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I'm Too Happy is a song from the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "Calvin Brain." The song is performed by Pinky (Rob Paulsen) as he celebrates his fashion career.


In a parody of Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy," Pinky prances around singing how happy he is as his fame skyrockets. He also mentions the various things he enjoys throughout the song. Additionally, much of the song is framed like a music video.


I'm too famous for my NARF!
Too famous for my NARF!
I've got a little scarf!
And I'm too happy for my ZORT!
Too happy for my ZORT!
Just watch me cavort!
I'm a lab mouse, I think it's so keen!
I do my little dance in a big limousine.
Yea in my limo, in my limo yea!
I've got lots of cheese in my limo!
I'm too happy for my troz!
Too happy for my TROZ!
I love to lick my paws!


  • The fictitious director of the "I'm Too Happy" music video, Skeetz Edwards, would later be credited with directing the Slappy and Suzy cartoon "Nutty Nurses"; as referenced in the Animaniacs episode "The Sunshine Squirrels."
  • Rob Paulsen briefly reprised this song in an interview held in April 2021.