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"I'm Nobody's Mama" is a song from the Rita and Runt segment, "Smitten with Kittens."


I'm nobody's Mama
Got no family'
I'm a career cat
And my career is all about me
No one can tie me down
I'm goin places
Straighten up
Don't make those silly sad faces
It's rude!
[Kittens mew]
Alright, I'll get food.
But that's it! After that, you're on your own!
I'm too independent
They're so small
How could I care for them?
Do I care at all?
I could never stand–
"Help me, Mama!" "Feed me, Mama!"
"Need me, Mama!" "Don't leave me, Mama!"
I'd never tolerate that.
On the other hand...
"Oh, my Mama!" "I love you, Mama!"
"I will never leave you, Mama..."
No! You've got the wrong cat
And did I mention
They'll want too much attention?
I'll worry about 'em each day, every minute
I gotta tell you, my head isn't in it
I won't let my heart talk
Cause it's ruled by my biological clock
Which is ticking away
No way!
I mean what I say!
I'm a single cat stray
I'm nobody's mama!