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I'll Take an Island is a jazzy song from the album Yakko's World. The music was written by Julie Bernstein and the lyrics by John P. McCann.


I'll take an island
Staten or Ireland
Japan and Cyprus, too
With water on four sides
Not three
Like peninsulas do
I'll take Greenland
It's not a mean land
It's east of Baffin Bay
And Easter Island's
Got heads
Big as a Circle-K
Crete belongs to Greece while Jamaica has Kingston Bay.
Brando lives in Fiji they say
And Cuba's in the water
Doing what it oughta
Old Indonesia,
Is bound to please ya.
Stop by for Java and cream!
While the Philippines got islands coming out of their jeans
Take it, boys!
Play, magic fingers, play!
Ooh, swing it!
Let's hear it for the band, folks!
All right!
You keep the landmass
I'll take a Sandwich
Island near the cold South Pole
If you're looking for me, try an island anywhere on the globe.


  • The "magic fingers" may be a reference to Wakko's sentient musical gloves, as seen in the episode "White Gloves."