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"Honey, I'm home!"
The Brain upon first entering the suit in "Win Big"

The Human Suit (aka Brainman Suit[note 1]) is a mechanical suit that was first created by The Brain, and it is usually used whenever the user needs to impersonate a human much larger than them. It has made frequent appearances throughout the Animaniacs franchise. In most occasions, Brain himself operates the suit, but Pinky has been known to operate it as well. It is usually stored in Acme Labs.


Generally, the suit resembles that of business attire with a dress-shirt beneath a blazer, with a shirt pocket that individuals such as Pinky use to travel in. It is made of titanium-alloy, and operated by a control panel with switches and buttons. In the original Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, it is has a red bowtie and tan gloves to resemble hands. The shoes also acted as an entrance into the suit, allowing the visitor to climb a ladder to reach the control center.

In the Animaniacs reboot, it has a black tie and is seen with both black gloves and white gloves. Sometimes, the suit is used to help the mice drive a vehicle, and the arms are operated in a more mannequin-esque manner.


In addition to the standard human suit, there are also variants of the suit made for specific purposes and identities.

Snowball's Suit

Snowball's suit is much more elaborate and advanced than Brain's suits. It has three forms: a regular form resembling Microsponge founder and "world's richest nerd" Bill Grates (complete with a human head mask), a more muscular form, and an Iron Man-esque armored form with numerous retractable weapons. Unlike Brain's suit, Snowball is also able to operate the suit mostly wirelessly by wearing a motion suit inside (only using a button to change the suit's form and unleash weapons). The suit makes its only appearance in Snowball's self-titled debut episode.

Dictator Suit

Dictator Suit (It's Only A Paper World

Brain donning the Dictator Suit when making his speech to Pinky.

The Dictator Suit is a regal version of the standard suit, which Brain wears during his inaugural address after assuming control of the world (which he rechristens as "Brainus"). The suit is royal blue with gold epaulettes, buttons, and stripes to match his golden scepter. This suit only appears in the episode "It's Only A Paper World."

Sumo Suit

Brain Human Suit Sumo

Brain presenting the Sumo Suit to Pinky.

The Sumo Suit is a heavily-modified version of the standard suit, meant to resemble a sumo-wrestler. The strength of the suit has been increased to lift any object up to 600 pounds. It only appears in the episode "Big in Japan."

Patty Ann

Patty Ann song cover

Brain operating the suit

The Patty Ann suit was created by Brain to pose as a little girl when the situation called for it. It only appears in the 1998 series Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. As "Patty Ann," Brain poses as Elmyra Duff's cousin. Rudy Mookich is smitten with the suit, to both Brain and Elmyra's chagrin.

Bowling Suit


Brain ascends into the third dimension to bowl.

The Bowling Suit resembles a more "casual" version of the standard suit. It features a bowling shirt with red, green and yellow colors; as well as gray sweatpants and red shoes. The arms of the suit are also tan, and a bowling glove adorns the suit's left hand. This suit only appears in the 1998 video game Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley.


Animaniacs (Original Series)

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Animaniacs (Reboot)

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  • In most of the suit's appearances, a certain musical cue plays whenever it first appears.
  • Original series writer Peter Hastings allegedly kept a replica of the human suit in his office.


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