      • As the Warner siblings try to get fan art of themselves framed, Wakko points at the drawing of himself, exclaiming that he was drawn with a "huge-" something before Yakko nervously cuts him off. This may be a joke about more inappropriate fan art.
  • Episode 31:
    • "Groundmouse Day"
      • As Pinky gets into his Pennsylvania Bill costume, the following exchange between him and Brain occurs:
        Pinky: Shouldn't I be more furry?
        The Brain: We're already treading a fine line with that side of the fanbase, Pinky.
      • This is a jab at the more inappropriate sections of the furry fandoms.
  • Episode 33:
    • "All's Fair in Love and Door":
      • Pinky tells Brain that he wouldn't have judged Brain and Julia getting back together… unless he had a couple of sangrias. A sangria is an alcoholic beverage, meaning Pinky would've berated Brain while drunk.
  • Episode 34:
    • "WARnerGAMES":
      • The character of "Jackass Monkey" is a parody of Donkey Kong. His name makes use of the word "jackass" to go with the "donkey" pun. His name is repeated constantly throughout the episode, presumably so the show can get away with saying the word "ass" under the censor guidelines. This is similar to the repetition of the phrase "jawbone of an ass" in the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "A Little Off the Top."
        Wakko: You've never heard of Jackass Monkey?
  • Episode 35:
    • "How the Brain Thieved Christmas Part One":
      • The scientists at the ACME Labs Christmas party are partying hard, acting rather ditzy and some are even seen holding drinks (presumably spiked egg nog). This implies thay they are all drunk.
      • One of the lyrics for "Deck the Narfs" states "Check the stalls for hanky-panky!" The term "hanky-panky" is used to describe sexual activity, especially when considered to be somewhat improper.
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